Irish Garden Sex Position

The Irish Garden is a fascinating sex position. When a lot of couples see it first, they think that it requires a crazy amount of flexibility. The truth is, it doesn’t. It’s really easy to do, which is why we’ve added it to our list of best sex positions. In some ways, the Irish Garden is quite similar to the Betty Rocker position.

To get into the Irish Garden position, your man needs first to sit down on the bed. He should have his back upright and straight. His legs should be out in front of him and opened fairly wide. He can bend his knees if it makes it more comfortable for him. You then need to get down on all fours and reverse yourself towards him. You will have lower your waist down onto your man by straightening out your legs behind him (one on either side of his waist). Now lower your head and shoulders onto the bed until they are resting on it.

What The Girl Does In The Irish Garden Position

In the Irish Garden position, you will be almost lying down on your stomach while your man enters you. You’ll find that in this position that your man can’t thrust much, so you will be responsible for the thrusting. You can use your hips to move up and down on your man’s penis in a rocking motion. You’ll find this easier to do once your knees are firmly on the bed. You can also grab your man’s lower legs with your hands to hold yourself in position.

But the Irish Garden is not about vigorous thrusting. It’s a nice relaxing position for slower, more sensual sex. More on sensual sex.

What The Guy Does In The Irish Garden Position

Your man will find it hard to thrust into you at all. Instead, he can put his hands on your butt/hips/waist and gently rock you back and forth. In the Irish Garden, your man is in the perfect position to rub and massage your back or even try some anal fingering. If he is not that flexible, then he can lean back and use his arms to support himself or he can put some pillows under his back.

Things To Consider When Performing The Irish Garden Position

Even though not that many couples have tried out the Irish Garden position with their partners, it’s surprisingly easy to do. Here is some of the feedback that I have gotten from students who have tried it:

  • If you want to your man to thrust into you, then put your arms behind your back and let your man grab your hands so that he can pull you in with each thrust.
  • If your man is flexible, then he can lean forward and lie on your back to make it feel more like a spooning position.
  • Some love this position when watching TV/pornography with their man.
  • You can massage your man’s feet when in this position.
  • He can pull your hair for some elements of rough sex in this position.

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