The intersection is a position that not many people have tried before. You will be forming a cross with your bodies when performing it, similar to how your bodies will form a cross in the Cross position. By the way, the illustrations in our Sex Positions Guidewill help you find more new positions to try (there’s over 100!).

To get into the Intersection position, you and your man need to both lie on your sides. You need to lie with your head at the top of the bed and feet at the end of the bed. Your man will be lying across the bed, with his feet on one side and his head on the other side of the bed. You need to open your legs so that your man can lie down on top of your lower leg and then penetrate you. Then you can rest your upper leg on top of his legs.


This position can be a little awkward at first, so before your man starts thrusting, make sure that you are both comfortable. Your man is going to be in between your legs and resting some of his weight on your lower leg. Because of this he can easily cut off your circulation, so make sure to tell him if it starts to get uncomfortable or if you start getting pins and needles. Due to the position you’re in, you will find it somewhat hard to do much thrusting back onto your man. Luckily, you can masturbate in this position or even finger yourselfif you are having anal sex.


Your man needs to be careful in the Intersection position. If he is a lot bigger than you, then he needs to make sure he doesn’t put all his weight on your leg, potentially cutting off your circulation or leading to pain. To help keep his legs off you, he should put some pillows under his legs.

All your man needs to do is to thrust in and out of you. The tricky part for him is getting himself into a position that is comfortable for him and you and that also allows him to thrust into you easily. He’ll find that spreading his legs will help him to get enough leverage to thrust into you.

He’ll have access to your butt if you like spanking.


Quite a few students of the Bad Girls Bible have given me some helpful insights about the Intersection position. Here is what they had to say:

  • If your man is particularly heavy, then avoid this position. It will hurt you more than it feels fun for you. Try getting on top, instead. Get tips on doing that here.
  • If you want, you can perform a slight variation of the Intersection position with your man. Instead of letting your man rest his legs on top of yours, bring your legs close to your stomach so that they are out of the way. This will make the Intersection feel more like a quasi-spooning position.
  • This might not be the best position for G-spot orgasms.


  • X Marks The Spot – Here’s another cross-type position that’s more like Missionary.
  • Scissors –  Try sandwiching each of his legs in between yours to see how it feels.
  • Drill – Move to your back and wrap your legs around your man to switch to this one.

There are nearly a dozen positions where you are on your side in our guide here.


As a guy, I like the Intersection position. It’s certainly not the best position out there as it’s not that intimate, but it’s still fun if I want to change things up a bit. But if you are a girl, I could see why you wouldn’t want your man resting all his weight on top of one of your legs.

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