What do Shakespeare, Beethoven and even Charles Darwin all have in common? They have all crafted love letters that have gone down in history. And while no one can quite pinpoint the origin of the love letter, it seems as though humans have created such missives as long as writing has existed. Even President Woodrow Wilson was known for writing love letters, an art that seems somewhat lost in the age of texting. 

Love letters might make it easier to profess feelings because you can revise them as many times as you need, and you can avoid expressing your emotions in person. It’s normal to be nervous in new relationships, however. They also provide a more permanent way for you to express yourself, which can seem romantic in today’s fast-paced world.

You may even have a box of old love letters stashed someplace, even if you don’t frequently read them. It’s hard not to appreciate a heartfelt love letter!


When many women think about doing something special for their man, they don’t automatically think of writing a love letter for him. Sexy lingerie, a home-cooked meal or a sensual massage might make that list, especially when some people consider love letters too “girly.” However, any man worth your time will appreciate a love letter, and you’re likely to find the right fit when you consider all the types of love letters out there.


If you’re afraid of a long love letter, try dipping your toes in the water with a haiku! This type of poetry is known for being short. It’s just three lines, with the first and last being five syllables and the middle line having seven syllables. It doesn’t have to rhyme, either.

The short length is ideal for sending via text, writing on a post card or turning into some sort of art! Here’s a simple love letter for your husband that is a haiku:

You are my husband
My rock and my protector
I’m yours forever

While each line of a haiku is generally its own sentence, you can bend that rule.


Thanks to technology, you no longer have to wait for weeks when you’re separated from your man. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for a handwritten letter. If you’re studying abroad, have moved away or are simply in a long-distance relationship then you’ve got the prime opportunity to send him a love letter!

We especially recommend sending a postcard when you’re on vacation or staying somewhere scenic. There’s not much room for writing, so your message doesn’t have to be long, which is great if you struggle with words or don’t have a lot of time. You could even doodle a little something if you’d like.

Use the letter you mail as a way to show him that you miss him. Here’s an example:


Although we might be apart, you’re never far from my thoughts! I miss you more than you can know, and I wish we could be together. I can’t wait until you’re by my side and I can tell you all about my trip.

Missing you,

[Your Name]

A long-distance relationship is also a great time to send a little gift and perhaps a photo of yourself to your man. Remind him what he’s missing. Spritz the postcard or letter with your signature fragrance or seal it with a kiss before dropping it in the mail.


Whether you tuck a letter into his lunchbox when you pack it, leave a sticky nose on the cereal box or leave something on the fridge for him to read while he eats, you can’t go wrong. He’ll slow down to enjoy his meals, and you can satiate his need for love with a few sweets words while he satiates his need for food.

You can get creative with love letters for him and food, too! Remember the old saying that a man’s heart is through his stomach? Make him his favorite meal with that piece of paper, and he’ll appreciate your cooking as well as your effort. Furthermore, you can use food as your medium. Try writing “I love you” on a cake in icing or arranging pizza toppings in the shape of a heart. A love letter doesn’t need to be a masterpiece for it to have meaning.


If you’ve just had a fight, it might be the perfect time to write your man a letter. This gives you a chance to apologize and to focus on the things you love about your man and appreciate about your relationship. If you don’t feel as close after a fight, writing a letter can help you to get those feelings back. Remind your man – and yourself – why you care for one another and get back to big-picture thinking. Mend wounds caused by words you hopefully didn’t mean.

When writing him a love letter after a fight, you’ll want to navigate carefully. There’s a fine line between coming across as genuine and condescending. And while you might want to explain that something like a bad day at work or with the kids, being sick or some other stress might have contributed to your fight, you don’t want to seem like you’re coming up with excuses for your behavior.

Here’s an example of this type of letter, which includes compliments he’s sure to love:

My love,

Although our fight still lingers in my mind, I wanted to remind you that I love you, and always will. I may have used harsh words, but I respect you and our relationship. I appreciate how you take care of me when I am ill, stand beside me when I face adversity, take care of the house/kids without me asking and encourage me to be a better person.

These things may have temporarily left my mind during our fight, but they are always in my heart. No matter the reason or intensity of a disagreement, I will feel them, and I want you to have no doubt of that. I chose you, and I chose us, and I will try to choose my words more carefully next time.

I understand if you’re still hurt, but I just wanted to remind you that I love you.

Yours always,


Remember, a love letter after a fight might not be the best idea if your man is the type who needs a little space to recollect. It might seem like you’re trying to win him over, especially if you haven’t actually solved your problem. If you’re constantly fighting or one of you often initiates fights on purpose, you might be in a love-hate relationship.


You may not be capable of time travel, but you can write love letters for him that he reads sometime in the future. Leave a note in the last few pages of the book he’s reading, under a stack of paperwork or at the bottom of the laundry basket when it’s time to do chores. Sneak into the bathroom to draw a heart or short message on the fogged-up mirror while he showers.

You may even forget that you left the note in the first place, but he’ll appreciate it nonetheless!


Don’t automatically think that a love letter has to be sweet and gentle. If you feel passionately about your man, let him know! An impassioned letter explaining how your heart beats faster and your blood rushes when you see or think about him evokes senses to impart the intensity of your feelings.

Similarly, you don’t just have to stick to the feelings in your heart. Talk about how he makes your body feel. At the Bad Girls Bible, we hope you’re having awesome sex with your partner. If that’s an important part of your relationship, then feel free to discuss it in your love letter for him!

Of course, these are just a few ideas when it comes to writing a love letter for your man. You could simply buy some refrigerator poetry magnets and rearrange them. Sometimes cute and cheesy works if that’s how the two of you normally interact.

And if writing isn’t your forte? Don’t worry. You could sketch or paint him a picture or something else that’s more up your alley. There’s no right way to show your love.


The idea of writing a love letter for him might seem a little daunting, especially if you’re trying to compete with great poets like Shakespeare or even a Hallmark card. Chances are, you’re not going to write a love letter that’s remembered for years to come. And it’ll sound awkward or forced if you try to sound too much like someone else.

However, your voice is one that’s unique to you and no one else can copy. So keep a love letter for your boyfriend as personal as possible. Write it like you would talk. Even if it’s not written in prose, it seems silly to you or the grammar isn’t perfect, that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate it. Be you and be genuine. After all, it’s all you can be!

Be personal when you talk about your feelings, memories only the two of you share and your hopes and dreams for the future. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable because it might encourage the same in him!

Writing a love letter isn’t for everyone, just like some people don’t like receiving them. However, taking the time and effort to put words together on paper is a thoughtful gesture that will certainly stand. In an age when many methods of communication come with character limits, we think the world could benefit from a love letter now and then!

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