So you’ve read the Sex Positions guide and you’ve tried every one.

But now you are looking for something else to tease and titillate your man with. You’re looking for something else to turn him on with while keeping things exciting.


Sex toys are great way to spice things up in the bedroom especially if you feel things getting stale.

But remember that sex toys are the spice, not the main course to a great sex life. You shouldn’t rely solely on sex toys for your pleasure.

So how can you use sex toys to keep things spicy?


I’ve probably said it a 1000 times in the last few years:

Men are turned on mostly by what they see.

So putting on a show for your man using sex toys is a great way to turn him on.

The next time you are both in bed together, grab a vibrator or dildo and tell your man that you have something to show him. Tell him that the only rule is,
Look But Don’t Touch

Turn on the vibrator and start rubbing yourself with it and masturbating until you orgasm with it. Or do the same with the dildo.

Just seeing you writhe in pleasure is a really big turn on for your man. This makes it a great way to mix up foreplay. In a way you’re doing it all by yourself, but your man is definitely getting turned on at the same time.


Your man’s prostate gland is highly sensitive. Stimulating it is a great way to turn him on and give him stronger orgasms.

You might be wondering,

How can I stimulate his prostate gland?

It’s located inside him. To stimulate it, you need to insert a finger about 2 inches into his ass and curl it back towards his balls until you feel a fleshy mound. Press this fleshy mound gently in a rhythmic motion to stimulate it.

If you don’t want to put your finger in his ass, then you can stimulate it indirectly outside his body, by pressing on his perineum, which is the rough piece of skin between his balls and ass.

I thought this article was about sex toys Sean? Why do you keep talking about fingers?

It sure is, I just wanted to cover the basics first. Now that you know where the prostate is and how to stimulate it, you can use a variety of different sex toys to stimulate it:

You can try using a regular vibrator and inserting into his ass.

Or you can do the same with a dildo or even a strap on or anal beads.

Butt plugs are designed solely for the…butt (the name might make that obvious!). These are a great way to stimulate his prostate as well as the rest of his butt.

You’ll find butt plugs to be the easiest sex toy to use on his prostate as they are designed to stay in place once inserted.

Very similar to butt plugs are prostate massagers. These are specially designed sex toys for guys that are shaped and designed to provide lots of stimulation to his prostate.


When you hear the word sex toy, most people immediately think of things like vibrators and dildos.

Don’t forget that there are many other fantastically powerful sex toys that you can use on your man which are a lot more subtle.
Many of these sex toys involve inhibiting one or more of his senses.

Many men find it highly arousing to give up control to their girl by doing things like wearing a blindfold, having their arms or legs tied or even by simply wearing ear plugs.


There are many different sex toys that you can use on your man during foreplay before you have sex.

Besides the ones I have already mentioned, you can use things like a fleshlight or other cock sleeves instead of giving him a regular handjob.

Even using some lube during a handjob or blowjob is a great way to change things up.

You might also consider using something like a cockring on him.

Just as there are many sex toys that you can use on your man, there are also tons of sex toys that you can use on yourself.

Whether you you enjoy playing with a dildo or vibrator before sex, there are hundreds of different types to choose from, whether big or small, rabbit or bullet, rubber or glass.

Don’t forget that many of the sex toys that you can use before sex can be used during sex as well.

You might find that discussing using sex toys with your man before using them is best. You’ll find that most guys love the idea of using sex toys, while others are just not that into it at all. The key is discussing it with him to see what you both enjoy and are comfortable with.

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