A sad fact of life is that a lot of men cheat on their girl because they are simply not sexually fulfilled. That’s why I created The Bad Girls Bible: to give women the sex tips they need so that they can fulfill their man’s wildest desires.

sex tips for women

On this page, you will find all my most important articles that will teach you what you need to do in order to keep your man satisfied in the bedroom. The articles have been organized into groups from “Basic Sex Tips” all the way up to my “Pro Sex Tips”.

I have also included a section at the end of this page that has some sex tips just for you (but not your man!).


These basic sex tips will help to get you started on your path to becoming a sexual goddess. They are not the wildest or craziest things that you can do, but they will give you a great foundation.

Before you start on the Advanced and Pro sex tips, try make sure that you have mastered these ones first:

  1. Bedroom Games For You And Your Man
  2. 13 Male Erogenous Zones
  3. The Basics For Giving A Hand Job
  4. Tips For Turning Him On
  5. How To Satisfy A Man Sexually
  6. What You Need To Know About Pleasing Your Man In The Bedroom
  7. How To Have Good Sex
  8. Tips On Pleasuring Your Guy
  9. The Basics On Kissing
  10. Simple Steps For Keeping Your Man Happy
  11. How To Be Good In Bed 
  12. What Men Want In Bed
  13. Making A Guy Horny (or How to Make A Girl Horny)
  14. Arousing Your Man


sex tips for women, advanced, bad girls bible, girl on top

As you get more comfortable, try out some of these advanced sex tips to give him even more pleasure!

Once you have mastered the Basic sex tips, it’s time to take it up a notch and start trying out some more advanced stuff with your man. Below you will find some great sex tips for turning up the heat in the bedroom:

  1. Sex Games For The Bedroom
  2. Making Your Guy Cum Hard
  3. The Camel Wank aka Titty Fucking
  4. Phone Sex – A Guide
  5. Testicle Massage Tips & Techniques


sex tips for women, pro, bad girls bible

If have gotten really sexually comfortable with your man, then you should check out some of these advanced sex tips.

These Pro sex tips are for girls who really want to give their man bone shaking orgasms like they’ve never had before.

You may want to first check with your man if he is into some of these things before trying them out with him.

  1. Anilingus
  2. Adult Nursing Relationships
  3. Having Anal Sex For The First Time
  4. How To Give A Foot Job


sex tips for women, bad girls bible, woman lying down

A large part of getting sexually comfortable with your man is being comfortable with yourself. These sex tips just for you will help.

Getting sexually comfortable with your man is crucial if both of you are to enjoy sex. A great way to help you get sexually comfortable is to literally practice on yourself. When there is no one else around, there is no pressure on you to ‘perform’. So why not check out some of the articles below and try out some of their tips and advice:

  1. Using A Vibrator
  2. Relaxing & Making Yourself Cum
  3. Tips For Fingering Yourself
  4. Masturbation – A Self Pleasure Guide
  5. Allowing Yourself To Orgasm


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