When I describe the Right Angle sex position to people, they always seem never to have heard of it. The thing is, it’s an easy to perform position and doesn’t require huge amounts of flexibility like some of the positions in our Sex Positions Guide, which has more than 100 ideas!

You need to start by laying down on your back and pointing your feet towards the ceiling. By the way, you don’t have to worry too much about keeping your legs perfectly straight like in the illustration above. Next, your man needs to sit down on the bed with his legs open. He should be facing you and sitting down on the bed just below your vagina with his legs in front of him on either side of your body. Your man then needs to grab your legs and lift you up and towards him. He can then penetrate you.

The Right Angle gets its name from the fact that both of you will be making a 90-degree angle (right angle) with your bodies.


As you will be lying down in the Right Angle position, you may find it a little difficult to move and be that active during sex. Don’t worry; there is still a ton of stuff that you can do to make it fun for both of you

The easiest thing to do is to maintain eye contact with your man while he is fucking you. This will help to increase the intimacy. You can also hold onto his legs that are on either side of you to give you a little leverage to gently thrust back onto your man. One of the coolest things about the Right Angle position is that you can use a vibratorto help you reach orgasm during sex. If you don’t have one, you can have fun shopping for a vibrator with your man. Start with the recommendations on this list.


Your man may also initially find the Right Angle position to be awkward. This is mainly because he will find it difficult to thrust when sitting down with his legs extended. There are two ways around this:

  1. He can put his hands underneath you butt/waist/hips and lift you up and down or grab your legs and use them to lift you up and down. This can make it possible for you to achieve deep penetration.
  2. He can grab hold of your arms and pull you into him as you grind on him.

He can also play with your breasts, which is great if you can orgasm from nipple stimulation.


Not a whole lot of people have tried the Right Angle position. Those that have given me some great feedback on it:

  • Don’t feel that you need to keep your legs straight. Make sure to bend them.
  • It’s a great starting position when you want to try something new in the bedroom as it’s not that complicated and you don’t need to stretch and bend your limbs.
  • The Right Angle position is perfect for either anal (read more about this) or vaginal sex.


  • Deep Impact– Raise your butt away from the bed and rest your ankles on your man’s shoulders.
  • Anvil– Extend your legs but keep them closer to your body as your man leans on them.
  • Butterfly– Raise your legs toward your man’s shoulders as he stands at the edge of the bed.
  • Criss Cross– While your man kneels, you’ll raise your legs and cross them, so either foot rests on his shoulders.

Don’t forget there’s also over 20 wonderful positions where you’re on your back that you can see here.


Like I already said, the Right Angle is an easy to perform position, and it feels great. But for some reason, it just hasn’t ever caught on like the Missionary position and Doggy Style has. If you have never tried it before, then I highly recommend that you try it out with your man soon.

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