I have a funny feeling that other people have this fantasy too. Or something similar to it.

Since I have started reading the other fantasies people have submitted here to The Bad Girls Bible, I felt that it would be really hot to write out mine in detail! Here goes:

I work for a large company. Our office has about 300 people in it so there are obviously tons of guys working here. And of course I flirt with some of the hotter ones…

However there is this one guy who just seems so clever, witty and suave. As well as that, he’s really hot and a lot of the other girls in the office are just as hot for him as I am. His name is Mark.

He’s about 6′ 3″ and quite thin, but has a really great ass. I imagine he has a nice cock too. Big, but not painfully big.

My fantasy starts on the day of our annual office Christmas party. He walks his cute ass up to my desk as usual and we have a laugh about how drunk we’re both going to get later.

I’m pretty confident at this stage that we both want the same thing. I can see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye after he sits back down at his desk. Every glance makes me wetter and wetter.

I make a quick trip to the bathroom to relieve the tension by rubbing myself for about 10 mins. I think about him while I pleasure myself. I don’t masturbate that often in work, but today I am just too horny. I cum twice.

But even after I finish and return to my desk, I’m still incredibly horny.

What is this guy doing to me!

I just about last the rest of day without needing another ‘trip’ to the bathroom.

As work winds down around 5, we order some Chinese (it’s a weird tradition in the office!) and start chatting in groups.

Mark makes his way over to me and is as witty as ever.

But instead of just joking around like he usually does, he’s also quite complimentary.

He vaguely compliments me on my body a few times while teasing me about looking a little hot and bothered. If only he knew!

He tells me that he has a surprise for me.

He looks me straight in the eye as he says it. I blush and immediately stare at the ground. I’m pretty sure I know what’s going to happen later, but I’m not entirely sure…

I really hope that he fucks my brains out here in the office.

I’ve never been so turned on in my life. But then he just starts talking to another one of the guys as if nothing happened.

I start talking to a female friend beside me. But I can still see him staring at me. I can catch him in the corner of my eye. Having his eyes on me, just turns me on more and more. I keep turning towards him and catching his eye too, but always have to break contact first…

Later during the party, I’m alone in the kitchen.

Someone grabs my arm and turns me around.

It’s Mark.

He pulls me close to him and commands,

Tell me you want it!

I wrap my arms around him, but don’t say anything. I’m looking up towards him now.

He grabs my ass with his hands. One hand on either side. He squeezes them and lifts me up to him and we start kissing passionately.

He’s aggressive and plays with my lip between his teeth. Squeezing it and sucking it at the same time. It’s a little painful, but he can’t help himself.

His hands start tearing at my trousers, trying to open them as fast as possible. The button pops open and he unzips the fly in one movement. I squirm while seated to help him get them off me.

Once I have them off, he drops his in a flash along with his briefs and just rams his cock straight in me. No time for a condom.

I’m so wet that it just slides straight in. I inhale deeply as he does this. It feels incredible and I just wrap my arms around his neck while he puts his under mine so that he can fuck me really hard on the countertop.

I’m literally dripping all over the counter while he fucks me.

While he’s fucking me, he starts talking dirty at the same time in between breaths.

I know you’ve wanted this for a long time.

I could tell you wanted my cock the minute you saw me. Didn’t you? Didn’t you?

I agree with every word he says, moaning,


I’m too caught up in the moment to think straight, but I do eventually manage to say more.

Keep fucking me Mark
Cum for me, cum inside me.

He finishes with the longest, hardest thrusts I have ever felt from a man. He literally rams me up against the kitchen cupboards and pushes my back into the cupboard handles as he’s cums inside me.

As he cums, I can feel each ejaculation shoot inside me.

I have my arms underneath his and can feel his whole body tense until eventually he’s finished and we are both very, very satisfied.

He keeps breathing very heavily as he lifts his trousers.

I’m almost more satisfied with making him cum inside me than from cumming myself.

And that’s my fantasy! I’m wet just thinking about it.

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