When it comes to the G-spot, most experts focus on a woman’s G-spot, which can be a source of intense pleasure, orgasms and even ejaculation. The “organ” isn’t limited to just the fairer sex, however! Men have their own version of the G-spot…and where is this male G spot??? It’s located in his anus. A man’s prostate can be just as fun to pleasure, and learning how to work it can bring you closer together!


Stimulating your man’s prostate can cause him to instantly get a strong erection, perfect for turning him on fast. It can also create more intense pleasure if you’re stroking or sucking on his cock at the same time. For some men, prostate stimulation equates to some of the strongest orgasms of their life.

However, prostate stimulation may not lead to orgasm, and it may even cause your man to lose his erection even though it feels fantastic! It all depends on your man’s preferences.

Aside from pleasure, stimulating the prostate can help your partner’s health. When the prostate is in poor health, it can lead to:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Frequent urination
  • Cancer (seriously!)
  • Lowered sex drive

With as many as one in six men having prostate cancer in their life, it’s important to focus on preventative health measures as well as corrective medicine. Massaging the prostate has proven to be effective at alleviating these symptoms of poor prostate health and feels good to boot!


You may be interested in learning more about massaging the male G Spot in this podcast I recorded with Forrest Walker a product developer for a sex toy company that makes massagers specifically for the male G Spot. You’ll learn everything on why male G Spot stimulation can lead to full body orgasms that are far more intense than a regular climax during masturbation/sex.


If you’re wondering where is the male G Spot, it’s located inside his anus. It’s just over two inches deep. Just like your G-spot has a specific texture, your man’s prostate will feel different from the rest of the tissue in his anus. People describe the prostate as like a walnut because of its firm texture. If you’re extending a finger into the anus to locate the prostate, you’ll reach toward your partner’s balls.

Unlike the G-spot, which you’d stimulate by curling a finger toward the front wall of the vagina, you’ll reach backward to stimulate the prostate.

It’s important not to poke at the prostate, which can be uncomfortable, but to massage it with the meaty part or pad of your finger. Try a milking movement. Your man’s G-spot can typically handle a bit of pressure, but you should absolutely get feedback from your partner to ensure you’re not applying too much or too little pressure.

If you have shorter fingers, you may not be able to stimulate your partner’s prostate, but that’s okay. You can avoid from directly getting your hands dirty by using a variety of toys. Anal plugs might not be enough to stimulate the P-spot without a curve or angle.

Prostate toys typically have a handle so you can easily rock the toy against the prostate. They might also have an arm that remains outside the body to stimulate the prostate and perineum from the other angle. Many companies make toys that are designed to provide the firm stimulation that the prostate responds well to. Just Google “prostate sexy toys” and you’ll find a whole range of toys that your man can use.

Some of these toys can even be used while you have sex with your man!

There are also several prostate toys that vibrate. Each man’s preferences vary, and vibration may add to the sensation for your man or he may simply prefer pressure. One of the neat things about vibrating toys is that the vibrations can help to promote blood flow in the prostate area. When the prostate isn’t working properly, it can lower fertility rates.

If money is a problem, then you can often adapt G-spot toys for stimulating your partner’s prostate. Both toys are angled, and as long as a G-spot toy can be sterilized – if you’re sharing it – and has a handle to ensure it can’t slip into the anus where it can’t be retrieved, it will make a great option to stimulate your man’s prostate.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention pegging, the act of penetrating your male partner with a strap-on. Any dildo with a G-spot angle or curve will work amazingly for prostrate stimulation, and being able to use your weight can help provide firm stimulation to your partner’s prostate.

Whether you’re using your finger or a toy, you’ll want to use plenty of lube because the anus doesn’t create its own lubrication naturally. A thicker lube works well; although, a silicone-based lube might be longer lasting. Silicone lubes tend to be thinner and shouldn’t be used with silicone toys, however. You can make cleanup easier by covering toys or your finger with a condom that you can dispose of when your session is over.


Once you know where the male G Spot is, then it’s time to have some fun with it!

Several positions can help you stimulate the prostate more easily. These include having your man lie on his back, raise his legs and elevate his butt. You’re in the position to both stroke his G-spot and to give him a hand job.

If your arms are long enough, you can reach around during missionary sex. During the 69 position, you can reach up to stimulate his prostate internally or simply press his perineum to stimulate it from the outside. Finally, having your partner bend over the bed a piece of furniture is ideal for prostate play with your hands, a toy or strap-on.


Even if you’re gung ho about stimulating your man’s prostate because you know that it can be pleasurable, he might not be so excited about the idea. For some men, the idea of anal play is taboo or not “manly”.

He may simply not want any messy situations to arrive, or he may worry about the implications that he’s gay if he likes it. While prostate stimulation can be pleasurable, it’s unlikely to elicit a positive response if your man isn’t relaxed.

Make sure to follow his cues and not to rush him, which can make him tense his muscles. In fact, stress in general can impair the health of your lover’s prostate.

It might help your partner to be accustomed to stimulating his prostate on his own, just like you may have learned how to bring yourself to orgasm in private. Then, he can teach you how to do just what it is that he likes.

If you and your man are interested in stimulating the male G-spot, you can do it without any anal play. Pressing against the perineum, the space between the anus and balls, allows for access to the prostate from outside the body. You may have to press quite hard to reach the prostate from this angle, but it can introduce prostate play if your lover is a little reluctant.

Many men are curious about prostate play, which can be beneficial to their health, but often they’re not quite sure how to approach the subject. If your man suggests it, give an open mind because there are plenty of benefits. If you’re the one who wants to add something new to the bedroom, knowing where heis G Spot is and stimulating might be the trick, but understand if he wants to take things slow or isn’t into the idea at all.

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