How To Strip For Your Man: 8 Simple Steps

Performing a striptease for your man is one of many wonderful ways to spice up your sex life. However if you don’t prepare properly for it, then it can awkward, weird and really nerve-wracking. So follow the guidelines in this tutorial on how to strip for your man and before you know it, you’ll almost be ready to start working in a club!how to strip

How To Strip: The Preparation

The most important part of stripping for your man is getting ready so that the whole thing goes really smoothly and flows naturally. The last thing you want to do is to be stumbling around in front of your man turning on the music and setting up a chair for him…how to strip for your manThe Where – If your bedroom is big enough, then you should ideally strip for your man there as he will automatically associate it with sex and all things naughty, but if not, then your living room will have to do.

What You Wear – Next, you need to think about what you are going to wear so that you look hot. Choose a pair of sexy stockings, bra and panties, that you know will turn your man on. Over these, wear a skirt that’s easy to slip out of. For your top, the easiest is something like a blazer that you can take off without much effort.

The key when choosing your clothes is that your underwear can be super tight and sexy, but your outerwear needs to be fairly loose and simple to remove.

What shoes or boots you wear is truly up to you. They should accent your legs, so heels are almost always best…but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing heels, don’t feel like you have to, just go barefoot instead.

The Mood – Next it’s time to pay attention to the mood. Bright lights are a big no-no. Subtle, subdued lighting is what you want. So if you have a dimmer, then you are in luck. If not, then you will need to turn off the light and use candles instead.

Alternatively, you can throw a sheet over a lamp to give the same effect (just make sure not to start any fires!).

Additionally, you can try lighting some incense/scented candles for some nice smells while performing your striptease for your man.

The last part of setting the mood is choosing the right music. Do your best to find out what type of music really turns your man on. It could turn out to be some cheesy top 40 songs or even heavy metal. Whatever it is, try your best to find out what it is.

These 22 lap dance songs will give you some inspiration.

First Time? – If this is your first time stripping for your man, then you may be a little nervous at the idea. There’s a simple solution to all of this…try having a glass of wine before doing it. It will help to make everything go smoothly. Just make sure to only make it 1 glass though, any more and you will end up getting drunk…which won’t make for very sexy stripping.

The last thing you are going to need is a chair for your man to sit in. Okay, now that we have everything, time to learn how to actually strip for your man…

How To Strip For Him

how to do a strip tease

1. You are going to start off by grabbing your man’s wrist and leading him to the chair, from wherever else you are in your house/apartment. When you get there, push him down firmly into the chair so that he knows that you are in charge.

This requires you to be a bit dominant.

2. Next give him a quick kiss so that he knows you aren’t being too serious (even though you are still definitely the one in charge)…

3. Afterwards, slowly and seductively walk a few steps away from him making sure to accentuate your hips as you do. Then stop, look over your shoulder at him and lower your jacket to the floor.

4. Next, take a step back towards your man. Then put your hands on either side of your hips and slowly start to lower your skirt to the floor. As you do, start to bend down towards the ground making sure to give your man a bird’s eye view of your ass.

The slower you do all of this the better.

5. If you are feeling confident at this stage, then it’s just a case of putting your hands on your hips and slowly rotating your hips right in front of him. If he tries to touch or grab you, then swat his hands away and wave your finger in his face. You can do this while facing him or while you have your back to him.

6. Another very sexy move is to straddle one of his legs, sit down on it and seductively grind up and down it.

7. Once you are done doing this, again slowly walk away from your man. Stop when you are a few feet away and then slowly start to undo your bra with your back to him. Start by slipping the shoulder straps down before undoing it from behind your back. When you’re done, throw it at your man before turning around and slowly walking back to him.

8. Sit down on his knee and start grinding on it again, and just go from there. Or you can stay grinding on his knee until you make yourself cum.

You’ll find that it’s a good idea to try this all out on your own first to get an idea of what is easy to do and what needs some work to perfect. The first few times that you do strip for your man, you may them to be a little awkward and not go perfectly well. But with time and practice, you will eventually get really smooth and sexy at it.

Making It Super Hot

Once you have mastered the actual stripping part, then it’s time to graduate to some sexy foreplay or even use some of these powerful sex tips on him.

Have fun!

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