How to tighten your Vagina Naturally

1. Have A Vagina – Friendly Diet

This should be the first way on how to tighten vagina and keep it tight that we want to mention in this article and want all of my female readers to apply for good. Having a healthy diet can help in strengthening the pelvic floor of the vagina. It is recommended that you should include more estrogens-rich foods in your daily diet. Some great food options for you aresesame seeds, fenugreek, soybeans, pomegranates, carrots, wheat berries, yarns and apples. Addition to this, you also need to consume more wholegrain and organic lean animal protein.


2. Maintain Healthy Vaginal Hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene in the vaginal area is very important for keeping it clean and tight. When taking a bath, you can gently clean your vagina with the help of a soft cleanser such as herbal soaps without needing to worry about unwanted side effects. Just keep in mind that you should choose products designed for the loose vagina. Using herbal soap is not only effective in tightening the vagina, but it also good for eliminating vagina odor and enhancing the muscles’ elasticity in the vaginal area.

According to a study about vulva and vaginal care and cleaning [1], the vagina can clean on its own without needing the help of any cleansers. So, if you use soap to clean your vaginal area, remember to wash it with warm water afterwards in order to avoid causing skin irritation. Besides, it is very important for you to maintain healthy vaginal hygieneduring your period.

3.How To Tighten Vagina At Home – Exercises

how to tighten vagina

Performing exercises can help in strengthening the vagina walls, as well as the pelvic muscles. However,remember to just perform simple exercises at home. Here are some simple exercises that you can consider performing at the comfort of your own home:

Exercise 1: Leg ups:

This exercise is effective in restoring the elasticity and the firmness of the vagina, making it one of the best ways on how to tighten vagina naturally that you should try out.

  • Firstly, lie on the back and lift up each of your legs straight.
  • Then, lower each of your legs so that your legs are still straight without bending.
  • Perform this exercise for about 10 minutes, 5 times a day at a minimum.
  • Repeat it daily for weeks or months.

Exercise 2: Basic vagina- tightening exercise:

Another great way on how to tighten vagina and keep it tight is performing basic vagina- tightening exercise. Now, you just need to follow the instructions below if you want to tighten your vaginal area at the comfort of your own home:

  • At first, hold the breath for a few seconds.
  • Then, make an effort to contract the vaginal muscles before releasing it as you exhale.
  • Perform this exercise 8-10 times a day.
  • Note: This exercise can be performed anywhere and anytime


Exercise 3: Squats:

If you are looking for 100% certain way on how to tighten vagina and keep it tight, you should not skip squats.

  • Firstly, stand with the feet shoulder width apart and the toes out 30o
  • Then, break at the hips like the way when we sit onto a bench
  • Finally, come back up. You should push through the heel in order to prevent your toes from coming up on.

Actually, this exercise helps in toning the buttocks and simultaneously enhancing the vaginal muscles, hence making these vaginal muscles firmer and tighter.

Exercise 4: Kegel exercise:

According to a research about Kegel exercise [2], this exercise is well-known for its ability to squeeze the pelvic muscles. This exercise is like the way when you stop yourself from peeing during urination. Some positions you can choose from are sitting in a chair comfortably with legs straight forward, standing up while bending the knees or lying on the floor while bending the knees with a pillow behind. For the best results, you should perform this exercise for 10 seconds and then take a break about 10 seconds. Repeat the process several times in about 5 minutes, and 4 times per day.

Just note that you should pee before performing this exercise. Besides, you should just squeeze your pelvic muscles, not other body’s muscles. Plus, taking breaths gently are important when it comes to tightening vagina at home.

Exercise 5:Pelvic stretch:

This exercise is designed for enhancing the pelvic floor muscles and preventingthe pelvic floor area from loosening. Also, this exercise can help in toning the muscles that support your pelvis. If you want to tighten your vaginal muscles by performing this exercise, you just need to take the following steps:

  • Firstly, sit on the edge of a chair while placing your feet apart
  • Keep your hands above the knees with the elbows turning out
  • After that, bend forward from the ankles and bend the elbows
  • Try to place your upper body’s weight on your thighs.
  • Spread the arms, lift the chest and keep the rear rim lowering while the front pelvic rim raising.

Exercise 6: Vaginal cones

If you are unsure about how to tighten vagina and keep it tight, then you can try performing vaginal cones. Vaginal cones come with different weights and sizes. So, for the best results, it is advised to do this exercise for 15 minutes twice a day. Simply, slide a cone inside, from the lightest cone you can retain with ease. Then, gradually move on a heavier cone at the time when you feel the firmness in your pelvic muscles. Actually, this method needs so much effort, but actually offers you great results.

Exercise 7: Ben-Wa balls

If you want to know how to tighten vagina naturally through exercise, you should not skip this exercise. Actually, itis widely popular and it can be performed at the comfort of your own home. In this exercise, you need to use your pelvic muscles in order to keep these balls in. After inserting the balls into your vagina, squeeze the internal muscles and legs together for keeping the balls in. The balls will push down a bit inside your vagina and make this area tighter. Over time, you will feel the tightness and firmness in your vagina.

List of 10 Best And Simple Pregnancy Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women will show you some of the best yoga poses for pregnant women during pregnancy, so check it out.

4. Wear Cotton Underwear

how to tighten vagina

This sounds strange when it comes to learning how to tighten vagina naturally, but it actually does work. Wearing cotton underwear allows the air to easily flow. And, this can help prevent unhealthy bacteria causing the infection in the vaginal area. 

5. Use Vitamin E

According to a study about vitamin E benefits [3], vitamin E is known as one of the best vitamins thanks to its ability to treat many diseases such ashigh blood pressure and diabetes. Nonetheless, many women are not aware of the fact that this essential vitamin can work as a moisturizer to deal with vaginal dryness. Addition to this, if applied correctly, vitamin E also helps strengthen your vaginal walls. To use vitamin E for tightening the vaginal area, follow the instructions below:

  • At first, ensure that you do not have sharp nails as well as the vitamin E capsule has no scratch or sharp area.
  • Then, insert the capsule of vitamin E into your vagina while you are lying down or standing.
  • Note: You do not need to cut this capsule because the vagina’s pH can absorb vitamin E naturally.

Actually, vitamin E is worth mentioning in this list of great ways on how to tighten vagina naturally due to its


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