Being in a relationship is tough enough when you see each other frequently, but it’s even harder when you’re long distance and can’t see one another as often as you’d like. Some people even experience the pain of missing someone in a physical way. But you can’t live your life in constant emotional and even physical pain. You have obligations, and there are plenty of experiences waiting for you while you’re waiting to see your man again.

Love background, love you, miss you

Instead of just sitting home alone while you think to yourself “I miss him,” make sure you’re spending time with friends who won’t mind when you say “I miss him”, keeping up your social life and doing things you enjoy to keep you healthy and happy. Plus, we’ve got all the following great advice to help you cope when you’re missing him!


Of course, staying in touch is easier than ever thanks to the Internet and modern technology, even when your man is across the world or deployed! You can use FaceTime on Apple devices or video chat via Skype or even Google Hangouts. You can hear his voice and see his face. Talking on the phone sometimes doesn’t alleviate the feelings of missing him because you also can’t see him. And as long as you have an Internet connection, you can avoid all those long-distance charges!

You can also have lighthearted and quick conversations via apps like SnapChat or even Facebook Messenger. This is a great way to let him know you’re thinking of him even if you’re running low on time or the two of you can’t hold an actual conversation. Not everything needs to be deep or about how hard it is for the two of you to be apart, anyway. Read this guide on flirting via text.

Just because you can connect with technology doesn’t mean you always have to. If you’ve read this article or this post about long-distance relationships, then you know we recommend sending something physical. The act of shopping or crafting a gift to send to him will both give you something to do so you won’t be missing him so much and help you feel closer to him.

When thinking about gifts, you can go with the usual photo (with or without frame), snacks or a mix CD. Don’t be afraid to be creative, however. For example, if he’s living overseas, you might send a gift pack of things to remind him of home. Or when you’re the one who’s abroad, you might send back a package of silly souvenirs to your man. Perhaps send him a sexy toy with a note about how you’ll soon be using it together. Check out more gift ideas.

A hand-written letter also makes a great gift, and it doesn’t need to be sent with anything else. Simply being able to tell him that you’re missing him and love him. It doesn’t have to be long, and we have advice about writing love letters for your man in this post. Top it off by kissing the envelope or postcard or spritzing it with your favorite fragrance before mailing it.

While you’re missing him, remember that you’re lucky to have someone about whom you can say “I miss him.” And to be missed in return is also something to be grateful for. Chances are, if you start to think about how lucky you are, the things you like about your man and the memories you’ve made together, a smile will cross your face. It might be tinged with a little sadness because you do miss him, but the good feelings will soften the blow.


Obviously, you’ll be looking forward to the time you can spend together, which is important time that allows for the two of you to strengthen your relationship. There are a lot of factors that determine when and how often you can visit. Although it might be more fair if you both make equal trips or meet in the middle, circumstances may not allow you.

Consider the following things that affect whether you can see your man:

  • Your school or work schedule
  • Your budget and income
  • The distance between you
  • Whether you can drive or would need to take a plane or other type of transportation
  • Health issues
  • Childern and pets

Every situation is different, and one of you may wind up doing more traveling or spending more money. As long as this works for you and your man, however, you should be glad just to be able to see one another. Some of your breaks may be longer than others, so knowing exactly when you’ll see each other gives you something to look forward to, and you can count down the days with assurance.

One thing to consider is surprising him with a visit. Make sure he won’t otherwise be too busy because your visit might be an inconvenience or you might wind up feeling jealous – tips how to deal with that here – when you’re visiting him. Perhaps work together with his friends or family to schedule your surprise visit!

Homecoming or meeting in the middle is a big deal, even if it’s for a short time. So make it special. Plan to make dinner or surprise him with tickets to see a movie or other event. Make a little “Welcome Home” sign, even if you’re just opening up your front door to let him in. Perhaps throw a surprise party with all his favorite people when he comes home – as long as he isn’t too tired from traveling or looking forward to a little alone time. It gives you something to do to keep your mind off of thoughts such as “I miss him.”

Just don’t plan all your time. If one or both of you is traveling frequently or has to make face time with other people, that down time from school or work might be a little hectic. So make time for just relaxing. After all, there’s nothing wrong with cuddling – it builds intimacy – and watching a movie or making a dinner at home instead of going out to eat.

Down time gives you more opportunities to fool around, too. Sex is necessary for a healthy relationship, and the two of you are probably looking forward to physical intimacy after being separated. Perhaps you could surprise him with a piece of lingerie. Send it to him as a gift, send him a sexy snap hinting at what’s to come or even just leave the bag or lingerie on the bed for him to find when he comes in.

If you’re visiting him, you might wear your lingerie under your clothes, or you can take it up a notch and wear something sexy beneath your coat. As soon as you take it off, his eyes will get a treat! We’ve got a great guide to picking out lingerie here. Of course, you can always wear nothing beneath that coat!

When you’re preparing to say “Good bye,” things can get hard. We understand. You might even worry if he’ll start to forget about you or if absence really does make the heart grow fonder. More on that here. However, you can always leave little surprises for him to remember you by. For example, a note in his luggage or tucked into the book he’s reading will be discovered at a later date, and he’ll think of you and smile.

If you’re leaving his place, you could leave a small teddy bear, card or something else for him to find once you’re long gone. The better you hide it, the longer it will take before he finds it. The downside is that he might never find whatever you’ve left hidden, so make sure he’ll find it within a reasonable amount of time. Think about what he uses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to come up with good hiding places!

It’s natural for you to feel sad when you leave your man, especially if you don’t know when you’ll see one another again. So let yourself think “I miss him” when you feel the pangs coming on. But if you love each other and know your relationship is worth it, you absolutely can get over the time you have to spend apart from your man and the pain this causes. And your relationship will hopefully become stronger because of it.

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