This portmanteau combines “sex” and “exercise” just like the actual activity. It’s a way to burn more calories, sweat and build muscles all while getting off. Don’t have time to work out and have sex? Don’t choose one or the other. Sexercise combines both. Of course, it might not fully replace your trip to the gym, and you may sometimes want sensual, slow sex, but sexercise is at least worth trying out to see if you like it and how you can benefit from it.

There are other pros, too. Aside from saving money spent on a gym membership, not having to commute and needing little more than a bed and a willing partner, many people find sexercise more enjoyable than regular exercise [1]. You can get the boost from endorphins, but you’ll get something extra when your body starts producing oxytocin from the physical contact. More on that here.


Below you’ll find sexercise positions you can try with your man tonight if you want. Most of them need nothing more than your bed or a few chairs.


If you’ve got an exercise ball around, perhaps one that’s been collecting dust, now’s the time to use it! You rest on your stomach on the ball with your legs stretched behind you. You can brace yourself with your toes and with your hands if your arms are long enough. Your man squats so that his legs are outside your thighs and penetrates you from behind. This is a great pose for vaginal and anal sex; although, you might not get much clitoral stimulation.


This sexercise position requires more arm strength from both you and your man. He’ll hold you at the waist while you’re face down and supporting yourself with your hands as your legs envelope him. Depending on heights, you might need to rest on the ground closer to his feet. A good grip on your body is a must for him to adequately thrust into you. While you’re supporting yourself, you won’t be able to do much.


This is like the upside down version of the wheelbarrow. Your face up and bend your arms backward at the shoulder to support yourself. Instead of standing up straight, your man kneels, and your feet should be able to reach the floor on either side of his legs, so he’ll have to support less of your weight with his body. If you have an ottoman or a piece of sex furniture, you can practice this to get it right.


In this pose, your man’s body is suspended between two chairs or other pieces of furniture. Make sure he’s comfortable supporting his weight on his hands. Someone with weak joints isn’t going to be the ideal candidate for this sex position. Once he’s in place, you straddle his lap. His body will support some of your weight while your feet support the rest of it. This position is slightly more intimate than some sexercise poses because you’re facing one another and can make eye contact or kiss.

You can wrap your arms around him, touch his hair or chest or even rub your clitoris if you can find the right angle. For the most part, however, you’ll focus on raising and lowering yourself as you squat over your man. If he’s particularly dexterous, he might also thrust up into you.


This is a sexercise position you might have imagined on your own, even if you didn’t know the name of it. The Piston is a position where your man strands upright while your legs are wrapped around his waist. Instead of him having to support your entire weight, you rest your toes on a bed or other piece of furniture that’s at the right height. This gives you a little leverage for getting the best stimulation, too!


Swap roles with your man from the Big Dipper in this similar pose. You’ll be the one supporting yourself like a bridge between two pieces of furniture. Then, your man will lie beneath you so he can penetrate you from below. The Little Dipper works best when you can bend at the waist to allow penetration. Lower furniture can also facilitate this sexercise pose, which is surprisingly tough on your arms, legs and core as you lift yourself up and down!


The sex position looks a little funny, and you might get some chuckles out of it. It’s one of the poses that might not work depending on your height and shape. A large height mismatch will make it much more difficult to achieve, but you can still try! Start by having your man squat down so that you can straddle his legs. Adjust your height so that you’re both supporting the combined form with your feet. You’ll essentially be sitting in his lap.

You can try to adjust this pose if you’re much taller by having you squat first. However, your man’s penis will need to point more downward, which can cause trauma to his suspensory ligament.


The last sex position on this list is surprisingly deceptive. As your man lies on the edge of the bed with his legs dangling over the side. You’ll perch above his penis and lower yourself onto him between his legs and feet on the floor in front of the bed. With your hands resting on his inner thighs, you’ll raise and lower yourself. He can help with his hands on your butt. Be careful not to place too much pressure on his thighs, of course!


Sexercise might not be inherently dangerous, but you should use caution when trying some of these positions. In some sexercise poses, your man will support the entirety of your body weight or you’ll support yourself in a way that you’re unfamiliar with. Your body acts as a weight that could potentially strain muscles, especially if you’re not used to working out. Sex shouldn’t hurt.

Know your limits and start with the easier sex positions before moving on to those that are more advanced. Finally, don’t push any pose. If you lack flexibility, a specific position might not work for you. Just move on to the next one.

One thing you’ll want to be particularly careful about is orgasm. It might be difficult to control your body and muscles when you’re cumming, which could lead to you not being able to support yourself or your partner. With sexercise positions where you’re elevated, you might tip over or fall. Keeping pillows or a yoga mat beneath/around you might be useful. Or you can simply switch to a safer and more comfortable sex pose when orgasm is imminent.

If you’re not quite ready for sexercise, you can try the 100+ sex positions in our sex positions guide. But don’t be frustrated if it takes a couple times to get these sex positions right. Enjoyment is all about the journey, after all!

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