The Eve Appeal polled 1,000 men to assess just how clueless they were about the female body and potential gynaecological issues.

The charity said that these areas are still ‘shrouded in mystery’. So, time to clear a few things up. 


It's not just where it's also how that makes all the difference for mission orgasm.

Various types of touch – be it delicate caresses, firm pressure or vibration – feel different depending on which part of the body they're applied to, according to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. In other words, a feather-light tickle may not even register in one particular spot but bold pressure applied on said area will have you en route to climax in seconds, says the study's lead author and sexology researcher Dr Dany Cordeau.


1. The mouth

Even a peck is enough to ignite the brain's passion centres (and bolster emotional bonding, says research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior).

Start off with soft kisses, using mostly lips, before escalating to the tongue.

2. The neck

This area has a high concentration of light-touch receptors, according to Cordeau, that go wild for gentle kisses and even a soft tickle of breath.

Encourage him to rub, suck or lightly scratch the back of your neck, just below your hairline, which is an especially erotic spot, says sexologist Carol Queen.

3. The nipples

Playing with your headlights is known to spark the same brain area that's ignited when you masturbate, producing a similarly erotic sensation.

Light-to-medium pressure works well here, so "tell your man to suck on your nipple", says sex and relationship expert Emily Morse. He can also activate the nipples' temperature-discerning nerves by first circling them with ice, then lightly drizzling them with warm wax from a candle (try soy-based which has a lower melting point and is less likely to burn the skin), says Queen.

4. The clitoris

Boasting 1,000 crowded nerve endings, it's your most sensitive body part – so much so, you may not like immediate attention there if you haven't been warmed up first.

Instead, get blood flowing by asking him to rub you tenderly on the thighs or the belly before zeroing in on the C-spot, says Queen.

Once you're sufficiently turned on, medium pressure in a circular motion (using fingertips) or vibration (with a toy) at a fast speed are the best ways to fire up the clitoris, according to Cordeau's findings.

5. The bum

Beyond squeezing and spanking, a lot of women enjoy some form of anal play, says LA sex therapist Amie Harwick, author of The New Sex Bible for Women. The anal nerves share a wall with your G-spot, which may explain why.

But sufficient arousal and lube are essential, says Morse. Tread slowly, with your partner first using his fingers to circle the opening. Okay with that? He can insert one finger, graduating to two.

6. The ears

They're deemed an erogenous zone because of their neural tenderness, notes a study in the journal Plastic Surgical Nursing, so go for a bit of lobe-nibbling or sucking – a move that can feel especially good if you have piercings, says Queen.

Turns out the piercing puncture disrupts nerves' pathways to the brain, making the area even more sensitive.

7. The vagina

The super-vulnerable skin on the outer edge responds to light touch, like stroking and gentle vibration, while the inner part prefers pressure, motion and fullness.

Stimulation inside also releases the hormone prolactin, which promotes a sense of sexual satisfaction.

Have your man tease the opening of your vagina with one finger, then insert two lubricated digits inside you, curving them as he pushes in and out to increase fullness.

8. The areolae

The skin surrounding the nipples doesn't have as many nerves as the bullseye itself, so subtle pinching can be more effective than a barely-there stroke. He can also squeeze, rub or cup your breasts to rev this zone.

"Have him put a finger on each side of your nipple to add more feel-good pressure," says Queen.

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