I’ve had this fantasy ever since I first visited a strip club with some of my friends just for some giggles when I was about 22.

Since then I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of being a stripper and being noting more than a sex object for men.

My fantasy starts out in a strip club. My boyfriend decides that it might be fun to go together one night, suspecting that I might find it hot.

He tells me to dress up in a really sexy dress, heels and not to wear any panties. I’m dripping before we even go inside. When we arrive, all the girls look like pornstars. They are all wearing clear plastic heels and have really big fake breasts that look like they’ve been stuck on to their chests.

I can only see other couples in the strip club. There are no creepy looking guys. Just couples like us and lots of strippers.

The manager of the strip club then comes onto the stage with a microphone and welcomes everyone to the ‘Training Night’. I quickly start to suspect that this is no ordinary strip club but instead is a training ground for strippers.

I turn to my man, turned on & confused:

What’s going on?

He replies:

It’s a stripper training night, I thought you’d like it!

I’m a little concerned, but he’s absolutely right. I do like it. It’s making me really horny and there’s something really hot about seeing these other girls in there with great bodies, hair extensions and big fake breasts.

All the girlfriends are beckoned over to strip poles around the stage. We each have a stunning instructor to help us out. My instructor is called Stacy. She’s got the biggest rack I’ve ever seen coupled with the smallest waist. She is totally naked except for a pair of platform boots.

Just grab the pole and start dancing when the song comes on. We need to see what you know first BEFORE the transformation begins.

Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls starts and despite being extremely nervous, I start dancing. I find it quite easy and am met with an approving smile from both Stacy and my man.

As I’m dancing, Stacy is periodically helping me out.

She stands right behind me, putting her hands on my waist and pulling my ass so that it’s sticking out more.

Then she grabs my nipples, squeezing them gently to make them look more erect.

I look around and I can see 8 other girls getting the same treatment as me. Looking into their eyes, they all look so turned on. Their mouths are open, forming little circles, breathing shallow and quickly. Meanwhile there is a ‘professional’ beside them, manipulating their bodies, showing them how to make every movement extra sexual.

As Buttons finishes, Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue starts. I’m already starting to feel more confident and comfortable. I grab the pole and turn to my man. His eyes are focused only on me and he has his hand in his pants, rubbing himself.

It’s incredible. I keep dancing, trying my best to look as sexy and sensual as possible. I want to see my man blow his load while I dance.

I can see his arm moving faster and faster as the song finishes, but he never blows his load. I feel disappointed. Almost like I failed. I really wanted to see his face change as I made him cum.

As the song ends, we are told to go back to our men.

I sit down beside him, very wet, but feeling like I failed somehow. My man puts his cock away and buttons up his trousers.

You looked hot up there. But I know you can do better.

Those words really resonated with me. I really wanted to do better. I really wanted to make him blow his load while danced in front of him.

The other girls were also now sitting down beside their men, while the real strippers go to the poles to show us how it’s done.

I watch intently trying to pick up ideas and techniques that I could use the next time I try dancing for my man.

While watching the girls, my man reaches over and holds my hand.

I think it’s really cool that you are into this.

he says.

It’s like you read my mind. It’s so much fun!

I replied.

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