Enthusiasm…It’s surprisingly hot and sexy in bed!

In this article, I want to teach you a crucial principle to satisfying your man in the bedroom. And to keep him satisfied.

You might notice that there are hundreds of different sex techniquestips, tricks, positions and tactics on the Bad Girls Bible website that you can use to satisfy your man with. Without a doubt, it’s a great resource.

But one thing I rarely talk about is…Your Attitude.

This site is all about having great sex and satisfying your man. But technique alone is not enough to keep him satisfied and fulfilled. You need to have the right attitude too.

What do I mean exactly by this?


I am talking about HOW YOU ACT while trying out any of my sex tips or positions or techniques.

You could have the best technique in the world when giving your man a blowjob. But what if you did it in complete silence like a robot, with no emotion? It wouldn’t be particularly hot for him, would it?

Or you could be talking dirty to him, saying some really wild, naughty things (by the way, this dirty talking tutorial video will teach you everything you need to know about the topic!). But what if you did it in a dull, monotone, almost-depressed voice without making eye contact while sounding like you were just reciting a memorized line?It wouldn’t be hot, it would be weird.

Or that first time you had sex. What if you just lay there motionless, in silence? Again it would be weird and even off-putting for your man (unless of course you/he enjoys sex like that).
What I am trying to draw attention to in all 3 of these examples is that knowing the techniques is not enough if you want to become a sexual goddess.

You need to also pay attention to your attitude and how you act when getting sexual with your man.

There is an infinite number of different attitudes that you could take when you are with your man. But today I want to teach you the most powerful attitude you can have. First let me tell what kind of attitude I am NOT talking about.

It’s not a ‘slutty’ attitude.
It’s not a ‘dirty’ attitude.

It’s not a ‘sexy’ attitude.

The most powerful attitude that you can have during sex is enthusiasm.

Please read that again.
The most powerful attitude that you can have during sex is enthusiasm.

You can be nervous, shy or even a little unsure of yourself, but if you are enthusiastic when you get sexual with your man, it will make up for your lack of sexual skills.


I wish the answer was simple but the truth is that it’s quite complicated.

For many guys they want to believe that they are hot, sexually attractive and appealing. When a girl is really enthusiastic about being sexual with them, guys often feel that this is due to their attractiveness, that they are sexually appealing to you and that you can’t help yourself or control yourself when you’re around them. For guys, this enthusiasm is a powerful aphrodisiac and turn on.

But if a guy sees that you are not enthusiastic at all for him, he may often feel that you are just going through the motions and that he is not really turning you on.

So in short, a large part of being enthusiastic about getting sexual with your man is down to his ego. It reaffirms to him that he is sexually attractive. It’s like a gigantic compliment.

That’s not to say that there aren’t other reasons for enthusiasm being a powerful attitude to have when getting down and dirty with your man. It’s just that massaging his ego is the main reason.

Okay, so now you know what this powerful attitude is and why it works so well. Now lets learn HOW you can become more enthusiastic when when getting sexual with your man.


So you want to become more enthusiastic for you man.

Why not just fake it?

Men can tell if you’re faking it from a mile away. Faking enthusiasm is the last thing you should do.
A far superior approach (and a more fun one) is learning what you enjoy with your man. You’ll find that you are naturally far more enthusiastic when you are doing something that you enjoy…

  • Maybe you love giving blowjobs (but maybe you hate it).
  • Maybe you adore your man going down on you and eating you out.
  • Maybe you enjoy nothing more than your man kissing your neck and ears.
  • Perhaps a certain position gives you way more pleasure than any other.
  • Does what you wear influence how horny and turned on your feel?

These are just some examples. You’ll need to do a little work and research to find out and discover what you enjoy the most and what makes you most enthusiastic about sex.

When you discover what you like the best and start doing it regularly, you’ll start to get lost in the moment, you’ll become more relaxed and you will be enthusiastic for it to continue.

Doing what you enjoy is great if you want to become more enthusiastic.

A powerful way to stay enthusiastic is to constantly try new things and look forward to trying them. Seeing your sex life as an adventure (and not a chore) is what will keep you enthusiastic for years after you first start having sex with your man.

Sometimes you will try new things that neither of you will enjoy or only one of you enjoys. That’s just part of the process. The key is not dwelling on bad or lousy experiences and moving on to more enjoyable ones.

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