Learning how to turn a guy on is crucial if you want have a fun sexual relationship with your man. Thankfully, it’s really easy to turn guys on. However, there are a few pitfalls that you need to avoid if you want to do it right. Before explaining what you need to do and what you need to avoid doing, I want to talk about how men & women are different and get turned on by different things.


Guys can get turned on really quickly and easily. Think of them like a light switch. You may hear from friends and in the media that men mostly get turned on by what they see, but the truth is that they actually get turned on just as much (if not more) by what they hear and what they feel as well.

Girls get turned on slightly differently. Sometimes it can happen really quickly, just like with a man, but most of the time it will take you longer to get turned on.

This is why I often compare men to light switches that turn on or off instantaneously and I compare women to light dimmers that take longer to turn on. The point is that men and women get turned on slightly differently. So don’t automatically think that the things that turn you on will automatically turn your man on.


Later on I will explain some really cool and fun ways to turn your man on, but first I want to teach you some of the tried and tested ways that work really well for turning him on.


Ugh, I know, it sounds boring. But before you think that I mean kissing him on the lips…I don’t. I mean kissing him in other places. Try moving from the lips to his cheeks to his…ears. Specifically his ear lobes. These are incredibly sensitive and feel great to have kissed (I should know, I’m a guy writing this after all!). You can then move from kissing his ear lobes down to his neck which is also very sensitive and feels great to have kissed.


Again, this is not the most exciting one. But rubbing his inner thigh is a great way to arouse him and make him hard. To start off all you need to do is start rubbing anywhere on his leg and then slowly make your way up to his thigh, until you are eventually rubbing his inner thigh. A great technique to use is to ‘accidentally’ rub over his crotch ever once in a while while rubbing his inner thigh.


You’ll find that it’s very easy to turn him on using lines and phrases that aren’t even that sexual, but being quite sexual usually works great too. Try these 2 examples:
I feel so small in your arms

I want to feel your hard cock inside me!

Both of these will turn your man on, while also firing up his ego at the same time. A really powerful technique to arouse your man with dirty talk is to slowly whisper it in his ear and then start kissing his ear afterwards. Try It!


Like I said earlier, men do get turned on by what they see. A large part of that is how you dress and look. Most men certainly do get turned on by lingerie and skimpy clothes, but if you talked to your man first, you may find out that he has a fantasy that is easy to dress the part of. Maybe it’s a maid or a schoolgirl or a secretary or something similar.


So I have covered the main points about turning your man on. It’s mostly about how you look and dress as well as what you say to him as well as touching him in the right places that turn him on. However, I am clearly leaving a few things out that will turn your man on also. That’s because different guys like different things. The tips and techniques that I have mentioned above certainly work for 99% of people, but there are tons of other things you can do for your man that only he will enjoy and get turned on by, while most other men won’t enjoy it as much. The key is to experiment as well as asking him what he likes and what arouses him.

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