The Lie Back blowjob position is the probably the most advanced of all the blow job positions in the Princess Fantasy for giving head.


When you perform the Lie Back with your guy it’s quite difficult to control how deep you take him. To help you relax when taking him deep, I highly recommend reading my article on how to deep throat without gagging, specifically this section of the deep throating guide where you’ll learn how to control your gag reflex. To get into the Lie Back position, you need to lie down on your bed on your back. You need to position yourself so that your entire body is on the bed, but your head should be hanging over the side of the bed, so that you can easily tilt it backwards and take your man in your mouth.

The one great benefit of this position is that your mouth and throat will be in alignment making it slightly easier to deep throat him without gagging when compared to positions like the Thigh Pillow and Doctor blow job positions where your mouth and throat are not in alignment.

Your man should be standing on the floor by your head, but he may have to crouch down a bit depending on how high your bed is. He should start by slowly leaning forward while remaining upright so that you can take his penis into your mouth.


Slow At First – It’s crucial that your man takes it slowly at first. Having your head upside down can be very disorientating when you first try it, making it difficult to concentrate on giving him a blowjob.

Stay In Control – Try putting your hands on your man’s legs/waist to help you control how deep and how fast you take him into your mouth. Of course, if you like him being the one in control, then don’t worry about this.

All About Your Nipples – If you enjoy nipple stimulation from your man, then he’s in the perfect position to do it. These nipple stimulation techniques along with these additional tips will help increase your pleasure while giving him oral.

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