Do you ever wonder why are so many women, and some of their partners, concerned with figuring out how to tighten your vagina?

Certainly, some women are concerned about changing in their bodies and vaginal elasticity after giving birth, which causes trauma to the vaginal canal (not every woman experiences orgasmic delivery!). However, age and sexual satisfaction have led others of you to our site.

When muscles in the vagina are weakened, it can lead to less pleasurable sex for both partners, difficulty achieving orgasm and even urinary incontinence. This is because the pubococcygeus, or PC muscles, surround the pubic area and aid in all those activities. A doctor might refer to weak PC muscles as a weak pelvic floor.


There are a number of reasons that the vagina muscles might be or become weaker or time.

  • Childbirth and labor
  • Age
  • General weakness over time
  • Vaginal trauma or injury
  • Surgery


One thing that’s important to note is that the vagina and PC muscles naturally stretch. That’s why childbirth is possible; although, that’s an extreme example of stretching. If you’re used a large toy or been with a partner who is well-endowed, for example, your vaginal muscles will return to their pre-stretched elasticity more often than not, even if you’re frequently having sex with someone who is rather girthy.

It’s natural for the PC muscles to become weaker over time, too, which is why you might notice a little urinary incontinence when you cough or sneeze that never happened to you when you were younger. Of course, delivering a child causes many women to experience this type of leakage, which is why OBGYNs will recommend taking precautions to strengthen your vagina.

Doctors will also recommend vaginal exercises to women who experience vaginismus.However, even women who haven’t delivered a baby vaginally can benefit from these activities. If you’re having trouble experiencing orgasm or find that your orgasms are unsatisfying, you might be in the market to learn to tighten your vagina.

Even if your partner enjoys penetrative sex because you use every trick in the book, you can increase his pleasure, too. Squeezing his penis with your powerful vaginal muscles will feel good for both of you.

Finally, Kegels can help you to squirt, which many women enjoy.


We’re not talking about “China shrinking creams,” either (seriously, google it!). At best, those products do nothing but empty your wallet. However, those creams can contain chemicals that are bad for your vaginal health.

There’s no quick scheme to tighten your vagina muscles. But working them out can tone them just liking heading to the gym and lifting weights helps build your biceps. These exercises are frequently known as Kegel exercises, after the doctor who first pioneered them.

You don’t need any expensive equipment. One of the benefits of Kegel exercises, aside from being able to tighten your vagina, is that you can do them whenever and wherever you like with no one the wiser. Exercises to tighten your vagina can be done in your office chair, on the sofa at home, while making dinner, folding laundry or even when standing in line at the Post Office!

Some women even do Kegels while performing yoga. This practice is known as yogasming!


Basic PC muscles exercises require you to squeeze for three seconds and release for three seconds. You can do these in reps of ten to fifteen times for up to twenty minutes per day. Each day, add one second to your squeeze.

But first you’ll need to locate your PC muscles. These are the muscles used to cut off the flow of urine, so mimicking that will help you find them. When you squeeze these muscles, you shouldn’t be affecting areas in close proximity such as your thighs or butt.

Obviously, Kegel exercises can get a bit boring, which is why many women do them while participating in other activities. The Mayo Clinic advises against holding your breath while exercising your PC muscles.


For some women, having feedback helps complete Kegel exercises. Feedback can come in the form of simply having something around which to squeeze their vaginal muscles. In this case, any dildo will do. However, you can also buy weighted dildo-like exercisers specifically for this purpose.

A more common type of sex toy intended to help tighten your vagina and strengthen the pelvic floor are vaginal beads of balls. These include Ben Wa balls, which are separate metal balls. Add those to your sexual bucket list! However, larger connected beads with a removal cord, including the Luna Beads by Lelo and JeJoue’s Ami exercise system, offer more variety and increased ease of use.

You can simply pop these beads in and proceed with your normal PC exercises. Some manufacturers claim that you don’t need to perform exercises at all because the inner balls of their toys cause the PC muscles to reflexively respond. However, it never hurts to keep up your reps!


While being conscientious about the state of your vaginal muscles is wise, you can overdo it. When you’re exercising, whether you use an implement to make it easier, it’s important for you to expand your muscles as well as contract them. You don’t want them to continually be tense.

A steady routine of clenching and releasing your PC muscles can lead to a tighter vagina and benefits such as better sex – perhaps one with multiple orgasms! — and relief from urinary incontinence. The key to keeping up with this workout is fending off boredom, so pairing exercises with your daily activities or setting aside time to use a specialty Kegel tool that encourages you to strength your pelvic floor!

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