My fantasy involves me and my best friend, Sharon. We’re both female, but I don’t know if she feels the same way about me as I do about her.

I first met her about 6 years ago when I started a new job. I didn’t immediately feel sexually attracted to her, it’s grown over time.

We’re both the same age and come from quite similar backgrounds, so we naturally became friendly as the office was quite small. When we started working together, it felt just like any other normal friendship.

We’d laugh and joke about the same things. We’d read trashy magazines and gossip about mutual friends and enemies. As we got to know each other more and more, we both started to open up to each other about more intimate things: fights I had with my boyfriend (now husband), flings she was having along with what guys we thought were marriage material and what guys we thought would make for great fuck buddies. It all seemed so normal.

Every Monday, I would look forward to work so we could both catch up. When Sharon was sick, I would miss her. But nothing about our relationship was abnormal.

Then about 2 years ago, I noticed that I was slowly becoming more attracted to her.

I’ve never had any sort of lesbian leanings, as I call them. I’ve always been straight. But when I saw a guy from the office flirting with her during an office party, I noticed a jolt of jealousy. I wasn’t jealous of her getting male attention. I was jealous of the guy! I wish it was me flirting with her. I went over and more or less ended the conversation between the 2 of them.

Since then I have found myself going through her facebook photos thinking about her and me being together.

It’s not that I don’t love my husband, it’s just that I wish I met her sooner, so we both had a chance of something together.

Now that you know my backstory, here’s my fantasy:

It starts with both of us turning up for work one morning, only to find out the office is closed. Everyone else got a call early in the morning telling them that there would be no work, except for me and Sharon.

So it’s just the 2 of us and we both decide to make the most of the day and have some fun.

We go to this café we both like to grab a coffee and just chat. Everything is fun, but I notice that Sharon might feel the same about me as I do about her. She is complimenting me more than usual, asking me what’s my secret to having such a great body.

I’m thrilled, but a little taken aback. I notice that she’s looking at me differently than she normally does. It’s like she’s hungry for me. The tension is starting to make me wet. I know that if anything is going to happen, then it’s going to happen today.

After coffee, we decide to walk down the local high street and try on some clothes. We’re both in Topshop together, in the same changing room. I’m trying on a knee length dress and about to try on a t-shirt, but am just in a bra. For some reason Sharon is topless. Her breasts or gorgeous, but I’m afraid to say it and try my best not to stare.

Before I notice, she puts her hand on my side and pulls us both together. She says, “I can’t hold out any longer.” I quickly melt in her arms. We start kissing passionately.

But she’s much more dominant than I am. She pushes me against a wall and pushes her hand against my crotch. I let out a deep, but quiet moan and grow more turned on. I want to push back against her and show her how much I appreciate her, but I’m so caught up in the ecstasy of it, that I just give in and let her have me.

She starts to finger me while we are both kissing. I’m writhing while standing up which makes it pretty tricky to stay standing. After only about 30 seconds of expertly fingering me, Sharon can instinctively tell that I have come and slowly draws her fingers out of me.

I then slide down the wall and sit on the floor, surprised and thoroughly satisfied.

As I do, Sharon is getting dressed and tells me to do so too. She tells me that we need to get a hotel room.

It’s exactly what I want to hear. I quickly put my clothes back on and fix myself up. We both leave the dressing room and the clothes we were trying on. A girl working in the shop says something as we’re leaving. She thinks we are shoplifters or something. But neither of us care. We just walk straight out.

We find a hotel around the corner and march up towards the front desk. I let Sharon book the room as my head is sort of spinning at this stage. It seems to take an age, but eventually we get the key and go to our room.

Once inside, Sharon tells me to take off all my clothes and get into bed. She doesn’t order me to do it, but she says it in an authoritative sounding voice that’s really hot.

I get into bed, while Sharon goes to the bathroom. She returns with a massive strapon and gets straight into bed with me. I lie down on my back while she penetrates me in the missionary position, making me orgasm repeatedly.

After she’s finished, she collapses on top of me and I show my appreciation by rubbing and massaging her back and scalp. We stay in this embrace for hours, telling each other about how much we love each other and talking about how long we both waited for it to happen.

Before leaving, we make an arrangement to meet for sex once a week and to keep it a secret from everyone else.

This is what I wish would happen in real life. The more that I think about this fantasy and masturbate to it, the more I hope that it will happen. I just wish I could know if she felt the same about me.

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  • Hmm.
    Cool story but it seems her friend didn’t get to really get off..

    I would think that with her lusting aftwe her friend she’d want to suck her breasts and want to o give her oral..

    I guess not


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