Welcome to the Princess Fantasy. This first post is a great place to start if you want to learn how to take control of your sex life. It’s actually why I created the Bad Girls Bible to begin with. I’m going to teach you:

  • How to take control of your sex life.
  • How to sexually satisfy your man every time.
  • I am going to show you that sex is both fun and fulfilling!

So if you are new to this, you are probably wondering where you should start? Or what you should do to take your sex life to the next level.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when improving your sex life:


Yes, that’s right, sex really is a skill! Just like learning to drive or learning to juggle, great sex takes practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Nobody is born with a natural ability to give great blowjobs, to talk dirty to their man or to know what sex positions feel best.

You can learn these things by trial and error on your own OR you can use my help, which will get you up to speed much, much faster.

And that’s exactly what the Bad Girls Bible will do for you. It will help you learn how to do all of these things and more.

Right now, we have a really thorough section that will teach you nearly everything you need to know about how to give a great blowjob.

We also have a section that teaches you how to talk dirty to your manWhat to sayHow to say itAnd when to say it.

If you are looking to learn some new sex positions, then you should really check out the sex positions section. It has detailed images of over 100 different sex positions that you can perform with your man, along with thorough instructions.

But, that’s just the start. We will be constantly adding more great content to the Bad Girls Bible. So stay tuned…


Now that you understand that being great in bed is just a skill like any other, there is one really important thing that you absolutely must keep in mind. That is:

Staying Safe

There is literally nothing more important when it comes to sex. This means that you should always use condoms when you are unsure if your partner is disease free or not.

It also means getting an STI/STD check regularly, so that you stay disease free.

It also means planning ahead. This means using a valid form of birth control like condoms or the pill so that you don’t have any unplanned pregnancies.

For the best advice on staying safe, as always, you should talk to your doctor.

Ok, now that the serious part is over…


Part of learning how to be great in bed is being open to trying new things with your partner.

As an Irish person who was raised Catholic, I wasn’t initially open to trying new things when I was younger. I was ashamed, shy, nervous and a little afriad.

And you know what?

I missed out.

I missed out on all the fun things sex has to offer.

It was only when I got a little older that I started to try new things with girlfriends and I realised that I shouldn’t have been ashamed or nervous at all.

It was like climbing a stairs. I just took it one step at a time, trying things out that I was fairly comfortable with, then after trying them, I would try something else.

I never had to take a massive leap and try something that made me feel really uncomfortable. It was all quite easy.

So, I hope you’ll see that getting better at sex is very similar to climbing a stairs. Just take it one step at a time. There is no need to rush out and try everything at once. Just one step at a time…

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