There is a right way and a wrong way to talk dirty to your man if you want to turn him on, build sexual tension and keep him sexually obsessed with you…

The wrong way is to make it a ’big deal’ or to ‘force’ it.

The right way is to build up to talking dirty gradually. Gradually does not mean slowly.

Gradually means that you need to start off talking dirty by saying things that are quite tame, so that you can judge his reactions and proceed appropriately. If his reactions are good, then you can proceed and start talking even dirtier.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, not every guy is responds enthusiastically when it comes to talking dirty…

If his reactions are negative or he seems disinterested, then it’s usually a case of him not being totally comfortable with you talking dirty. With this in mind, today I am going to teach you how to start talking dirty to your man with confidence…

You’re also going to learn some examples of what to say to arouse him and turn him on.

Let’s start with the 2 most important things that you must consider if you want to succeed with talking dirty to him…

  1. The Setting

The setting is the most important aspect to keep in mind if you want to talk dirty in a way that turns your man on and builds sexual tension.

If your man is in the middle of making an important decision or if he is concentrating on something else, then it’s a really bad time to start talking dirty to him. In other words:

Make sure that you avoid any potentially stressful situations before you start talking dirty to him.

This is very obvious, but unfortunately many girls make the mistake of trying to talk dirty to their man when he is just not in the mood for it.

It’s similar to when your man clumsily tries to turn you on when you’ve already told him you’re not in the mood for it.

Taking all of this into account, the best setting to start talking dirty to your man is in the bedroom.

However, you can also experiment in other places. Some like to try it after they have had a little bit to drink and are sitting together on the couch or when they are already having fun together, like at a party.

The key for you is to find the place where your man is most comfortable and is most likely to enjoy it.

  1. What Kind Of Guy Is He?

This second consideration is very important. It doesn’t matter if your man is super confident or super shy. What is important is:

  1. Is your man open to new things, especially in the bedroom?
  2. Does he like it when you take control?
  3. Does he get turned on when you moan or groan during sex?

If your answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’, then your man will be very easy to talk dirty to and you can proceed quite quickly with talking dirty to him.

But if your answers are ‘kind of’ or ‘sort of’ or ‘no’ then your man will be a little bit more resistant to you talking dirty. This is not a major problem. It just means that it will take a little longer to get to a point where your man is fully comfortable with you talking dirty.

Answering these 3 questions should give you a good idea of how easy and how quickly you can start talking dirty to your man.

The next part is introducing it to him (including examples of what to say)…

What To Say (& When To Say It)

Like I’ve said previously, you don’t want the first thing you say to be something like:

“I want you to fuck me with your rock-hard, massive cock and then cum on my face!”

You need to test the waters first with something a little tamer to make sure that he is comfortable. The best time to test the waters is…

After Sex
The next time you are finished having sex, try telling him what you liked, but instead of just saying it like in normal conversation, bring your mouth close to his ear and slowly whisper one of the following 3 examples,

  • “I really like it when you take me from behind.”
  • “I love it when you are on top and in control.”
  • “You felt so good inside me.”

All men want to hear positive feedback like this. Men do have pretty big egos after all!

Saying these things will automatically make him feel more confident and comfortable. Once you have given him some positive feedback, you need to take it to the next level.

You need to whisper something a little more dirty in his ear. Try these on for size…

  • “I love it when you fuck me doggystyle.”
  • “I’m the kind of girl that loves a man who is dominant in the bedroom.”
  • “You make me so wet.”

Again these dirty talk examples are not too ‘crazy’. We are just using them to gauge his reaction and make sure that he is comfortable with you talking dirty.

You now have a choice. If he is comfortable with you talking dirty, then you can keep building up the intensity of your dirty talk where you get dirtier and more sexual. Or you can hold off for now and go a little further the following night.

There is no need to rush this. The faster you go with talking dirty to your man, the more likely he is to get ‘weirded out’.

However, if you take it a little slower and build up the amount of dirty talk you use over a number of nights together, there is a much better chance of him really enjoying it and talking dirty back!

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