One of the latest sex trends for women you might read about is orgasmic meditation, a practice that’s designed to get you in touch with your feminine and sexual sides in ways that regular sex might not. Both single women and those with partners have taken to orgasmic meditation to reap the benefits. But just what is it? And is it for you?


You’re already one step closer to understanding orgasmic meditation if you’ve ever read up on or have even tried Tantric sex. Both concepts back away from the go-go-go of penetrative sex and focus on taking your time, getting to know yourself and potentially your partner and incorporating spirituality into your sex life. Orgasmic meditation pairs guided meditation with someone else stimulating your body. A focus on your clitoris enables you to cum.

While Tantric sex has seen a revival thanks to the Internet, where sites like the Bad Girls Bible tell you everything you need to know on the subject, orgasmic meditation is being spearheaded by specific organizations, especially those in hip California. One such company is OneTaste, which has been around for over a decade and has gained notoriety for work in the field of orgasmic meditation.

As a woman, you’ll get to relax and unlock your sexual potential via orgasmic meditation. There are a number of benefits you can hope to achieve from this practice:

  • You’ll achieve orgasm, which can be hard for some women.
  • You’ll end your session feeling much more relaxed.
  • You should see an increase in energy in all aspects of life.
  • Desire for sex will increase.
  • Orgasms will become longer.
  • You’ll feel more sexually confident.
  • Connection to your partner will become stronger.
  • You can even heal emotional damage from your past.
  • You’ll be able to recognize your fantasiesand communicate more effectively about sex with your man.

Of course, the benefits of orgasmic meditation will vary from woman to woman. And you might not find that this practice is especially appealing or effective. Other women, however, want to have stronger and longer orgasms. They no longer want to put their partner’s pleasure first. Orgasmic meditation is all about you!

There are also a number of considerations that women and couples who wish to partake in orgasmic meditation should consider.

  • It’s not free.If you decide to try out a local class/session or even if you partake in online video courses, you should expect to pay a fee.
  • It’s not for everyone. Orgasmic meditation often takes place in group settings. If you’re not comfortable stripping down in front of strangers, your best bet is to look for ways to practice at home or simply with your partner and someone who can guide the meditation.
  • It’s still rare. Outside of populated, sex-positive areas, orgasmic meditation doesn’t exist. You might get a raised eyebrow or some blank stares if you ask about it or speak of it with your friends and family. And this can put a stumbling block in your way to achieving orgasm through meditation, especially if you don’t have a partner. However, technology certainly makes these things easier.


If you do live in a place where you can attend an orgasmic meditation class, conference or event, feel free to sign up! At the very least, it’s a new experience to share with your partner and talk about with your female friends. That’s exactly what a bad girl would do!

So what should you expect?

OneTaste offers a 7-hour daily class that introduces you to orgasmic meditation. Before you dive right in, you’ll learn the definitions and mechanics. This is followed by an optional orgasmic meditation lab. If that’s not enough, you can sign up for 10-day retreats or commit yourself to a 30-day orgasmic meditation

Orgasmic meditation isn’t just sex or masturbation. It’s also not just meditation. It’s a guided combination of clitoral massage and relaxation techniques, and some participants won’t even achieve orgasm. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time, however!

You’ll be instructed on your roles within the session, which may be reassuring. For men, orgasmic meditation is useful to help them replace limited views of women with those that are all-encompassing. Instructors also keep hands positioned correctly. Through physical touch, feel-good hormones such as oxytocin will be released even if you don’t orgasm from the session. This is one reason why cuddling is so good for intimacy.

The woman – and only the woman – will remove clothing from the bottom half of her body before beginning. A guided session instructs both you and your partner on stroking techniques, starting with pressure on your legs, and there’s a limited amount of time dedicated to stroking your clit. There may even be a couple showing the techniques used to help ensure that you and your partner gets it right. Specific hand positions are advised by OneTaste instructors.

You might get to try orgasmic meditation with other participants and coaches, which might be thrilling or the cause of anxiety for you. While many people view sexuality as something that can only exist within a relationship, these sessions provide a safe place to experience sexuality without guilt or slut shaming. These sessions create a “container,” inside which you can experience new facets of your sexuality.

But let’s be honest. there’s a certain new age feel to these sessions that aren’t for everyone. If you’re thinking that guided orgasmic meditation isn’t up your alley, then you might be the exact type of personality that isn’t open to the potential benefits. Some people even describe the whole thing as “cultish,” and while there’s nothing at risk (aside from a little time and money) if you won’t love OM after a session, this can deter some couples from giving it a try.


If you’re not able to attend an orgasmic meditation class or don’t want to spend the money, you can always give it a try yourself at home. You won’t have the coach or specific instructions available to you, but your partner can start with caressing touches on your legs, then move to your vulva. He can explain the subtleties of your body, which he may miss during your typical sexual routine.

Remember, this isn’t about having an orgasm every time, so you don’t necessarily want to give him specific instructions, which can also take you out of the relaxed head space. Instead, he gets to explore and you get to have your body worshiped. At home, you can also choose whether to indulge your partner’s bodily response, which you certainly can’t do in a public space!

And even if you don’t cum, spending a little time practicing this sort of meditation anyway can be incredibly calming. You may find yourself looking forward to it, or it may prove to be good foreplay. Orgasmic meditation can certainly be incorporated into sensual massage techniques.

While orgasmic meditation might just be a fad – and a costly one at that! – there are some practices that we at the Bad Girls Bible think should become more common. This includes focusing on a woman’s pleasure, having your partner appreciate your body and learning your own power. Slowing things down and participating in sexual activities that don’t necessarily lead to sex or penetration are also concepts that many couples lack, especially in established relationships.

If nothing else, orgasmic meditation can flip the script on your sex life and keep you feeling sexy!

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