In 2004, Samantha from Sex in the City introduced the mainstream world to a new concept: the pearl necklace. What is a pearl necklace? This is a sexual act that occurs when a man ejaculates on or around his partner’s neck. The droplets of cum resemble pearls, which is where the name comes from.


No, not that kind of pearl necklace


Although the name suggests that men must ejaculate around or on a woman’s neck, many people also call the act of cumming on a person’s chest or breasts a pearl necklace, too [1]. I guess there’s leeway in what a pearl necklace is because aiming can be difficult!

The pearl necklace has made a number of sex act lists and has been also been featured in standup routines. Like so many sexual subjects, this propelled the pearl necklace to infamy.

Before this public exposure, the people who were familiar with the concept were typically porn aficionados — more on what we think of porn at the Bad Girls Bible here. However, the past 10 years have seen the concept become even more familiar to sexually active adults and even some teenagers, in part thanks to the Internet. Confusion around the subject has left some people asking “What is a pearl necklace and is it worth trying?”


There are several reasons why both partners might enjoy a pearl necklace. You might enjoy the sight of your partner masturbating in front of you before he orgasms and ejaculates on your chest.

Alternatively, a pearl necklace is a natural end to mammary intercourse, better known by its slang name of “titty fucking.” You’ll find an entire guide on how to “titty fuck” here

A pearl necklace goes well with another sexy activity: mutual masturbation. You both stimulate yourselves while next to one another — and you can even lend a hand, too!

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If you’re a cum fetishist – someone who enjoys when your partner comes on you – you might find receiving a pearl necklace particularly fun.

Some couples engage in pearl necklaces, facials and ejaculating on other body parts because they are engaging in the pull-out method as a form of birth control. When your partner finishes on your body rather than inside you, it lowers the risk of pregnancy, especially if you prefer not to use condoms. However, pulling out by itself is not adequate enough to be your sole form of birth control.

If you don’t want your partner to ejaculate on your face or in your mouth, a pearl necklace might be a happy compromise. Of course, you can always find out how to swallow cum. And if the taste of semen is what’s holding you back, you can make his sperm taste better.

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When your partner cums on your body, there’s no doubt that you are solely engaging in sex for pleasure, which can add an element of taboo to giving and receiving pearl necklaces.

Some people accuse men who engage in this act of objectifying women, which can certainly be true…but it can work well if you and your partner engage in power play or if you enjoy being sexually “marked.” If you want to turn the tables and dominate your man, then you may be interested in this article on dominating.

Some people even argue that semen is good for your skin — so good that you might want to use it for a facial. We wouldn’t go that far, but you can learn if sperm is really good for your skin in this article.

No matter the reason for engaging in this type of play or what activities occur before a pearl necklace, it provides a sexy photo opportunity. You or your partner can snap a photo that you can share with others or keep private to enjoy together at a later date. If you’re even more adventurous, your partner can record the process from his point of view, which can make for a tantalizing video to watch together later.

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If you’re simply lying there while waiting for your man to ejaculate on your chest, you might feel a little bored. However, you can participate to make things more exciting. We’ve already suggested mutual masturbation, so use your fingers or grab your favorite toy (get sex toy suggestions).

You can also encourage your man by stroking his thighs or balls.

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Many guys are encouraged when their partners moan or talk dirty. Tips for dirty talking.

While it can feel a bit awkward to lie there while your man strokes himself and looks down on you, you can run your hands over your own body, caress your breasts, and even push them together to give him something to look at and perhaps aim for.

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You can also consider wearing lingerie or a sexy bra while waiting for him to cum.


However, just to be clear, not everyone enjoys receiving a pearl necklace. You might feel closer to your partner when he cums inside you, or you may prefer to swallow or spit or not deal with his semen at all. It all comes down to personal preference.

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Some people might want to avoid coming into contact with semen, which happens when he gives you a pearl necklace, because of a semen allergy. About 1% of women may be allergic to enzymes in semen, and this can produce redness, burning, swelling [2], or itching where semen touches your skin [3]. More extreme symptoms of allergies such as hives require medical attention. These symptoms can last for hours or even days [4], making pearl necklaces a bad idea!

Unfortunately, it’s possible to develop a sensitivity to semen over time [5].

However, you shouldn’t assume that all irritation is from semen, especially during penetrative intercourse. Try adding lube or switching the type you use, switching to non-latex condoms (you could have a latex allergy), or having gentler sex.

Find out more about the benefits of lube.

In some cases, irritation may be due to an STI and may appear similar to a latex allergy. [7]. Check out the symptoms of STIs.

Spermicide and topical medicines can also be the culprit if you have a reaction [6]. If you’re unsure, your health care provider can perform a skin test to check for a semen allergy [8]. Eliminating the causes of irritation may show that you can play with semen without worry.

Furthermore, the force at which he ejaculates means that aiming is often difficult. An attempted pearl necklace might result in a facial or a shot of cum straight to your eye, instead. Of course, it’s messy and isn’t ideal if you don’t have the time to clean up afterward.


If cleanup is your biggest concern, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by being prepared. Keep some cleansing wipes on your nightstand if you can’t take a shower afterward. A towel can also do the trick, but you might still feel a sticky residue on your skin after it dries.

For especially kinky folks, your partner might even enjoy licking up the evidence! However, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

While not everyone loves receiving a pearl necklace, some women do it simply because their partner is so turned on by the act. If you’re not one of those women, there are more ways to please your man.

It’s perfectly acceptable if it’s not your thing or if you save this activity for days when you can properly clean up. Pearl necklaces, like any other sexual act, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you might be surprised to find that you like it, and you can even gauge your partner’s interest by asking him if he wants to try it out.

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