Is Your Vagina Normal? The Different Types of Vaginas

Do you worry about the look and feel of your vagina? Perhaps you want to even know if the smell is normal? It’s normal to have these thoughts, but you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy in a quest for the perfect vagina.

Different types of vaginas

Like every woman, every vagina is unique. This is part of what makes you, you. Still, we’ve got some advice about all the different types of vagina the world has to offer – and what you can do if there’s something you can change.

1. Your Vagina and Lubrication

Let’s start with something that many women have wondered about: whether their vagina is wet enough or not. For some women, the concern is that they’re not wet enough. But hormones and certain conditions can affect this.

Just because you’re not super wet doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. You might want to engage in more foreplay, or you can use lube to make things more slippery. It’s also normal to have a vagina that’s wetter, and there’s nothing wrong with that, either. There’s no single type of vagina that’s normal.

2. Every Vagina Smells Different

Next up is the smell. Many women are concerned that they don’t smell good enough, but this common concern is typically nothing you need to worry about. Personal care can help you to smell better, especially because you may sweat more between your legs. Breathable cotton undies and pants can help reduce sweat, however.

Cleanse your vulva with a gentle soap. There’s no need to use anything other than water internally because it self cleans. Furthermore, you want to avoid douching and using perfumed products, which can lead to infections. Read more about that. If you’re experiencing a strange smell, it could be bacterial vaginosis.

3. Worried About Vaginal Tightness?

There are all many different types of vagina when it comes to depth and tightness. Much of this stems from misunderstanding how the vagina works. The vagina isn’t open all the time. It’s a potential space that opens up once something, such as a toy or penis, fills it. Thus, your vagina expands only enough to accommodate what’s in it.

The typical vagina is around 6 inches long, which is why your partner doesn’t need to be huge to feel good during sex! Plus, the G-spot is located only a couple inches inside the vaginal opening. There’s also a misconception that women with a petite frame will have a smaller vagina, but that’s not necessarily true, either! Being petite doesn’t mean you’re any tighter than a woman who’s taller or curvier.

4. Is Your Vagina “Fat”?

Many women worry that they don’t have a perfect vagina because theirs is “fat.” For starters, when most women talk about having a “fat vagina,” they mean their vulva, or the external area around the vaginal entrance. This is also where the clitoris is hidden.

The vulva is made up of various layers of skin that come in all shapes and sizes – and colors! Although we’re taught that women have both a labia majora – the outer lips – and labia minora – the inner lips, the inner lips are typically less pronounced in women with thick labia majora.

The area above the labia is known as the vulva and can also contain more fatty tissue, contributing to the appearance of a “fat” vagina. Women who weigh more tend to have a more fatty mons pubis, but thin women can have a fatter one, and thicker women may not have as much fatty tissue in that area at all.

This can be especially noticeable when you wear snugger underwear and pants, including leggings, and swimwear. Consult this guide on choosing the right lingerie to look your best. Specifically, underwear that’s cut lower on the front of your thighs, such as boyshorts or hipsters, to smooth out the area. Shapewear does wonders when you’re wearing a sexy dress! Swimwear with ruching conceals any problem areas, and you can opt for longer tops or skirted leggings if you’re self conscious.

5. Clitoral Size Varies

Another major difference is the size of your clitoris. It may be smaller or larger, closer to your vaginal opening or further away. The size doesn’t typically change pleasure. The clitoris is full of nerve endings, after all! But a smaller clitoris might not work if you want a clitoral piercing. More on that here.

If your clitoris is further from the vagina, it can be more difficult to orgasm during sex. Make sure your guy is game for oral and that you’re focusing on providing clitoral stimulation because this is the way that most women cum.

6. Labial Color

You know how women have different colored lips, ranging from pale pink, to deep red or even brown-ish depending on their skin tone? The same is true for vaginas! Specifically speaking, labia and vulvas come in different colors. They can match your skin tone exactly, be pink, red or purple-ish or look brown. Just take a look at women in porn, and you’ll see what we mean!

7. What Can You Do When You Have a Different Type of Vagina?

All of these variations are normal considering how many different types of vagina exist, but it can be quite disturbing for women who feel they’re abnormal.For example, having more fat externally doesn’t mean you’ll feel looser to your man during sex (although, you can do kegels to make it feel more intense for both of you!), nor does your overall body size indicate the size of your vagina.

For some women, the idea that a man has to push aside her labia during penetration or oral sex can make them self conscious. Your man might not even notice a difference in appearance or feeling. According to one post on Thought Catalog, men often love fat vaginas because

Often, this kind of vagina is only visually unique, but makes little difference during the actual sex.

In fact, one study done by YourTango revealed that some men even preferred the “full lip vagina” because they’re soft and inviting, while other men prefer thinner labial folds. Most men are just happy to be having sex with any vagina!

Some women want a different type of vagina so they’ll feel better. Perhaps they want to lose weight from their fat vagina, but there’s no way to lose weight from any part of your body. Working out to lose weight in general can reduce the amount of weight you carry in your mons and labia. Cardio is necessary to lose weight.

Plastic surgeons offer a variety of labiaplasty services to change the shape and size of your labia if that’s one of your concerns. Similarly, you can have liposuction done on your mons, just like you can on your tummy.

However, these “designer bodies” and vaginas cost money, and you might not like yourself and your body in the end. Remember that entire industries exist based on a woman’s insecurities, but there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself!

We’ve got advice for you to get over sexual anxiety. And this post can help you learn how to be more confident when you strip off your clothes. But remember those things that make you unique are often the very things that make your man love you. If your man is making a big deal out of you having a different type of vagina and adding to your insecurities, you should probably consider breaking up rather than having expensive surgery done.

There might not be any such thing as a perfect vagina, but there are vaginas that are capable of bringing you pleasure and doing the same for your partner. If you choose, your vagina can bring new life into this world, which makes it a pretty awesome thing. No matter how your vagina looks or feels, it’s the only one you’ve got, so love it!

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