Sex at Work: The Dos and Don’ts

Having sex during work can be sexy in a way you never realized! Perhaps it’s because you can be caught. It might be because you’re taking a little break from work and getting paid while you’re also getting down. And what better way to break up a boring day than with the release of an orgasm? Plus, you don’t have to get up early or miss out on sleep at night because you’ve already had sex!

Sex at work

Some people even say the office is one of the best places to have sex. Read about other great places to have sex.

There are ways to have sex in the office that are as fun as they are risky, and we’ve got some Dos and Don’ts to help you make the most of those office rendez-vous.

Do Be Discreet

Discretion is key to having sex at work more than once. The perceived risk of getting caught is hot, getting caught is less so. This means closing doors, turning off lights, keeping quiet and quietly leaving your desk to get to your arranged meeting place without drawing too much attention to yourself. Absolutely no PDAs! People will notice, make no mistake. Make sure to fix your hair, makeup and clothes when you’re done, and clean up the area around you when you leave.

You’re in luck if one of you has their own private office, complete with a locking door. Otherwise, a janitor’s closet, filing room or other room that you can lock from the inside for a bit – without drawing too much attention to the fact that it’s locked – will come in handy. An elevator might be okay for a quick grope or French kiss, but you’re not going to have sex to completion without interruptions in any elevator.

One thing that might help is coming in early, staying late or having sex while everyone else is on break. Scout out the office so you know the best time and place to have sex at work. Lunch and break time works especially well because you’re not expected to be at your desk and no one will notice if you’re gone for a little while. If you can, the two of you should schedule your lunches at the same time so you can have sex in the office.

Finally, you’ll want to avoid any cameras. There may be cameras in your office, the parking garage and stairwells to deter crime and make your building more safe in times of emergency. But these cameras aren’t your friends when it comes to office sex. If one of you has access to the security room, you can figure out where the blind spots are, or you might know that those cameras are really for show, which gives you a little more freedom to work with.

Don’t Break the Law

There are worse things than getting fired because you were satisfying your itch at work, and getting arrested it one of them. Obviously, you don’t want to get caught breaking the law. Don’t do it on a customer’s food, or in someone else’s home/vehicle. Don’t do it if you work in a school or with children as the possible repercussions could have you labeled as a sex offender. Remember that nudity in public places could also get you arrested and fined for public indecency.

Do Keep It Simple and Quick

People are going to notice if you become unavailable for hours at the time. Having sex at work is the perfect time for a quickie without any sex toys or too much foreplay. You’ll also want to stay away from implements like BDSM gear – more on that here – which you’d have to have on your person to use and could be tricky to get out of if someone walks in on you or if a fire alarm goes off.

You might want to keep in mind the type of clothing you can wear to provide the most access with the least effort. Not only will you feel super sexy because you’re dressing for sex, but it saves time. A skirt or dress that can be easily lifted and crotchless panties or even going commando are all options to consider. You don’t have to slip out of shoes and pants or ditch some Spanx when time isn’t on your side, and it typically isn’t when it comes to sex in the office. Of course, some sexy lingerie under your professional wear can certainly make sex at the office more fun!

Don’t Blab

As much as you might want to tell someone about your risque office shenanigans, it’s a bad idea, especially if you’re having an affair! More on that here. This is the type of gossip that’s so juicy people just can’t keep their mouths shut about it. People in other departments will find out before you know it. And if your boss finds out, you could be out a cushy job in the blink of an eye.

If you absolutely must tell someone, pick someone from outside of work who doesn’t know any of your coworkers so there’s no chance anyone will find out. It’s important for you to sleep with someone who can be trusted to be just as discreet. That hot guy in the next department may not be a good choice if he’s going to brag about his exploits and get you both canned!

Do Think Twice About Shagging Your Boss

Yes, it seems hot to have sex with your boss. Perhaps there’s been a sexual chemistry, which is a powerful thing, between the two of you since you first started, but is that really enough of a reason to risk everything that can go wrong? There’s a reason why having sex with your boss – or subordinate – is against pretty much every company’s rules.

There are so many things that could go wrong with this. For example, you could feel like you have to sleep with your boss because of his position of power. You might not be able to put an end to things if this happens or he may threaten your job security if you try. It may get to the point where you feel like you have to quit.

Additionally, you risk your boss passing the blame off on you should anyone find out. Or the both of you could be out of jobs if someone higher in the company becomes aware of your indiscretions.

Don’t Sleep With Your Subordinate

Power is intoxicating, certainly. It’s partly why being dominant in the bedroom is so great. But it’s tricky when you’re someone’s boss and sleeping with him. Not only is this against company rules, but you could be faced with a sexual harassment case if your employee feels like you’re using your position at work to force him to have sex with you.

Do Have Fun

Although there are a lot of risks to having sex in the office, it can still be a lot of fun. In fact, you and your partner can use the risks and limitations to make it even hotter. Just make it into a game. Figure out how you can get around the nosy receptionist, sneak away from your desk for a few minutes and get away with such a naughty act. Search the office together for new areas where you can have a little fun.

Because having sex at work comes with so many risks, you might want to keep it to less risky activities such as sexting and perhaps sending your man some naughty photos while you’re on break. Check out our guide to taking sexy selfies for some inspiration.

And if you want the thrill but you’re not interested in someone at work, you can always consider role playing the scenario with your man at home. It’s not quite the same, but you can play with power dynamics without the risk of getting in trouble professionally or legally.

Still, that risk is definitely worth it for some people who just have to have sex at work. We’ve all heard stories of those sexy office romps, and you may have even wished you were bold enough to have sex in the office. Why not give it a try while employing some of our advice?

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