I’ve never shared this with anyone. But part of the fantasy is voyeuristic, other people knowing about it.

I’m at my college campus, just like any normal day. Everything about it is just as you would expect, guys and girls, mostly aged between 18 and 25. Nothing crazy or weird….

Except one thing.

Once a week, I need to report for ‘training’. But this is not athletic training or job training….

For this training I need to report to the secretary’s office every Tuesday evening. The office is old, cold and very sterile, with no magazines or office plants, just some seats, her desk and the secretary, who is dressed more like a nurse than a secretary.

When I arrive, there are usually 2 or 3 other girls waiting in the office. The all are wearing skirts and staring at the ground. They are just as nervous as I am and trembling just as much.

One by one, we are called into the preparation room by the secretary. In the preparation room, I am instructed to take off all my clothes and fold them neatly in a pile. I have difficultly folding my clothes as I am trembling so badly. Meanwhile, the secretary is putting on some medical gloves.

She then leads me to a table and instructs me to bend over so that she can inspect me. Her hands are frigid and she is very clinical while inspecting me. She tells me that I have been good this week. I am hairless down there and incredibly wet. Both in the fantasy and in real life.

She then makes some notes on her clipboard before leading me to a door and leaving me there.

I can already hear the voices on the other side…

The door slides open, like in a science fiction movie. Two men firmly grab me from either side and lead me to an OB/GYN table. They then release me and tell me in no uncertain terms to ‘get on the table’. This means lying on my back and placing my legs in the stirrups. They then apply straps to my hands, arms, neck, stomach, waist and legs so that I can barely move.

In total there are about 100 men in the room. They all look like doctors. Their age varies from about 30 to 80. They all look serious and not aroused at all. I am the only one in the entire room who is aroused.

I’m dripping wet.

One of the ‘doctors’ approaches, grabs my already restrained arm and aneastetises me. I am still fully conscious and can just about strain against the straps, but it’s very difficult. It’s easier to just not try at all. I give up and just lie there. It’s a warm feeling, but I can still feel my body trembling.

Next a ‘doctor’ opens another door and about 15 guys who look like they are from one of the frats come in. They are loud, obnoxious and are all quite drunk. I can see them looking at me, laughing at me and can clearly see that they are all hard under their pants.

They already know what to do.

They line up by the table and wait for one of the ‘doctors’ to give the orders to begin.


The first guy who I recognise from the library enters me with ease. I’m embarrassed and ashamed that I’m so wet for this guy, which only makes me wetter. He’s laughing in my face as he does. He’s starts telling me that I’m nothing but a ‘slut’ and a ‘fuck-box’. I think about trying to defend myself, but I can’t get the words out. The combination of the anaesthetic and him fucking me is far too strong.

As he does, an elderly doctor starts to emotionlessly explain what is happening.

‘You can see that the subject is totally helpless. But she seems to be enjoying every second of it.’

He is talking the whole time, but I am so horny and enjoying it so much that I can barely understand what he is saying.

The first frat guy cums after about 2 minutes.

The next guy enters me imediately after him. I don’t recognize him. He’s really hairy and quite overweight. He’s definitely not someone I would ever be attracted to. But I have no choice.

He too comes quickly and is replaced with number 3, who is then replaced by number 4 and so on.

This goes on for about 30 minutes while I orgasm again and again and again, both in the fantasy and in real life.

The last guy to fuck me is someone I really like but hardly ever talk to. He’s a bit intimidating and difficult to strike up a conversation with.

Anyway, he fucks me really hard and fast, while everyone else (doctors & frat guys) are looking on. After 5 minutes or so, we both cum at the same time. I can feel my entire body straining against the straps as I climax.

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