The 5 Best Gifts for Men – Simple Rules

Are you looking for a gift for your man to celebrate a holiday, anniversary, birthday or another special occasion? Do you want to get something meaningful without being cheesy? Show him how much you love him without being overbearing? Make him remember all the reasons he loves you by finding the perfect gift?

best gifts for men

Well, we don’t blame you. Getting gifts for your guy is a great way to keep your relationship strong, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Luckily, you can take your cue from the things he already loves. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best gifts for men, as well as some of the ones you should avoid.

Keep in mind that there is no single best gift for men. If you don’t see something you think your guy would like among the following ideas, use them instead as inspiration. Could you perhaps get him something in the same category that would be closer to his liking? No matter what you do, don’t stress too much. Anything you put time, thought and affection into can’t be too far off.

A Few Caveats

Before we really get into the best gifts for men, let’s talk about a few things you shouldn’t get. The truth is, sometimes you can buy a gift with the best of intentions, and it will still land wrong if you haven’t thought about it carefully. Therefore, we’d like to offer a few dont’s.

1. No Obligations

First of all, don’t get him something you just want him to have (i.e. nose trimmers, a scale, art supplies) or that you actually want yourself (a foot spa, a dog). If you know your man will love it, and you’ll just benefit from it as a perk, that’s great. But don’t get it just because you’d like to have it in your life or think he should be using it. You can get him these things anytime, but not for his special present.

2. No Reciprocations

Neither should you get your guy something in the hopes that he’ll get you something similar. i.e. “Here’s a nice piece of jewelry/digital camera/car hinthint hint hint!” Gifts are not weapons, and you shouldn’t use them as such. If the point is to encourage him to do something for you, that’s not a very nice gift at all.

3. No Curveballs

You also shouldn’t get him something wildly inappropriate to the stage your relationship is in. If you’ve only been dating two weeks, for instance, a cruise is more likely to freak him out than to delight him. In that case, a nice wallet is more likely to do the trick.

4. No Pets

And lastly, pets are not gifts. Dogs and cats are living beings that don’t want to be given to new homes or abandoned at shelters, which is why their owners should only get them with full intention to keep them and care for them. You can’t promise that on your guy’s behalf, so steer clear of furry friends. When the time is right, you can go get a canine or kitty companion together.

In the end, the best gift for him will be something that sparks his interest, shows your consideration, and reflects your love. Let’s take a look at a few great ideas below.

The Best Gifts for Him

There are, however, a few gift ideas that work almost universally. The gifts listed below can, with a little updating to account for his tastes, color choices and preexisting possessions, can do a nice job showing him how much you care. Without further ado, here are some of the best gifts for him.

1. Replacements

Replacements are one of the best gifts for your man, and if you’re lucky enough to have noticed him mourning over some lost or broken object, take heed. Objects might include a loved belt buckle, a wallet, a razor, a Zippo or even a trusty dog leash. If he has recently bemoaned the loss of something dear to him, do your best to find an excellent replacement.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can get the object engraved with his name and the date of his birthday, anniversary or another special occasion. That way, he’ll not only have a replacement for the beloved lost object, he’ll always think of you when he uses it. Personalized gifts make people feel great.

2. Allusions

Inside jokes are always a blast. Whether you laugh together over something a family member or friend once said, a line from a television show or book, or a classic misunderstanding or case of real-life slapstick, you can always turn this into an amazing gift.

If, for instance, the joke is a humorous line, you can get that printed on a pillow sham or tee shirt. There are many online shops that can help you make customized objects: consider Society 6 or Redbubble, for instance. Or, if you want to go an easier route, you could buy the shirt yourself and doodle on it with some puffy paint. Depending on the guy, he may think this is even more fun. Whatever the case, if the two of you can laugh over the results, it will make for a lovely gift that he will likely cherish.

3. Kits and Supplies

Supplies for a favorite hobby, or to start a new hobby, rarely go amiss with guys. If your man tends to be a weekend warrior type, always trying or building something new, then feel free to buy him kits or doodads galore. He’ll have fun experimenting with them, whether or not he sticks with the hobby long-term.

Some dudes, however, are more loyal to one pastime or another. If this is the case with your man, respect that by buying him supplies that will actually help him further preexisting interests. If he’s a big-time gardener, quality leather gardening gloves or unique seeds could fit the bill. Aspiring chefs might like gifts such as knives, or other items on this list. If, on the other hand, he’s an avid stargazer, you might shell out for a real telescope or antique star chart. The best gift for him will always be something that aligns with what he loves.

4. Illustrations

The best gift for him will always be something that touches his heart. If your guy appreciates art and has a streak of sentimentality, considering getting an illustration of the two of you, or of him with his pet lizard. Maybe his baby is a car, or a little sis, or some other special object or person. Whatever the case, showing you know what means a lot to him will … well … mean a lot to him.

5. Old School Awesomeness

Sometimes the best gift for men is a blast from the past. A Sherlock pipe made from real old growth wood, a ship in a bottle, or a smoking jacket you found in an antique shop can all fit the bill, depending on your guy’s aesthetic. However, if he doesn’t go in for the old school and won’t like antiques, you can try simply bringing an old school flavor to a new gift.

In this case, the best gift for him might be a warm Shearling jacket, a hunting knife with a beautiful handle, or brandy snifters. Whatever the case, make sure your gift is of good quality, comes with a warranty or guarantee, and will go with his other belongings. There’s no use in taking the old school route if the item is crappy, broken or doesn’t come with customer support, so avoid that mistake.

Want even more gift ideas? Check out these tips and this list of sexy gifts. Remember, though, that many men would be just as happy knowing you appreciate and love him. So a compliment is the perfect gift.

The best gift ideas are almost always the most thoughtful ones, so whatever you end up doing, do it with him in mind. Don’t get anything you know he won’t use, that you’ll have to guilt him about, that will embarrass him, that comes with a heavy burden (i.e. “You must display this on your wall!”) or that require regular feeding and litter-box-changing.

Instead, shoot for thoughtful and unique. Do that, and your love will shine through the clearest crystal brandy snifter.

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