The Jockey sex position gets its name from the simple fact that your man is going to look like a jockey riding a horse when you are having sex in this position. It’s one of many fun sex positions from our in-depth Sex Positions Guide.

To perform the Jockey with your man, you just need to lie face down on your bed with your legs straight and together. Your man then needs to straddle you with his knees on either side of your waist. He can then enter your either vaginally or anally and start thrusting. While he can lean forward like a jockey would when riding a racehorse, he doesn’t have to. He can even lean backwards slightly in the Jockey position. He can also lean right on top of you so that it feels more like you are spooning with him.


If you enjoy being totally passive during sex, then you’ll love the Jockey. It’s the ultimate position for remaining passive. All you have to do is just lie there and let your man penetrate you. But you can be a little active if you want. You can put your arms behind you and rub your man’s legs. You can also bend your knees back so that your feet are gently pushing your man’s butt and helping him thrust into you. If you like, you can also raise your butt slightly with each thrust for harder sex.

Place a vibrator between your legs to induce clitoral orgasms, or grind against a pillow in this position. It’s up to you!


Your man will be doing most of the work in the Jockey position. He will be thrusting in and out. He will also be able to change his angle of entry easily by leaning forward or backwards as well as moving his entire body either forwards or backwards so that he can hit many different areas inside you. The key to finding a great angle is giving him some feedback and letting him know what you are enjoying and what you’d prefer him to do. If you have a hard time speaking up, read through our tips on communicating about sex.

In the Jockey position, your man is also in the perfect position to massage your back and neck while he is upright or kiss you on your shoulders and neck when his is leaning on top of you. The two of you can read through our sensual massage guide to get ideas.


Many students of the Bad Girls Bible have tried the Jockey with their man or, at least, some variation of it. I have been able to get some feedback from them:

  • You can use the Jockey to great effect for both slow and romantic sex as well faster, more passionate sex.
  • This is a great position for anal sex. Trying for the first time? Read this.
  • If you are performing the Jockey in front of a wall or something solid, then you can put your hands against the wall and raise your body slightly so you can push back against your man with each thrust.
  • The Jockey is an excellent position for guys who like to take control during sex or for women who like their man to be on top and in control.


  • Spooning– Move to your sides in this relaxed position that’s perfect for morning sex. More on that here.
  • Rear Entry– Your man rests more of his weight on you in this sex position because he legs stretch out behind him.
  • Leapfrog– Lift your butt up even more for excellent G-spot stimulation in this position.

Check out similar sex positions where you’re on your stomach.


I enjoy the Jockey position a lot. It’s great for both slow and faster, more passionate sex. It can feel intimate as well when I am leaning right over my girl.

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