Powerful Nipple Orgasms: 15 Wild & Intense Techniques

nipple orgasmsWhile your man might zone in on penetration and other below-the-belt stimulation, you’re fortunate enough as a woman to have plenty of erogenous zones. Not only are women able to achieve orgasm in more ways than men can, including nipple orgasms, but pleasuring other areas of your body can lead to a more enjoyable full-body experience that neither you nor your lover will soon forget!

Is A Nipple Orgasm Really Possible?

You’re hopefully familiar with G-spot, clitoral and blended orgasms. But your ability to orgasm doesn’t suddenly start below the waist. Your nipples can provide another means of cumming, and even if you’re unable to attain a nipple orgasm, focusing on your upper body can be intimate and add much-needed foreplay to your bedroom routine!

Nipple stimulation is incredibly fun because your partner can be involved. What’s more fun than looking down as your lover focuses on your pleasure? Even if your nipples are less sensitive, this can be a hugely erotic activity! For some people, nipple stimulation also enhances bonding thanks hormones like oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, that your body creates from nipple stimulation.

If you and your partner are new to nipple stimulation, don’t limit yourself to copping a quick feel. Try these ideas on for size:

  • Have your partner lightly blow across your breasts and nipples. Alternatively, turn on a fan to blow across your body and harden your nips!
  • Allow your partner to bite as gently or roughly as you like on your nipples and breasts.
  • Your partner can suck on your nipples. Hickeys are a bonus to nipple orgasms!
  • You or your partner can run something soft – think fur or silk – across your breasts and nipples.
  • Your partner can suck or lick on your nipples, areoles and breasts.
  • Pinching, pulling, tugging and kneading can also be quite erotic. Add massage oil for a more sensual and gentle experience.
  • You might be one of many women who enjoy having their breasts slapped.
  • Try “titty fucking,” where your partner slides his lubed cock between your breasts.
  • Place a vibrator against your nipples or even between your breasts.
  • Apply cold to your nipples. You can use ice or a cooling gel or oil. Some oils are activated when you blow across them, which adds another level of sensation!
  • Learn how to rub a warming massage oil onto your breasts and nipples for extra stimulation (the same techniques can be used to give your man a great massage!). You can warm your favorite sex toy or even just a wash cloth with heated water to achieve a similar effect and enhance your nipple orgasm.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from pairing two or five of these ideas together. Start gentle and work your way up in sensation or tease your nipples with an ice cube before running your favorite vibrator over your nipples.  There’s nothing more powerful than the Hitachi, which will make your breasts bounce deliciously, but you can also use a simple and affordable bullet vibe to achieve nipple orgasms.

There’s also nothing that says you need a partner to learn how to have a nipple orgasm. After all, you can just as easily touch, squeeze, slap, massage and otherwise stimulate your own nipples. Your man might just like photos or video of you bringing yourself to nipple orgasm, too!

You can also experiment with nipple stimulation on your partner. Many men find that their nipples are also an erogenous zone, and your man might be pleasantly surprised when you bite or tweak his nipples or run a vibrator along them during sex! In fact, it’s one of 9 ways to use a vibrator. Men are less likely to have nipple orgasms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun trying!

Sex Toys for Nipple Stimulation

how to have a nipple orgasm

You can invest in your nipple pleasure by heading to your nearest sex toy store to pick up a couple toys that have especially been designed for nipple stimulation and nipple orgasms. One example is a small pump, which can be used on the nipples or even your clit. These pumps use suction to draw blood to the area, which makes them more sensitive and engorged. What a sight!

If you and your partner are especially adventurous, you might consider adding nipple clamps to your to-do list. Want more ideas for your sexy bucket list? Click here!

A nipple clamp is a device worn on your nipple that clamps around it. These provide a fairly intense type of nipple stimulation, so they’re not for everyone. However, you might find that clamps help give you nipple orgasms.

Clamps also offer fetish aesthetic and can work well with your bondage scenes.

There are four types of nipple clamps:

  • Clothespin, also known as “alligator” clamps, style clamps clip onto your nipples and use a screw to tighten. Many have soft silicone or plastic “caps” on each clip, which reduces pressure and discomfort a bit.
  • Tweezer nipple clamps place a bar around your nipple
  • Clover clamps are some of the most intense clamps due to the spring tension that keeps them secure.
  • Magnetic clamps place a magnet on either side of your nipple to create pressure.

Many of these clamps come attached by a small chain, which can be tugged for additional stimulation – and also looks gorgeous in photos. Clitoris clamps are similar to nipple clamps, and you’ll find “Y” style chains with three clamps for all of those sensitive spots on your body.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for bondage that leads to nipple orgasms! A regular wooden clothespin can function as a nipple clamp.

Loop a rubber band around the grips several times to customize pressure. If you like more intense stimulation for nipple orgasm, unloop the rubber band for more pressure. Squeeze the grips closer together by wrapping the band around them more times if you prefer less intensity.

While nipple clamps can certainly help you achieve a nipple orgasm, you should know what to expect. It’s not just about the initial pain and stimulation. As soon as clamps are removed, blood is allowed to rush back into your nipples. This can mean some serious pain.

Even if you think you can take more, work your way up as you experiment with nipple clamps. A nipple orgasm is great, but no one wants to be in excruciating pain!

If you can take the pain, then you may want to discover how to be submissive for your man.

Can’t Cum From Nipple Stimulation?

how to give yourself a nipple orgasm

While the focus of this post is to explain that some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, it just might not be possible for you. This may be due to a number of reasons, from your personal sensitivity to piercings and even to associations you may have with breastfeeding!

One thing you can do is to pay attention to when your nipples are most sensitive in the good way. So if it hurts to touch while you’re pregnant or menstruating, back off – unless you like a little pain. But add extra nipple stimulation when your senses are heightened.

Because nipples especially react to cold, you could try incorporating ice cubes, cool breath across your breasts or a cooling massage or stimulation gel. Products containing mint have a cooling effect, and there are plenty of clitoral stimulating gels that you can use above the waist, too! If you find something that’s tasty, your man gets a treat, too!

Read 12 ways to use nipple play to enhance sex in this article.

However, it’s also common that women require other stimulation. There’s nothing at all wrong with this. Like any sexual activities, definitions shouldn’t matter, and blurred lines are just fine as long as you’re having a good time.

So if you can have an amazing orgasm during vaginal sex with your partner or if you’re not quite able to get there without a tongue or vibrator on your clit, don’t worry! And as always, focusing on the journey rather than the destination is vital because concentrating on orgasm will hold you back from having it. There are plenty of tips here to prolong foreplay and enhance your other types of orgasm even if you can’t achieve nipple orgasms!

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