Teaspooning Position

Teaspooning is probably one of the most intimate sex positions that you’ll learn from the Bad Girls Bible. As is evident from the name, Teaspooning is a variation of regular Spooning.

To Teaspoon with your man (or perform the Teaspooning position), your guy needs to get onto his knees on either the bed or the floor. He then needs to open his knees fairly wide. You then need to get on your knees also while facing in the same direction as your man in front of him.

You should have your knees together so that your man can come up close behind you and then enter you. When he does, he should wrap his arms around you. He can put them around your waist or on your breasts or under your arms to hold onto your shoulders. Getting into the Teaspooning position from regular Doggy Style sex is easy.

What The Girl Does In The Teaspooning Position

When in the Teaspooning position with your man, you have the option of letting him take control and doing all the thrusting and grinding. But if you like, you can bounce up and down on your knees and do a lot of the thrusting as well.

You can also put your arms backwards around your man’s waist or back and around his neck while he is kissing you. For intimacy, you should try leaning right back against your man so that you can feel as much of his body on you as possible. You can even turn your head and whisper something dirty in his ear. Check out the Dirty Talking Guide for tips on talking dirty to your man and examples of what to say.

What The Guy Does In The Teaspooning Position

When in the Teaspooning position with your man, he just needs to thrust gently in and out. Remember, he should be gentle, not hard. The Teaspooning position is about intimacy, which means that hard, vigorous thrusting will ruin the atmosphere.

To add to the intimacy, your man should also be kissing you on the neck, shoulders and cheeks. He is also in the perfect position to run his hands and fingers up the back of your scalp (it feels wonderful). As he is so close to you, he can drop his hand towards your groin and gently start to rub you clit while penetrating you at the same time or if you are having anal sex, then he can finger you.

Things To Consider When Performing The Teaspooning Position

Many people enjoy the Teaspooning position, and I have been fortunate to get a lot of great feedback from them on it:

  • Teaspooning is super intimate. So you may find that using it the first time you have sex with your man, may make it appear like you are ‘coming on a little strong’. It’s best to use after you have had sex with him a few times.
  • It’s simple to transition to something like Doggy Style or the Bassett Hound from Teaspooning.

Similar Positions

  • Acrobat – You can transition to the Acrobat from Teaspooning by simply leaning backwards.
  • Bouncing Spoon – A variation of Teaspooning with your man leaning up against a wall.
  • Bent Spoon – A variation of Teaspooning with your man on his back and you on top of him, also on your back.
  • Books Ends – Still on your knees, but, this time, you are both facing each other.


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