[Talking Dirty] Use This To Arouse Him!

Once you know how to use the right dirty phrases and words at the right time, you will find that your man is more loyal, more attracted to you and most importantly, he is far less likely to cheat on you.

In other words learning to talk dirty is a really important technique to have up your sleeve for having a great relationship.

Remember that talking dirty is not just for the bedroom. You can talk dirty on the phone, at a party, on a date or even through text message/whatsapp as well as in the bedroom.

Before giving you some powerful examples of what to say to your man to get his pulse racing, it’s important to fully understand the reasons why guys like hearing you talk dirty so much.

Once you understand these reasons, you’ll be able to position yourself as the only person who can fulfill his deepest desires.

It’s His Fantasy

Whether you like it or not, we now live in a world where every man has constant access to hardcore pornography. It’s a sad fact of life these days.

Twenty years ago, your man might have had a Playboy or a Hustler under his bed. Today, thanks to the internet, he can watch any type of porn he wants, whenever he wants.

As a result, some men have started to believe that what they see in a porno is what they should expect from their partner in the bedroom. Not all men, but quite a few. It sounds somehow crazy and a little weird, but it’s the sad truth, just ask some of your close guy friends.

Learning the right dirty phrases to say to him is a fantastic tool to help you fulfill his deepest fantasies… and who doesn’t want to be in that position of power?

Because Of His Ego

All men have egos. Some are bigger than others, but all men have one. They want to believe that they are sexually attractive. They want to believe that they can strongly arouse their girlfriend or wife and turn her on at any moment.

Stroking your man’s ego is one of the best ways to make him more attracted to you. When you are someone who boosts his ego, then just being around you will start to feel really good to him.

Guys want to be around girls who make them feel good. Talking dirty is a really subtle, but super powerful way to massage his ego and make him want to be around you more. Here’s how it works…

When you talk dirty to your man, you communicate to him on a deep level that he is turning you on. When he feels like he has this ‘superpower’ to turn you on, it naturally massages his ego….

Little does he know, you’ll actually be the person with this ‘superpower’

It’s as simple as that.

It Arouses Him


Talking dirty to a guy is a great way to arouse him. There are a number of really cool techniques that I will be covering in future Sexual Obsession newsletters that you can use to during a date to get him aroused and eager for later.

I will also be covering how you can use text messages to keep him thinking about you all day long as well as using dirty talk in specific situations to build massive sexual tension and arousal.

It Keeps Him Thinking About You

You can use subtle dirty talk to keep him thinking about you constantly. This type of dirty talk doesn’t even have to be overtly sexual. But it’s extremely powerful.

It’s Fun

Learning how to talk dirty to arouse your man and build sexual tension is fun. Simple as that.

Okay, so you probably want some specific dirty talk examples that you can use right now. Before we get to them below, there is a 3 things you need to first know about talking dirty. I like to call them ‘Sean Jameson’s Rules To Talking Dirty.’

Ignore these 3 rules at your own risk.

Rule 1. It’s How You Say It

Imagine Minnie Mouse saying, “I want your inside me, right now”. It’s just not sexy. Although it might sound a little funny!

As you learn how to talk dirty, it’s crucial that you understand that it’s how you say it. Minnie Mouse can’t make a single sentence sound sexy because she has a squeaky voice.

It’s important to understand that a large part of talking dirty to your man is a combination of your voice tone, how fast you say it, your eye contact as well as your body language. The words themselves are just a small part of the equation. In fact…

A recent study found that how we communicate is 93% non-verbal. That means only 7% of how you communicate is the words themselves.

The rest of your communication is based on what I just mentioned,

  • Your Voice Tone
  • Your Eye Contact
  • How Fast You Speak
  • Your Body Language


Rule 2. It’s When & Where You Say It

When and where you talk dirty to your man is important. Certain phrases are much sexier when said in certain situations or in certain places.

It also may be a little weird it you start talking dirty immediately after first meeting him. Hopefully this is obvious. I mention it because a few girls I have coached have had awkward or weird experiences with talking dirty simply because the first thing they said was super explicit.

Rule 3. Build Up Slow

This rule is quite similar to the last one. It’s important not to go too quickly when learning about using dirty talk to build sexual tension and arouse your man. You need to start off with the less ‘hardcore’ or ‘intense’ phrases and lines and measure his response to them.

As you get more experienced you will quickly be able to figure out how explicit and intense you should be. Now it’s time for some examples…

The Actual Lines…

Here are 3 dirty messages you can send by SMS/whatsapp/facebook to your man right now to get him immediately turned on (I’ve include a few tips for each one).

“I was thinking about you last night x”

The next time you are away from your man for a few nights, send him this in a text. Don’t expect to always get a reply. However, expect him to be aroused and thinking about you and wondering what exactly you were doing while thinking about him!

“I’ve been having dirty thoughts about you”

This message is similar to the first one, but it’s a little bit more hardcore. You are being more obvious and direct. The power in this message is that it will get his mind racing, wondering what it is exactly that you have been thinking about.

“I need you inside me”

Don’t send this message unless you have already been seeing your man for a while and have already talked dirty to him before. Send him this message about 2-4 hours before you see him next. It will have him salivating!

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