Stairway To Heaven

The Stairway To Heaven sex position is really just a variation of regular Doggy Style. The nice thing about it is that you are performing it with your man on stairs, but you can try one of the 119 positions in our sex position guide if you don’t have access to steps.

Before you do anything, I would first advise you to try out the Stairway To Heaven position on stairs that are covered in carpet. If you do it on a hard staircase, you may find it makes your knees and elbows sore.

You need to set yourself up so that your knees are on a lower step and you hands are on a higher step. It’s really up to you how far you want to stretch yourself out. Because your man then enters you from behind, he may find it a bit tricky to get his height right. If he stands on the step below your knees, then he may still be above you. If so, he can just bend his knees to lower himself down to you or you can raise or lower your hips.

What The Woman Girl Does In The Stairway To Heaven Position

When you are in the Stairway To Heaven position, you are going to be fairly passive with your man taking a much more active role. If you prefer, you can just hold yourself in position while your man thrusts into you. But if you want harder, more forceful thrusts then you can put your hands on the stairs and push back against him.

You can also reach down with one hand and start masturbating yourself while he is fucking you. A bullet vibrator works well in this position. Not convinced?

If you are having anal sex, then you can start fingering yourself.

What The Guy Does In The Stairway To Heaven Position

Your man is just going to be thrusting in and out using his hips mostly. If he wants to penetrate you harder and deeper, then he can grab hold of either side of your waist or he can grab your shoulders or even your hair if you like rough sex.

Your man is also in an excellent position to reach around and start rubbing your clit when in the Stairway To Heaven position while penetrating you at the same time.

Things To Consider When Performing The Stairway To Heaven Position

Even though the Stairway To Heaven position is fairly easy to do, not that many students of the Bad Girls Bible have tried it (perhaps because it’s not a position for the bedroom). Those that have had some interesting feedback on it.

  • It can hurt your knees and elbows if the carpet is rough or there is no carpet at all. Be careful
  • The Stairway To Heaven is perfect for both anal and vaginal sex.
  • This position is perfect for when you can’t wait to get to the bedroom with your man! Try it during your next quickie.

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