You’ve decided that now’s the time to try to get pregnant. In nine months, you could be adding a bouncing bundle of joy to your life. But the process could take longer if you’re not prepping your body to get pregnant. In addition to being generally healthy, you may be able to increase your chances if you give these sex positions to conceive a baby a shot!


Some sources suggest that lying on your back after sex can aid in conception. Not only do positions where you’re on your back help – there are more than two dozen listed in this post – but it stands to reason that having sex before bed will also be conducive to getting pregnant because you’ll stay in bed rather than getting up and returning to your daytime activities. Some people recommend lying on your back and moving your legs in the air in a bicycle pattern. This might help if you’re having sex during the day rather than right before bedtime.

Otherwise, try these sex positions to conceive a baby the next time you slip between the sheets with your man!


This old stand-by, or lay-down, is also a good sex position to conceive a baby. When your man is on top, your body aligns so that your pelvis doesn’t tilt, which can possibly make it more difficult for sperm to travel through the cervix and into the uterus, where it will fertilize your egg. Some people also suggest that placing a pillow or sexual position pillow beneath your hips can help get pregnant. While evidence is lacking, this will definitely make it easier for your man to stimulate your G-spot!


While you won’t be on your back in this position, your cervix may open up more, making it easier for sperm to reach your egg, when doing the deed doggie style. This position also makes for great G-spot stimulation, and you can support your body with pillows to be more comfortable. Read more tips about doggie style here.


In anvil position, you’re on your back, but your legs are raised to rest on your partner’s shoulders (check it out here). This position enables you to rock your body for different sort of stimulation, but you also get deeper penetration, which can help you to conceive a baby. Anvil doesn’t work for everyone, however. If your breasts are more well endowed or you have a rounder tummy or shorter legs, it might not be very comfortable to be folded up like a pretzel. Try the nest pose, instead!


This lazy sex position to conceive a baby is perfect for Sunday mornings – or any time that you want to have more sensual and relaxed sex! It puts both you and your partner on your sides, and either of you can move your hips to control depth and speed of penetration. If you squeeze your legs together, your partner’s penis will feel bigger, too, and either of you can reach around to stimulate your clitoris and bring you to orgasm! Check out these tips for clitoral orgasm!


Spread your wings and your legs for your man in this position. Lay back on a table so your partner can penetrate you while he stands above you. Raising your legs for him to grasp gives him something to grasp, and he’ll have a great view of your face and bouncing breasts. Try adding some nipple stimulation if you can orgasm that way. Read more about that in this article.


Finally, the really adventurous couples can check out positions like Down Stroke, where you’re resting on your head or hands while upside down. This is more strenuous on both you and your partner as you keep your bodies erect, and it runs the risk of falling, which could result in injury. However, it enables you to use gravity to pull your partner’s sperm through your cervix and straight to your uterus, which is definitely good for getting pregnant!


Sex position is hardly the only thing that can make it easier or more difficult to conceive a baby. Here are some of the most common factors to consider when you’re trying to get pregnant.


If you’re trying to get pregnant, then you might want to make sure your pleasure becomes a priority during sex. As women, we all too often ignore our pleasure during sex to ensure that the man gets his. While we always recommend making sure you’re satisfied, your orgasm can actually help you get pregnant. For starters. the contractions may help move the sperm to your uterus. Secondly, hormones such as oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, that are released during orgasm can help your relax your body, which is definitely good for conception! Physiologist Joanna Ellington is one medical professional that recommends you get off during sex if you’re trying to get pregnant. Source.

This guide will ensure you orgasm every time you have time!


Of course, you’re not going to get pregnant if your man doesn’t ejaculate, but do you know that the quality of his orgasms can contribute to pregnancy, too? According to the same doctor who suggests that you make sure you orgasm during sex, being fully stimulated can help your lover release up to 50% more ejaculate. This doubles your chance of getting pregnant!

In fact, Dr. Donnica Moore recommends you have sex only every other day during your most fertile days to give your man’s sperm a chance to replenish the quality and quantity of his sperm instead of having round-the-clock sex in an attempt to get pregnant. Source.


While some positions may help you get pregnant, it’s important to remember that your odds of becoming pregnant greatly increase during certain days during your cycle. If you’re not already tracking your cycle, you should do this to increase your chances of pregnancy. You’re most likely to get pregnant during the period of your cycle known as ovulation, which happens around two weeks before your period. If you have a standard 28-day cycle, which starts on the first day of your period, ovulation occurs around the 14-day mark for five days.

If you experience a longer cycle, you’ll have to adjust your calendar to coincide with your period of ovulation. For women with an irregular cycle, it may be more difficult to get pregnant because pinpointing their most fertile days is harder. You can use at-home ovulation tests made from the same companies that offer pregnancy tests to detect when you’re the most fertile, however.

This isn’t to say that you can’t or won’t get pregnant during other days, but you’ll definitely want to try to conceive during those days and make use of the sex positions to get pregnant listed earlier in this article.


According to some sources, stress can decrease fertility up to 30%. While trying to have a baby can be a source of both positive and negative stress, relaxation helps prepare the mind for conception just like some sex positions to conceive a baby help to prepare your body. So a sensual massage or spontaneous sex might be a little more helpful than planning your sex schedule to within an inch of its life or rushing into a quickie just because you want to be pregnant. It’s also good to cut sexual anxiety if you want to get pregnant.


Although it might seem like some people get pregnant pretty easily, it can take some time. This is especially true if you’ve stopped using hormonal birth control. More on that here. Your body typically requires around three months to return to normal after you stop taking birth control. According to one article on WebMD, about half of women who try to get pregnant after stopping birth control are able to successfully do so in the first three months, and most women are able to get pregnant within the fist 12 months after quitting. Source.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, quitting birth control ahead of time just makes sense, but be prepared that you can get pregnant as soon as you stop using birth control!

6. AGE

It becomes more difficult for women over the age of 35 to naturally conceive a baby, and the resulting pregnancies are riskier as well. In fact, it becomes more difficult for men who are in their 30s to have children as well. However, this typically doesn’t become a problem until the man reaches his 60s. Source. You may require longer time to get pregnant if both you and your partner are older than 35, however.


Lubricants might make sex more comfortable (more on that here), but you also run the risk that they degrade the quality of sperm as it makes its way to your uterus, effectively lowering your chances of getting pregnant during sex. However, you can purchase personal lubricants that are actually designed to help with fertility and conception. These include Pre-Seed, Yes Baby and Conceive Plus. You might also experience success using canola oil, which is readily available from a variety of stores, as a personal lube rather than buying lube from the store.

Although sex positions to get pregnant may help you in your quest, and your friends or family may swear by things they did to conceive, there’s nothing better than medical science to get pregnant. If you’re experiencing trouble conceiving after twelve months, whether or not birth control make me related, it might take more than these sex positions to conceive a baby. Consider talking to a fertility specialist, who can recommend other courses of action and potentially medication to help you get pregnant.

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