The 15 Best Places To Have Sex…Prepare For Naughtiness

best places to have sex

Having sex in the bedroom is a no-brainer. You want sex … you head to the bedroom. It’s comfortable and romantic there, and the door probably locks.

But comfortable sex can get boring eventually, especially if that’s the only kind you ever have. Along with trying out new sex positions (you’ll find over 100 here), finding new places to have sex is great for spicing things up. It might remind you of when you were young and were always scouting out the best place to have some secret rendezvous. Whether you want to recreate clandestine activities or just want a change of pace,  then it’s worth trying out some (or all) of these great places to have sex.

But be warned … public sex is a misdemeanor in most states in the US. Basically, if you are in peoples’ view, you stand a chance of getting busted, which could mean a penalty of up to a year in prison with a fine of $1,000. This varies from state to state. So my advice is to be on the safe side by making sure no one can see you if public sex is your thing (unless you want to be caught!).

1. The Car

Guys like cars. Heck, they even give their ride a girl’s name sometimes, which tells you just how strong this connection is. So … get where I’m going here?

Combine his two loves (you and his car) by having steamy car sex. But don’t get all hot and heavy with the car parked in the middle of a Walmart lot during the day — that doesn’t even sound sexy — instead, park it somewhere at night (even if it’s still in the same lot) where you aren’t likely to be seen.

Forget about wearing underwear, and wear a dress for easy access; it’s no fun to awkwardly try to get out of tight-fitting or too many pieces of clothing in a contained area. Sit on top of your guy in the passenger seat or the back seat. You don’t want to accidentally honk the horn from the driver’s seat, but if you plan it right, the car is one of the best places to have sex.

And don’t forget about going down on him when you’re both in the car too! This instructional video will teach you exactly how to give him a great blow job.

2. A Motel Room

Combine getting a motel room with some role-playing. This one’s easy. Who tends to go to motel rooms for sex? If you’re thinking people who make a living doing so or people who are trying not to be caught for adulterous reasons, you’re right.

Play a role by pretending this tryst is anything other than nice-girl sex; it’s just a good place to have sex. Consider wearing a flattering wig, and be someone else as you meet your guy for a roadside sex romp. You’ll find some more great role playing ideas in this guide.

3. The Park or the Beach

Having sex at a park or beach is one of the more common places to have sex, more common than you might think. Heck, there’s even a drink named in honor of the beach setting. You need to do some planning for this one though. Not many people literally want a bug up their ass.

So bring a blanket to lie on, and unless you are at a secluded area, you’ll want to save the action for nighttime, so bring some candles and wine to this great place to have sex.

 4. A Movie Theater

A movie theater can be a great place to have sex. Choose a time when not many people are likely to be at the theater, like the afternoon, and maybe choose a foreign film that not as many people want to see.

Hint: pick a French or Spanish film to hear the sexiest accents. Keep the underwear at home, and wear a skirt. Wait until the movie gets going, and let him slip his hand between your thighs. When you’re ready, leave your seat to sit on him … just remember to keep quiet!

5. A Dressing Room

where to have sex

This one combines something most gals love … shopping … with something you’ll both love. Choose a store that has no dressing room attendants. “Honey, come here and see how this looks on me.” Only he really cares how it looks off of you. You’ll have privacy in the fitting room, and a nice three-way or full-length mirror to boot, making this a popular place to have sex.

6. Your Closet

Assuming your closet has enough room for the two of you to get in, you use it for more than hanging clothes. Here’s a fun activity to get him to the closet.

Wait for him to leave the house, and then cut out footprint shapes from pieces of paper. Lay them in a path starting from the front door that he will follow when he comes home. The path eventually leads to a lingerie-clad you that he won’t be able to resist waiting for him in the closet…although don’t be surprised if he’s a little shocked when he sees you first.

7. Love in an Elevator

If one of the greatest rock bands in history (Aerosmith) sang about having sex in an elevator…well…rock stars always seem to know something we don’t. So this place to have sex is definitely worth a try. OK, maybe this song came out before cameras were the norm in elevators, which means you might want to look for one of those old-fashioned elevators you find in older buildings, and when you do, ride it up and down, if you know what I mean.

It’s also a great place to give him a blow job…

8. The Laundry Room

You won’t hate doing the laundry so much once you view the washing machine in a new light. Bring your load of laundry down as usual, but have your man join you. Oops, both of you have on soiled clothing. I guess you’ll need to toss those in with the rest of your clothes. The top of the washing machine, especially when it’s on spin cycle adds a stimulating touch, making this one of the biggest surprises regarding places to have sex.

In the winter, a hot dryer on your naked body can also feel incredible. The washing machine position is perfect for laundry room sex.

9. The Couch

The couch — “Old Reliable” for teenage make-out sessions — can be super sexy when you’ve been having nothing but bedroom sex. Plus, you can arrange the couch pillows different ways, such as under your lower back. That raises your hips enough for him to get deep inside you. 

10. In Front of a Window

places to have sex

Standing in front of a window’s hot because as you’re looking outside no one knows what’s going on inside. Pick a window where you can rest your hands on the sill. That way you can bend over and stick your butt out. This is a great position for doggy style sex. Speaking of which, you’ll find a great guide on having super enjoyable doggystyle sex here.

11. The Kitchen

Let’s face it: many men do find gender stereotypes erotic, even if they absolutely don’t agree with them. So seeing you in the kitchen cooking a meal just for him, can make it a top place to have sex. On top of this, there are so many hard, smooth surfaces for you to sit or lie down on. Put that pot on simmer, and work up an appetite!

12. The Shower

The shower is one place that many people try; it lets the two of you get all soapy and slippery. That conditioner isn’t just for your hair; you use it to give your man a hand job too. Check out this guide for some great tips on giving an awesome handjob to your man.

If you have a seat in your shower, use it to put one leg up to brace yourself. If not, you can still have fun with both of you standing up. If you have a shower/bath combo, rest your hands on the edge of the tub, and let him enter you from behind. 

13. The Office

For the ultimate mixing business with pleasure experience, have sex at your office or his. But do this only if you have the key to get in after office hours, unless you’re trying to get yourself fired.

14. In a Limo

Close the privacy screen that generally comes with all limos, which divides you and your honey from the driver. The tinted windows allow you to drive around the heart of any big city, and no one can see what’s going on inside.

15. On an Airplane

Yes, sex on an airplane might be cliché — mile high club anyone? But people still find this to be a great place to have sex. Meet your sweetie in the bathroom…provided you can both fit. A position, like the Bodyguard works best here.

When you mix up your sex routine, it keeps things mysterious and adventurous. Besides varying the types of sex you have, choosing different places to have sex can be a hot experience that you both will remember for years to come.

Having sex in new places besides the bedroom is a great way to spice up your blow jobs and your love life. But don’t get caught in the trap of constantly trying to one-up yourselves. You don’t want this to become some sort of competition or even a regular occurrence. Use these off-the-beaten-path sexcapade spots when it feels right. Finding new places to have sex should be reserved for when you want something different. 

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