Rear Entry Sex Position

The Rear Entry sex position is perfect for those who like their men to be in control during sex while also remaining quite intimate at the same time. The Rear Entry is very much like Spooning, but with the man on top. Learn over 100 different sex positions.

To perform the Rear Entry, you first need to lie down on your stomach on the bed with your legs open. Your man then gets on top of you with his legs together in pretty much the same position he would be in while performing the Missionary position with you and then enters you. He then rests part of his weight on your back and part of it through his arms by putting his hands on the bed. This way you will feel him right on top of you without him crushing you and causing you breathing difficulties!

What The Girl Does In The Rear Entry Position

As the Rear Entry position is one with your man very much on top, you can just lie there and enjoy it. But you can also change the angle at which your man penetrates you. This could be great for G-spot stimulation.

By planting your knees firmly on the bed, you’ll find it quite easy to lift your butt up into the air. Doing this will also help you to thrust back into your man with each of his thrusts.

The tighter you squeeze your legs together, the bigger your man will feel. This is a great trick for small penis sex. More on small penis sex.

What The Guy Does In The Rear Entry Position

You man will be doing the majority of the work in the Rear Entry. He can simply thrust in and out using his hips. Or he can use more of a full body motion to thrust up and down. Make sure to let him know what you prefer him doing.

Your man will also be on top of you. Some like feeling the full weight of their man press down on them, while others prefer just to feel him slightly press against them. So let him know what you prefer. Your man is also in a great position when on top of you like this to kiss you on your back and the back of your neck adding to the intimacy.

Things To Consider When Performing The Rear Entry Position

Many students of the Princess Fantasy have tried the Rear Entry or a variation of it with their partners. Here is some feedback from them on it:

  • Try varying how wide you hold your legs open, all the way from very open to close together to make it tighter for your guy.
  • Try putting a pillow right under your waist/hips to raise them and change the angle of entry.
  • If you have a headboard or there is a wall in front of you, then you can put your hands on it and push yourself back onto your man.
  • Anal sex can work in this position.

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