Don’t trust people who claim to have the ‘Magic Pill’ for your sex life

The internet is rife with scams.

Whether it’s emails from Nigerian princes or websites that promise to make your man propose to you in less than a month, there are scams everywhere. Even 73% of all emails are spam.

Unfortunately, looking for sex tips and advice online is the same, most websites are offering a ‘Magic Pill’ system. I would love to be able to give you the single ‘Magic Pill’ solution to all your sex life woes. I’d love to give you the technique that works every single time on your man.

But I can’t.

No one can.


The truth is that people who say that they can give you the secret, magic pill, never-fail formula to get rich, find the man of your dreams and never feel lonely again (for the low, low price of $999) are liars!

Life is just not that simple or easy.

The truth is that I can’t give you a magic pill for your sex life, but neither can anyone else.

I’d like to think that The Bad Girls Bible is as close as you can get to the only solution you need to improve your sex life.
But just reading The Bad Girls Bible everyday won’t improve your sex life.

Real improvement comes from reading THEN TAKING ACTION.

You need to actually try out some of the great sex tips and techniques you read here if you want to improve your sex skills and love life.

You’ll find that some sex techniques you learn about in The Bad Girls Bible work great for you, while other techniques don’t have the same impact. You need to keep the sex techniques that work and add them to your ‘sex repertoire’.

But don’t ever expect to find a ‘magic-pill-formula’ here on The Bad Girls Bible. You’ll find some really useful information, whether it’s in the detailed and comprehensive sex positions section, the sex tips section or in the blow job tutorial video that you can watch here.

You’ll notice that today’s post is quite short. But I decided to write it as I have gotten quite a few questions from readers who are looking for a ‘magic pill’.

Magic pills don’t exist when learning new sexual techniques, gaining sexual confidence and taking control of your sex life.

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