I was recently hanging out with a great friend of mine who had just come through a tough divorce and she opened up to me about all her anxieties with starting over especially when it comes to getting intimate with a new man. She was asking me again and again about what men want in a sexual partner and what would guys be expecting of her.

That’s when I realised that the Bad Girls Bible could be so useful to her. It’s full of tips to help women learn new and exciting ways to please any man, even if it’s something totally different to what they have previously experienced in their marriage. It can also open you up to pleasures that you never even knew existed  as well as giving you step-by-step instructions on how to drive your man crazy.

So we checked out the site together and we were talking about what she could do next on her new journey and these 6 useful tips really stuck out from our conversation.

So perhaps you have come out of a divorce or a tough relationship breakup too and now you want to start enjoying sex again. It may have been years since you’ve had sex with someone who is not your ex and it can be a daunting experience.

You might be thinking “Maybe he won’t like me in bed or think I suck at sex” and you may have similar concerns as my good friend had.

That’s why I want to share these tips as a roadmap for anyone who is in a similar position as my friend. She told me since that they really helped her out and thats why I want to share them.


It’s inevitable that there will be some nervousness about having sex with a new partner after a divorce or breakup. But just because you are divorced does not mean you are a nun! You are single and free to do what you want. So you got to get out there and have the best experiences possible.

Sex psychologist Denis Lin once wrote “remember that different people have sex differently. Be observant of your new partner’s likes and dislikes, and communicate your likes and dislikes to him. Enjoy the new experience and have fun.”  The best way to overcome any nervousness you may have is to be prepared . You’ll also find some really useful & powerful sex tips in the Bad Girls Bible newsletter which you can sign up to at the bottom of the page.


Just because you have not have been naked in front of a different guy since you met your ex, does not mean that you have to be self-conscious about your body. Here’s why…

This new guy is going to be just as self conscious as you!

He’ll be wondering:

  • I hope she likes my body
  • I hope I don’t cum too quickly (premature ejaculation)
  • I hope I can actually get it up
  • I hope she doesn’t think my penis is small
  • I hope she likes my ‘moves’

Most likely, he will be too concerned about himself and his own performance to spend much time judging you!

And besides, if you are looking for new sex techniques, you can always check out the sick new ideas about how to stimulate him like he never had before by using the powerful techniques I show you in this blow job tutorial video or checking out some of the sex tips articles from the blog to give you confidence. You can talk dirtywear sexy lingerie or even try having sex with your clothes on if you are feeling particularly self-conscious!

You will be able to please your guy so much with your new knowledge that the last thing he will be thinking about is if your body is supermodel-perfect, toned or whether you have stretch marks or not.

The truth is that if a guy is into you with your clothes on then he will definitely be into you with your clothes off!

Your clothes are not magic, god-like garments from a fairy tale that make you look like a completely different person.

I know that you may be nervous about being naked in front of someone new, especially if you are a mom, but you really have nothing to worry about.


[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Before you become a man-pleasing sex goddess, it’s important to know a little about your own body too.[/box]

That way you will know what you are prepared and not prepared to do for your new sex partner in advance. The best way to achieve this, if it’s not something you are regularly doing already, is to masturbate and fantasize.

You can think of masturbation as sex training. Try out new vibrators and dildos of different sizes and shapes. Try anal plugs or even clitoral stimulators. This will be a great way for you to use your body in new ways before you try it out for real.

But no amount of masturbation will equal the real deal so make sure not get on out there! By the way, if you are looking for tips on how to masturbate properly and have incredible orgasms, you may want to check out this masturbation article.


After your breakup you will want to show the world that you are back out there, that you are an independent and sexual woman who wants and deserves a sexy guy. One of the best ways to show off your independence and intent and to bag the best guy around is to hit the gym.

I know I can sometimes be a dick and this may sound like one of those times…but the fact is guys are turned on visually. That is a fact that unfortunately we can’t argue with. But just looking physically fit is not the only benefit of working out. You will also feel healthier and have more energy too.

Plus it may not hurt to improve on your stamina and fitness too because positions like The Press Up BJ on page 78 of the Blow Job Bible will take a little effort!


Don’t mistake your sexual urges and desires for the urge to start a new relationship.

Post divorce you are a free woman. It’s a big world full of potential partners, many of whom will make for some great sex. Firstly though, make sure you are comfortable with putting yourself out there as you will be more relaxed and better able to enjoy yourself while pleasuring your new partner.

Another fact that you need to consider is that rushing into sex with a new partner also leaves you vulnerable to the powerful force of oxytocin which is released into the brain after orgasm. This hormone is also called the ‘cuddle hormone’ and is responsible for you feeling so attached to someone after sex. This can lead you to make bad decisions about choosing a partner or staying with a guy that is really not compatible with you.


It sounds like common sense now but it is something that could easily slip your mind if it’s not something you are used to thinking about. Don’t forget to use a condom when having sex with a new partner.

You may have become used to not having to use them when you were in your long term relationship and you may even be on birth control but it is still best practice to be safe and carry a condom.

Your potential partner will really appreciate it if he is caught without one because after you have been using some tricks from the Blow Job Bible he will be so turned on and excited by you that he will not be able to wait. So it makes sense for you to carry your own ones. And not just for his pleasure.  Some women are allergic to latex while others don’t enjoy the smell of flavoured condoms.

Some women also like the comfort of knowing their partner is using strong ones and like the delaying effect they have on their partners orgasm so its not just for his pleasure that you are carrying them. Bring condoms that suit you and your needs.

So that’s what my friend and I came up with.  That and don’t even think about sleeping with your ex ever again. That is always a bad idea. There are plenty of dicks in the sea and there is no point settling for a minnow when you could have a massive marlin. Peace.

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