Whether you liked SITC or not, you can learn a lot from Carrie Bradshaw.

But what can Carrie teach you about sex?


Throughout the entire series and both movies, Carrie has one enduring trait that I hope you’ll take seriously when trying to improve your sex life.

She never settles for anything less than what she truly wants.

Yes, she gets into serious relationships with guys like Aidan and Jack. She even moves to Paris with Aleksandr. But like she tells Aleksandr before leaving him:

“I am someone who is looking for love, real love, ridiculous, inconvient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love. And I don’t think that love is here…”

She never settled for anything but what she truly wanted in the bottom of her heart.

And in the end, in spite of numerous mishaps, embarrasments and heartbreaks, she gets what she wants.

Now you are probably wondering: how does this translate to my sex life?

In short, you shouldn’t settle for bad sex, ever.

You’ll find that as you start learning how to have better sex as well as discovering what things turn you on the most, you will have both fun, enjoyable times along with some not-so fun times.
The key is to Never Settle, just like Carrie never settled. If you persevere, you’ll learn everything about great sex and what turns you on.

As a result, you’ll have a sex life that 95% of people could only dream of.


Like I mentioned my famous tutorial video that will teach you how to talk dirty to your man to build sexual tension, turn him on and keep him thinking about you (you can watch the video here), you will inevitably have ups & downs when you try out new things with your man. It’s inevitable.

Just as Carrie has that super-annoying moment in the the opening credits when she gets splashed with dirty street water, you will too. But if you do try new things and experiment, you will have some great times too.

So you might be trying out a new position or a new blowjob technique or you might be experimenting with talking dirty with your man.

Embarrassing, awkward and frustrating things will inevitably happen when you try new things and step out of your comfort zone.

But great things happen too!

The key is to keep going and to try and learn from these ups and downs.

You’ll find that as you try new things and gain new experiences, your sexual confidence will go through the roof.

As well as this, you’ll learn exactly what you enjoy and what your man enjoys.


Not one single relationship Carrie has goes perfectly. There is always something that either nags at her or something that the guy she’s dating does that pisses her off.

But she still manages to find the love of her life.

You need to see your sex life in the same light as Carrie’s love life. It’s never going to be perfect, just like I mentioned in the Ups & Downs section above, you are always going to have ups and downs, even when you know hundreds of different sex moves.

So don’t expect that you are going to have ‘super-perfect-hyper-orgasmic’ sex with your man every single time.

Even after you master all the techniques here in The Bad Girls Bible, you are still going to experience some times when things just don’t go so well, where either you or your man or both of you are left unsatisfied.
If you think that you have to perform ‘perfectly’ or that everything has to go ‘right’ in order for you to have a good time and enjoy yourself, then you’ll never enjoy yourself.

So stop searching for perfect and just roll with the situation you find yourself in. Sometime things will go well, other times things won’t go so well.

The key is to try and learn from every experience you have.


You can’t say that Carrie has a dull life in any sense. Even the not-so-fun experiences she has add to the rich tapestry that is her life. She says ‘Yes’ to so many different experiences whether they end up being good or bad for her.

And that’s how I hope you’ll see your sex life.

Your sex life should be an adventure. Try out new things, explore your kinks, fetishes, fantasies and desires. You’ll inevitably discover that you love some and loathe others.

The adventure is worth it.

While you should never ever take any risks with your health and safety, I really hope that you’ll take the advice that you read in this article and throughout the rest of The Princess Fantasy to heart. 

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