I’m going to show you exactly how to make your man super hard and really horny for you. Doing this is going to massively increase his desire for you and…make sex a lot more enjoyable for both of you.
The thing is some men can get hard at the sight of a woman, while others need specific things to turn them on and get hard.

If you follow the framework below, you will give your man a strong erection every, single time.


Letting your man know how much he turns you on is one of the fastest ways to give him a boner, erection, stiffy or whatever you want to call it!


Guys have egos. They want to believe that they can conquer the world, earn tons of money as well as turn on & attract their girl.

By letting him know how much he turns you on, you are playing to his ego, which is highly attractive to a man. In turn, this will turn him on, make him horny and invariably give him a hard on.

So how can you let him know that he is turning you on?

It’s pretty simple. The easiest way is to start talking dirty to him. If you’re both not in the same place, then you can try sending some dirty text messages too. As well as talking dirty to him, don’t forget to touch him too in a way that FRIENDS WOULDN’T (ie. be a little more aggressive).

Touching him in a way that is more than just friendly means things like resting your hand on his arm, rubbing his leg, putting your arm around his shoulder, kissing him, etc.


If you have been talking dirty to your man for a number of hours (or even days if you are sending him dirty text messages) then it’s time to ramp it up a little and start thinking about moving towards foreplay.

But for the time being, think about how you are going to move from kissing him to giving him a handjob/blowjob in a smooth way while getting him rock hard at the same time. Try this 5 step process to do just that:

  1. Start by grazing his leg with your legs and hands as you are talking to him.
  2. After doing for a while, start to rub his inner leg with your hand.
  3. Then after a minute or 2 of rubbing his inner leg, start to massage his crotch outside his trousers
  4. At this stage, your man should be starting to get really aroused. It’s now time to put your hand inside his trousers but outside his jocks/briefs then rub & massage his balls and cock.
  5. Finally, put your hands inside his briefs/jocksand start giving him a blowjob or handjob.


At this stage, your man should be rock hard. But if he’s not, then simply grab his penis in your hand and start to jerk him off. Check out this article on hand jobs for more info on how to jerk him off once you reach this stage.

If jerking him off doesn’t do it for him, then it’s time to start giving him a blow job. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make your man hard by taking his cock into your mouth. Rather than repeating myself here on how to give a blowjob, check out this powerful blow job tutorial video where I teach my most enjoyable techniques.


One of the worst things you can do to a guy is put pressure on him to ‘perform’ and get an erection.

If you want to be sure that you make him hard, you need to make it a low pressure situation for him. Here are 2 simple, yet highly effective ways of keeping the pressure off your man:

  • The easiest way of keeping the pressure off is by NOTexpecting or caring if he gets a boner or erection. Instead, just make sure that he is having fun and enjoying himself with you.
  • If he is not hard or initially can’t get an erection, don’t make a big deal about it. This means that you shouldn’t talk about it too much or change your body language or act surprised. The truth is, it isn’t a big deal, all men at some stage will have trouble getting an erection. It’s natural.


Often guys find it difficult to get a proper erection when they are very tired or stressed. This is no biggie, especially if it only happens on rare occasions. It’s something that shouldn’t concern either you or your man…

However a very small percentage of guys unfortunately have serious problems ever getting an erection. If this is the case, then it’s best that he talk to a doctor. There’s a reason drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are worth billions of dollars a year as lots of guys have erectile problems.


One question I often get is:

“I can’t make my man hard. What am I doing wrong Sean?”

My answer:

If he likes being with you as well as getting sexual with you, THEN YOU ARE DOING NOTHING WRONG.

Stop worrying. Seriously!

Here are some of the most likely reasons that he has trouble getting hard for you:

  • Most likely it’s because he’s nervous about making sure everything goes right and that he can get hard for you.
  • He could be very tired, stressed with work/school or anxious about something.
  • He’s drunk.

It’s almost never your fault. So stop thinking it is!

If you’d like to learn my most effective techniques on how to sexually satisfy your man, then you are going to want to take a look at this detailed tutorial video I put together on giving your man a great blow job. Click here to watch it now. Enjoy!

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