Are you a blow job aficionado? Perhaps you love going down, or you simply do it because your man loves it. Either way, you’ll eventually find yourself faced with a decision, “Do I spit or swallow”? It seems like women are pretty split on the issue. Some hate swallowing cum, some don’t mind it, and a select few even seem to like it.

spit or swallow

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we’ve got tips to make this into a non-issue so you can enjoy your sex life!


Whether to spit or swallow is typically a personal decision made on preference, but sometimes you may have to choose one or the other because of something you can’t change, such as your gag reflex. If you know that holding cum in your mouth until you can find a tissue it going to make you gag, you might prefer to swallow. On the other hand, you might spit because the texture of semen makes you feel sick to your stomach.

Of course, if you have no issue with your gag reflex, you may still take a few things into consideration, so keep reading to learn what they are.

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One of the biggest deciding factors between spitting after oral or swallowing cum is taste. A man’s cum is salty, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some cum tastes stronger and some more mild. The following things can affect the flavor of your man’s cum:

  • His diet
  • Whether he smokes
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Medical conditions
  • General health
  • Medicine he takes
  • How hydrated he is

In general, cum should be more mild to the taste if a man is well hydrated and healthy. However, you can try the infamous pineapple trick. If you’re worried about taste when it comes time to spit or swallow, simply have your man increase his pineapple juice intake the day of – or in general. The fruit juice should improve his taste.

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Alternatively, consider a flavored lube when going down on your man. Lubricant usually isn’t necessary when giving head (Find out how to become a pro at giving head) because of saliva, but the additional sweetness can curb or cover up the taste of his ejaculate.

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If you’d like, keep a glass of juice or something flavored within reach. Take a drink as you swallow or right after to wash the taste out of your mouth. Some women rely on a sucking candy or popsicle for the same purpose. You can even add the candy to your blowjob technique!


Of course, for some women, it’s not about taste. The texture is the problem. Cum can be a little gooey, and it’s warm. This combination isn’t appetizing for many. There isn’t much you can do to change the texture, but taking a drink as you swallow or right after you swallow can make it more manageable. Interestingly, cold water will help you wash it down better than warm water.

In regards to taste and texture, there are two ways to think about it. You swallow his cum immediately to be done with the whole thing, or you can spit to get it out of your mouth. It often seems like the latter approach is better, but many people find this means small amounts of salty and gooey cum remains in their mouth for longer.

If you’re going to spit, you should be prepared to do so, allowing you to minimize the amount of time his cum is in your mouth. This means having a trash can, tissue, or even just a glass nearby. It’s easier if you’re in your own home or you’re comfortable in his place. Check for a box of tissues on the nightstand or simply ask your partner for one so you’ll be ready.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we’ve got tips to make this into a non-issue so you can enjoy your sex life!

To expand upon this, it’s considered polite for a man to let a woman know when he’s going to orgasm so she can be prepared. Feel free to ask him to let you know. If you’re having trouble talking about this, check out our guide to sexual communication to make all those hard conversations much easier!

There’s nothing worse than a mouthful of cum when you intend to spit but have nowhere spit it! This can certainly make more women feel more nauseous than swallowing would.


Many women look to their partners to help determine when they spit or swallow. It can certainly be hot for him to see you swallow without batting an eyelash, just like he might like ejaculating on your skin to give you a pearl necklace. More on that in this post. But you don’t have to do what he wants, especially if it’s going to have a negative reaction.

Furthermore, some men tend to take a woman’s tendency to spit as something of a personal insult. Of course, you might just be feeling a little under the weather and want to avoid risking the chance of throwing up.

One thing you can do it to turn off the lights. He never has to know if you spit or swallow. Turning the lights down or off can also be sexy. Discover more oral sex tips that make giving oral to a guy more fun and enjoyable.

At the end of the day, if you’re willing and game to suck, stroke or fuck him to orgasm, what you do with that cum is your choice, which leads us to our next point.

You don’t always have to do the same thing. Some days you may feel like you want to swallow. Perhaps you’re more likely when you’re extra turned on or with certain partners. That’s up to you.

You can also switch up positions during oral sex. Learn 10 Blowjob Positions to keep things interesting.

And if you just feel like spitting today, that’s okay, too. You can switch it up as you see fit, and doing so may even make sex more interesting.


One thought that might be on your mind is whether your man will kiss you later and if it’s dependent on whether you spit or swallowed. Some people won’t kiss their partners who have just gone down on them. However, it’s not only kind to kiss someone who has performed oral; it may be a sign of really good sex when your man doesn’t even care what’s been in your mouth.

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There is, for some people, a third option to spitting or swallowing, and it’s appropriate to mention here. Snowballing is something of a sexual urban legend. It’s described as a woman taking her man’s cum into his mouth and holding it there until she kisses him, at which point she pushes it into his mouth with her tongue. It’s often done as a surprise.

If you think it sounds hot to surprise your man, but also messy and potentially rude not to let him know what’s coming (no pun intended!), then you’re right. You’d know best whether your man is down for snowballing or if it’s even something you’d like to try.

But this creative line of thinking does lead to some alternatives. You don’t just have to spit or swallow. Perhaps you could put back or finish your man off with your hand and let him cum on your face but not in your mouth. Another option is to let him come on your chest. Most men love the sight of their cum on their partner’s body.

Finally, you can consider a condom, especially a flavored one. Not only does it prevent you from having to spit or swallow, but it makes cleanup a breeze and can potentially protect against sexually transmitted infections. Learn more about STIs and their symptoms.

If you came here looking for us to tell you that you should be spitting after oral sex or swallowing cum because there’s a “right’ and “wrong” way to do sex, you might be disappointed. Ultimately, that decision is up to you. You don’t even need to give head if you don’t want! But being willing and game to go down on your man can lead to better sex, and that’s more important than how you finish it.

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