Learning how to talk dirty to your man is a great way to spice up your relationship and keep it interesting. This quick start guide on talking dirty to your boyfriend or lover will get you up to speed very quickly. Enjoy!

 how to talk dirty to a guy


So many relationships start out great, with passionate sex and having lots of fun with each other. But almost always, as the relationship progresses, things start to become routineto the point where it can actually become even a little boring.

Boredom is kryptonite to your relationship.

If your partner starts to get bored, then you are increasing the risk that he is going to look for excitement elsewhere (in other words, he is more likely to cheat if he gets bored).

Talking dirty to your guy is the perfect way to spice things up and keep your relationship fun and exciting. The really cool thing about talking dirty to your man is that you don’t just have to be in the bedroom to do it. You can talk dirty to your man anywhere. On a plane, in a coffee shop, at the movies, anywhere. On top of being able to talk dirty to your man anywhere, you can also use SMS text messages to talk dirty as well as talking dirty on the phone or via email.


The main purpose of dirty talk is to keep your relationship exciting and interesting. A lot of girls I teach how to talk dirty often misunderstand this.

You do not have to say outrageously sexual things to your man to arouse him and build sexual tension.

You’ll be surprised at how non-sexual your dirty talk can be while still arousing your man. Take some of these dirty talking phrases for example. Try these dirty talk phrases for example:

I’m going to do something for you tonight….I think you’ll like it a lot!

I love it when you wear those jeans.

Notice how non-sexual these dirty talk examples are. The first phrase could mean practically anything, depending on how you say it. It could mean that you are going to cook for him or it could mean you are going to give him a blowjob or it could mean that you are going to throw a party for him.

The second phrase is only a little bit sexual. It’s a compliment, but it’s still not very sexual.

Note: Here is more of my Take some of these dirty talking phrases and dirty talking examples.

In my experience, the best way to talk dirty to your man is to sometimes be very sexual and then sometimes be non-sexual with him. This variation will help to keep him on his toes and not know what to expect next.


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Turning your man on with dirty talk is about what you say AND how you say it.

If you have never talked dirty to a guy before, then you may be wondering what you should say to him. First of all, let me just say this:

There is no perfect dirty talk phrase or line to say to your man that will turn him on, build sexual tension and make him attracted to you.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

When figuring out how to talk dirty to your man, you need to have a desired outcome in mind. Do you want to arouse him? Do you want to make him constantly think about you? Do you want to tease him? Do you want to build sexual tension?


Arousing your man and turning him on using dirty talk is pretty easy. You simply need to tell him what you like about him and what you want to do with him in a sexual way. So you could try using one of these dirty talk examples.

I love your ass!

It’s so hot when you look at me like that!

I want you right now.

I want to feel you inside me.


Talking dirty to make your man constantly think about you is the most powerful way to talk dirty. If you do it right, you will almost have a stalker on your hands! The key to using dirty talk to make him constantly think about you is to be subtle, cryptic and not that sexual. When you are subtle, cryptic and not super sexual with your dirty talk, your man’s mind will go into overdrive trying to figure out what you mean. Here are some examples to show you what I mean:

I woke up thinking about you last night.

There’s this one really awesome thing I like about you. But if I tell you what it is, you’ll stop doing it.

I don’t know why, but you make me feel so girly & feminine when I’m around you.

All of these dirty talk examples are very indirect and not super sexual sounding. They are also compliments which men love hearing. So you are massaging his ego while at the same time saying something that will get his mind wondering about what you meant (which will keep him thinking about you). So when you say, “I woke up thinking about you last night”, your man will be wondering what exactly you were thinking about. Was it a hot, sexy dream? Or was it because you were lonely and longing for him? Or was it a nightmare? When you are not direct and obvious with your dirty talk, you can get your man thinking about you for a long time using just a sentence or two.


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Using dirty talk to tease your man and build sexual tension is a great way to keep things fun and exciting.

A really fun way to use dirty talk is for teasing your man. This is great for flirting with him and keeping your relationship exciting. When using dirty talk to tease your man, just remember that it needs to be lighthearted and fun. Here are some great teasing dirty talk example that you should try out on your man (or even on a guy you’ve just met):

I’ve got a little surprise for you later, but only if you are on your best behaviour.

If you don’t treat me right, there’ll be no kisses tonight!

Remember, the key is to be light hearted and fun. Using dirty talk to tease your man is a lot like flirting except that it’s a bit more sexual.


Building sexual tension by using dirty talk is really powerful. To properly build sexual tension using dirty talk, you need to say something dirty and sexual to your man in a place where you can’t actually take it any further. So this could be in at a party or family dinner or even over the phone. The key is to say something highly arousing to your man, but to be in a place where you can’t act on it. Here are some examples of dirty talk used to build sexual tension:

If these people weren’t around, I would rip your trousers off and give you a blowjob right now.

When you look at me like that, I just want to fuck you. Dam, I wish these people weren’t here.

I wish I was with you right now, you on top, dominating me. (Great when sent as a SMS text message)

All these dirty talk phrases are highly sexual, but can’t be acted upon, which is perfect for building sexual tension with your man.

Now that I have gone through 4 different ways that you can use dirty talk on your man, there are some finer details that you need to know to make sure you learn how to talk dirty the right way.


When you first start figuring out how to talk dirty to a guy, you may be most interested in learning the lines and phrases that you should use. However, it’s not all about using the right line or phrase on your man.

It’s how you say it.

If you are really awkward and weird when you say any dirty line to your man, then it’s not going to work at all. Dirty talk works much better when you can look you man in the eye and then slowly and sexually say,

I want to fuck your brains out later!

So try your best to keep this in mind when talking dirty to your man. It’s a combination of both the dirty line and how you say it. At first, you may feel a little nervous or embarrassed or even shy delivering these lines to your man. Don’t worry. The more you try it, the better you will get at it.


Talking dirty to your man when he is right there in front of you is fantastic. However, talking dirty over the phone or even online is also great fun (and often easier to do).

When you talk dirty over the phone or online (text messages, email, facebook chat, etc.), you’ll find that it’s much easier and there is less pressure because your man is not right in front of you. You also have more time to respond and think of what to say to him.


When you first start learning about talking dirty to a guy, you may be a little nervous or shy about it. You might be afraid of saying something that your man might find weird or awkward or silly. Don’t worry, just follow these steps and you’ll be able to test to see if you man likes it and also build your confidence at the same time.

1) The first step is to see if you man likes the idea of you talking dirty. Try saying something very subtle the next time you are getting intimate with your man. Just whisper it in his ear. Try these for example:

I love how you kiss me.

That feels so good.

Both of these dirty talk examples are compliments and are very easy to say to your man.

2) After trying each of these a few times, it’s time to get a little more dirty. Again just whisper it into your man’s ear:

I love it when you’re on top.

I wish we could just have sex all day long.

95% of men will love hearing you say these things. Only a few men won’t. After you get comfortable using these tame dirty talk examples, it’s time to start using some of the more advanced ones that you have read further up this page.

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