The Leapfrog position is extremely similar to regular doggy style and many of the variants in our sex position guide.

To perform the Leapfrog, you just need to assume the regular doggy style position, which means that the man is upright while on his knees behind you while you also get on your knees. Instead of being on your elbows, like you would be when performing doggy style, you rest your chest and head on the bed just like in the picture above. Pushing your butt in the air allows your man to easily enter you. Your man will have his legs close together inside yours.

Your man can place his hands on your back while he is thrusting in and out, or he can grab your hips so that he can thrust with more force for more vigorous sex. Check out our guide to rough sex.

It’s really up to you how high you want to raise your butt. You can have it quite low and put pillows or cushions under your lower belly/waist to provide support. Or you can raise it up quite high. You can even get onto your feet and assume a squatting position like in the similar Frog Leap sex position. If you do get into a squatting position, then your man may have to get to his feet also.


When you are in the Leapfrog position, your man will be doing most of the work. He will be thrusting in and out. You can also thrust against your man for more vigorous sex, but also to give him a rest if he is getting tired of doing all the work.

In this position, it’s very easy to start stimulating your clit and masturbating while your man is thrusting in and out, which will only add to the experience. If your arms are long enough, you can also reach back and start massaging your man’s testicles while he is fucking you. By leaning forwards or backwards, you can raise or lower your hips, which will create different angles of entry. You can also get up onto your feet and get into a squatting position to change it up (although you will find this position gets tiring very quickly!).


Your man will be on his knees, behind you with his legs inside yours. Entering you is very easy in this position. His basic technique is just thrusting in and out. But by leaning backward, away from you or forwards and over you, he can change his angle of entry, meaning that he can change which spot he is rubbing and stimulating.

Your man is also in an excellent position where he can provide some manual stimulation with his hands. He can reach over and under you to start rubbing your clitoris or perhaps even use a vibrator. More on that here.


There a few adjustments that you can make to the Leapfrog position to make it more fun for you and your man, that I have picked up from my students:

  • By performing the Leapfrog in front of a wall and placing your hands on it means that you can push back against your man so that his thrusting feels a lot stronger.
  • Some girls have told me that they find it more comfortable to use a pillow under their head when performing the Leapfrog.
  • This position allows for really deep penetration, which can be uncomfortable for some girls.
  • You can make it tighter for your man by keeping your legs together instead of apart.


  • Teaspooning– Kneel upright and you’ve moved from a position like doggy to one closer to spooning.
  • Turtle– In this position, you lean forward but wrap your arms around your legs for a different angle.
  • Bassett Hound– Another position in which you’re leaning toward the bed.

There are even more positions like Leapfrog here.


The Leapfrog is a great position for almost all couples because you don’t have to be flexible or strong to do it. You also can easily maneuver a lot in the Leapfrog until your man is hitting a wonderful spot. Most girls I have talked to have told me that getting on their feet into a squatting position is not very comfortable or worth it, so you may not be too keen to try it. If you like clitoral stimulation during sex, then the Leapfrog is perfect for you as it’s simple for either you or your man to do it as he is penetrating you.

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