The 7 Weird, But Surprising Benefits of Semen According to Science

According to some people, a man’s semen is almost akin to the fountain of youth. It boasts all sorts of benefits to the woman lucky enough to swallow a mouthful or let herself be ejaculated on. Mostly, these myths are used to get women to participate in those activities. But the effects might be more subtle than they realize.

The Benefits of Semen?

There are a number of purported benefits of semen to you. You’ll reap these benefits when you come into contact with semen through skin contact, swallowing or your partner coming inside of you.

1. It Boosts Your Mood

Studies have shown that semen is full of mood-boosting compounds. Ingredients such as endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin can increase a woman’s mood if her partner ejaculates inside of her and they’re not using condoms. One survey shows that women who never used condoms with their partners experienced less depressive symptoms than women who did use condoms with their partners [1].

In fact, semen contains more 50 different compounds, including the ones listed above. Vitamins, proteins, hormones and endorphins all make the list, which is why some people compare semen to a multivitamin!

2. It’s Good For Your Skin

This benefit of semen is all about your youthful glow. Sperm contains a compound called Spermine, which may help to reduce wrinkles through antioxidation. It may even be beneficial if you suffer from acne. Of course, your regular over-the-counter or prescribed skin regimen might work just as well, and not everyone likes a face full of semen (despite how porn indicates otherwise).

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Sperm may also be good for your hair because it helps to rejuvenate it.

3. It Helps You Sleep Better

Another ingredient in semen is melatonin, which you might know better as a compound your body naturally creates during your sleep cycle. Melatonin has become popular in recent years as a sleep aid, and you can buy it at your local pharmacy if you want to help your sleep routine. However, not everyone responds to melatonin, and there’s no proof that semen is the best way to absorb it into your bloodstream.

4. It’s Good for Morning Sickness

Are you pregnant and sick of being sick? Then cum might be the answer thanks to this surprising benefit of semen. The reason why? Psychologist Gordon Gallup suggests that morning sickness may be caused by a woman’s body rejecting the man’s sperm. Thus only the sperm of your baby’s daddy will be useful in these situations.

If you ingest his sperm, you might find your nausea calmed. And Gallup argues that the more exposure you have, the better you’ll feel.

Or you could take medication as prescribed by your doctor to help with your morning sickness.

5. It Reduces High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

benefits of him cumming inside you

One study of pregnant women who swallowed sperm found that the activity is correlated with a lowered risk of preeclampsia [2], which is typically characterized by high blood pressure. Swallowing cum during pregnancy may boost your immune system and stabilize blood pressure.

6. It Reduces Pain

If this is true, then the age-old excuse that some people use not to have sex (“I’ve got a headache”) could actually be solved by having sex.  Of course, sex itself  (as well as cuddling) induces oxytocin, a hormone that encourages bonding and can help your body deal with pain from a headache or another source, including deep-tissue pain [3]. So you can use a condom and still repeat the benefits.

7. It Gets You Pregnant

For couples who want to get pregnant, semen is obviously essential to the process (assuming both of your reproductive systems are healthy). So you’ll need to ditch the condom, perhaps for the fist time in your life.

Of course, sex without a condom can feel more pleasurable and emotionally intimate while potentially providing all of the benefits listed above.

Plus, human sperm contains proteins that can actually encourage ovulation [4], which is part of a normal menstrual cycle and required for you to get pregnant. No wonder it seems so easy for some people to get pregnant!

The Risks of Semen

Most of the benefits of semen require you to come in contact with your partner’s semen. Of course, these dubious claims aren’t enough for you to ditch the condom if you’re concerned about preventing pregnancy or sexually-transmitted infections.

Just like sex might feel better without a condom, coming into contact with semen might offer some benefits. But those benefits don’t compare with having to carry a child to term or seek treatment for an STI that’s entirely avoidable. HPV, Chlamydia, and gonorrhea can all my transmitted via oral sex.

The Benefits of Frequent Ejaculation

benefits of semen

Although the benefits of semen to a guy’s partner are dubious at best, there is one benefit of semen that no one can argue with: ejaculation is good for a man. So whether he’s jerking off or getting laid on the regular – or both – it’s good for your man. In fact, men who frequently come (21 times or more per month) may be 33% less likely to have prostate cancer during their lives [5].

Why is this? Frequent ejaculation essentially helps to keep the tubes clean and his prostate in good condition. As you may recall, the prostate is an organ men have that can provide sexual pleasure when stimulated anally or through the perineum. More on that here. The prostate also produces much of the fluid contained in semen, which is why frequent ejaculation helps prevent his prostate from backing up.

For those men who don’t like prostate play or who have yet to try it, they may never think of their prostate except when something goes wrong. Prostate cancer is typically thought of something that occurs most frequently to men middle age or older, but it can affect young men, too. Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer that affects men [6].

When the prostate enlarges, it blocks urine from exiting the body [7]. It can also lead to pain in the lower back and hips. Prostate inflammation can also lead to discomfort [8], which may be prevented by frequent ejaculation. It’s not cancer, but it’s not fun, either.

We can’t quite say that an orgasm a day keeps cancer away, but it can contribute to prostate health as well as a good mood – for both you and your man.

Take It All With a Grain of Salt

The people who purport that the list of semen benefits is endless usually have an agenda. Perhaps they want you to have more sex. Of course, at the Bad Girls Bible, we think everyone should be having lots of amazing sex. And we point to the real benefits of sex, not just an urban legend about the supposed benefits of semen.

The other type of person who wants you to believe that are incredible benefits of semen are guys who don’t want to use a condom (no matter how risky it is) or who want to engage in activities where they ejaculate on your body. A facial or a pearl necklace (more on that here) might be a sexy activity, but he should just ask for it outright if that’s what he wants.

It would be like if you told him he would see perks from eating you out or getting you to ejaculate when what you really mean is that you’d like him to pleasure you in those ways. In a healthy relationship, you’ll be able to ask for those things directly.

But the fact is, there isn’t a lot of science to back up these claims about the benefits of semen. Semen may contain vitamins, but your body may not actually absorb them. And any benefits may be so minimal that you don’t even notice them!

Is semen good for you? The limited research that exists suggests there are benefits to coming into direct contact with semen, but more research needs to be done to confirm how effective semen is at improving skin tone, giving you a good night’s sleep or battling depression. In the meantime, you don’t need to do anything a guy demands just because of the supposed benefits of semen.

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