Having read last week’s reader’s fantasy, I felt that I had a similar one in many ways, mostly because I share the fantasy with a friend and work colleague and we both find it hot and both masturbate to it.

I have been working in the accounts dept. of a large hospital for the last 9 years. One of my work colleagues there also happens to be a really good friend.

As we have gotten to know each other more and more, we have obviously opened up to each other about the more intimate details of our lives. Recently I found out that she is really into James Bond movies for the same reason I am….the hot, suave, English gentleman that is James Bond.

We both get extremely turned on by the idea of being seduced by a James Bond-like guy and have shared our fantasies about it with each other.

As we both live in a fairly rural, Southern state, meeting someone like James Bond in a local bar is dam near impossible!

So we both fantasise about travelling to London for a week to live out our fantasy.

Anyway, you are probably wondering exactly what goes through my head for this fantasy:

After arriving from a long flight into London, we take a taxi into London city to our 5 star hotel. This hotel is completely unlike anything you’d find at home. It’s small and old but very beautiful.

After arriving, we grab a quick bite and then go back to our room to get changed into something a bit more sexy.

When we are ready, we both make our way downstairs to the hotel bar. Immediately, I notice that the bar is full of guys with very few women there. All are dressed really smartly in tight tailored suits and are already eyeing up me and Jess (my friend).

As we order our drinks, we both get approached by these James Bond look-a-likes. They’re both really hot, mysterious and look very well groomed.

We immediately start flirting. We become enraptured by their compliments, while they want to find out more about us.

Before I know it, I have convinced one of the suave English gentlemen to come back to my room. All I had to do is ask him if he could help me to get the plug socket to work with my American iPhone charger, but I think he knew I had other motives!

The minute the door closes, he lunges straight for me. It’s as if he can barely control himself. Like an lion lurking beneath his cool British exterior.

He starts by pushing me onto the bed and climbing on top of me while we are both still fully clothed.

I start by trying to undress myself. At the same time, he is tearing at my clothes trying to speed up the process.

I weakly try to get him to relax and take it slower, but my attempts are in vain…and I don’t mind either!

When I finally have my clothes on the floor, the English gentleman pushes me down onto the bed while he is still in his suit.

He immediately drops to his knees and pulls me towards his face. With his skilled tongue, he gives me the best cunnilingus that I have ever experienced. I can feel my back arching, pressing my stomach towards the ceiling as he licks around and around my clit with an almost feather-like touch, until I orgasm repeatedly.

Every time I cum, he stops focusing on my clit and instead starts to lightly kiss up and down my thighs. He is so attuned to my body that he instinctively knows when I become too sensitive for direct stimulation.

After making me climax for the 5th time, I’m exhausted and get under the bed covers while he undresses to reveal a lean, svelte body. He gets into bed beside me and we get into the spooning position without actually having sex.I’m just too tired!

Then as I am falling asleep, he tries to convince me to move to England and live with him.

He knows that my ear and neck are my weak spots. So he starts kissing them softly, while I am weakly resisting as I am so tired from the long journey and oral sex.

He keeps insisting:

You must move to London!

Eventually I stop resisting altogether and slowly fall asleep in his arms.

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