I’m really conflicted describing this fantasy to you. It’s something that turns me on more than anything else, but at the same time I’m a really big control freak and so would never let it happen in real life. So I’m caught between wanting it to happen and not wanting it to happen. That may sound quite weird, but that’s how I really feel. Anyway let me describe it to you…

I go to my gym and start warming up on the treadmill. Just some light jogging to build up a sweat. As I do, I can feel myself getting turned on (this usually happens when I go to the gym in real life anyway!).

After running on the treadmill for about 15 mins, I move to an exercise bike. It looks exactly like any other exercise bike, except the seat vibrates as I work out. The harder I pedal, the harder it vibrates. But I can never get it to vibrate enough to bring me to orgasm. I try my best, tiring myself out while getting really turned on, bringing myself closer and closer to the edge, but never actually getting there.

After about 15 minutes of pedalling, I am really tired. My legs feel like jelly from a combination of pedalling so hard and being so turned on. I make my way over to the area for stretching and sit down on my towel to catch my breath.

As I sit down, a really buff guy who works at the gym comes over in tight gym clothes. He asks me if I’m ok as I look so out of breath. I tell him that I’ll be fine in a few minutes. Then he offers to help me stretch. I gladly accept his offer 😉

I lie on my back and raise my legs in the air. He then gently leans over them to stretch my hamstrings. As he does, he slowly, but firmly runs his hands down my legs. It feels amazing and I let out a sigh. He immediately notices that I enjoy it and gets more vigorous.

Next he grabs one leg in each hand and spreads them apart. He looks down and notices a large wet patch by my crotch. His eyes widen as he realises how turned I am.

He outstretches his hand and I instinctively grab it. He pulls me up to my feet and leads me out of the gym to his small office. His office smells of his BO and is quite messy. He brings me to his desk and pushes me forward against it.

I remain upright and he wraps his sweaty and strong arms around my trembling body. I’m enjoying it so much, that I never think about offering even a little bit of resistance.

He drops his hand down to my crotch and starts rubbing all around it with his big hands, outside of my sweatpants. Then he reaches inside and starts fingering me. I am loudly groaning at this stage and hoping he’ll fuck me soon. He thankfully obliges my lust 😉

With one hand, he pulls down my sweatpants. I’m not wearing any panties by the way. I reach around and pull his penis out of his shorts. It’s massive and rock hard. I guide it inside me and lean over the table and hold onto the other side of the table with my hands.

He puts one hand on my shoulder and the other on my waist and fucks me really hard and fast. It’s really painful, but it’s also so pleasurable that I can just about bear it.

I make him cum really quickly, in less than 2 minutes. After cumming inside me, he pulls out and sits down on his chair, looking exhausted. Then bluntly tells me to leave. I pull up my sweatpants and hobble out the door. Walking normally is painful, so I have to walk kind of like a duck.

I slowly make my way back into the gym and grab my water bottle. All the girls are staring at me with a look of disdain and contempt, knowing exactly what just happened. They’re all jealous! Meanwhile, all the guys are oblivious, not noticing me. I slowly limp out, sore and satisfied, but also a little ashamed and embarrassed. I go to the girls locker room to get my stuff and then make my way to my car without showering or getting changed.

Then I just sit in my car, in my sweaty workout clothes for about 20 minutes trying to catch my breath and compose myself.

I’m usually masturbating in a chair in my room for the entire fantasy. It’s usually after I come home from the gym!

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