If you want to learn the secrets on how to satisfy a man sexually, then you are in the right place. The Princess Fantasy will teach you everything you need to know to sexually please your man every time you are with him. Whether you need to know how to give your man a good blow job or handjob, it’s all here. This article will teach you some of my best techniques for satisfying your man.

how to satisfy a man sexually


I would love to be able to say that looks aren’t an important part of fulfilling and satisfying your man…but the fact is they are. With that being said, they are not the only important thing that satisfies men sexually, but looks are important. I know this may not be what you want to hear, but I created The Bad Girls Bible to give honest advice. I didn’t create it to make you happy for a few minutes, but ultimately leave you unfilled. However, the great thing about looks, that is sometimes forgotten is that…

Your looks are almost completely under your control.

Please read that again because it’s true. You are in almost complete control of your looks and how men perceive you. It comes down to how you dress, how you do your make up and hair and whether or not your are physically active (i.e. sports & working out).

Because men are turned on by what they see (a large part of turning your man on and satisfying him sexually is how you look), this means that if you are alone with him, you might consider wearing some sexy lingerie or even just a pair of heels and nothing else. You should also try to pay attention to the lighting in your room. You’ll find that candles give off a really nice and sexy light when compared to regular lightbulbs.

Remember that while looks are an important of the equation to satisfying your man sexually in the bedroom, there is also a lot of other important things that you should take care of.


If you want to properly sexually satisfy your man in the bedroom then learning how to give your man a good blowjob is really important. You’ll be surprised to learn that there is so many different things you can do to give your man great fellatio. Here are just a few, that I cover in far more detail in The Blowjob Bible book:


You can give your man an incredibly good blowjob if you slowly build up to it, so that when your man does finally reach climax, he will literally explode. The Build Up really refers to foreplay with your man. So this means that you should start by kissing him for a few minutes while at the same time slowly massaging the outside of trousers or boxers, before you put your hand inside and start to slowly and very gently give him a handjob. After a few minutes of giving him a handjob, try lowering your head towards his crotch to start giving him a blow job. But before you actually start sucking on his cock, kiss it and lick it for a few minutes.

This build up can last from 5 minutes up to half an hour. The longer you can draw it out, the more satisfying his orgasm will feel when he eventually does cum. Just to be clear, The Build Up is the same as foreplay with your man. If you want more great tips and techniques to use to give your man a great blow job, then you may be interested watching the blow job tutorial video. You can watch it here.


I can’t believe that I am constantly saying this, but variation is absolutely crucial if you are serious about keeping your man satisfied in the bedroom. You may quickly discover 1 or 2 positions or techniques that both you and your man really enjoy. That’s great! But if you only rely on these 2 positions, then your man is going to eventually grow bored of them. And I presume you know that…
Boredom is one of the main reasons men cheat.

To keep things fun and interesting, you need to keep trying new things to add variety to your sex life. Now I am not saying that you need to become a gymnast or that you have to try really weird and ‘out there’ sex techniques. I am simply saying that you need to try new sex positions, techniques and roleplays every once in a while. Simply keep the techniques, positions and tips that work well for you and forget about the rest. By constantly incorporating variation into your sex life, you’ll find that over the months and years, you will have a huge of amount of different techniques that are really sexually satisfying to your man.Key Point: When I say that you should make variation an important part of your sex life, I do not mean that you should try something completely different every time you have sex with your man. Instead I mean that you should keep doing what works when you have sex, but every once in a while, try something totally different and see if you and your man like it. If not, then forget about that technique. But if you both enjoy it, then you have a new sexually satisfying technique in your sex arsenal.

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