You know how you see things and porn and wonder if any real people do it? This post is about one of those things: anal bleaching! How do porn stars get their anuses so light, is it something anyone can do, and what sort of person bleaches their anus, anyway?

Now, anal bleaching has nothing to do with actual bleach. And you should never use actual bleach on your skin because it’s quite caustic. Instead, anal bleaching is a process that relies on certain chemicals to exfoliate your the skin around your anus to lighten it. It’s like using a chemical toner to leave your face fresh and smooth.

So it shouldn’t hurt; although, it might tingle. Let’s back up for a moment, though.


Your anus is darker than the skin on other parts of your body, partly due to how the skin puckers. Imagine your vulva or armpits, which may also be darker brown or redder than other parts of your body. And your man’s scrotum isn’t the same shade as the skin on his hands.

So it’s completely normal and, no, it doesn’t mean that you’re dirty. You can shower, use a wet wipe or douche, and there’s still going to be some discoloration in that spot. For some readers, that’s enough to know to leave it alone.

You don’t really need to bleach your anus to get ready for anal sex. But you might be one of the people who wants to know if you can change it, anyway. Perhaps you think it’ll look cleaner or simply nicer if you can lighten the color of your anus to better match the rest of your body.


The story goes that a porn star was getting a Brazilian wax and saw how dark her anus was compared to the rest of her skin, so she asked if anything could be done about it. Her beauty therapist suggested using a skin lightener and some exfoliation and it worked! Since then, anal bleaching has become more common. You might be surprised how many people do it, and we’re not just talking about porn stars! In fact, anal bleaching has even been mentioned in movies such as Bridesmaids and has been featured in several documentaries.

Since then, the process has also become possible to do at home. If you browse Amazon, you’ll find a number of gel products that promise to bleach your anus without pain or discomfort (Amaira and Pink Privates are two such brands).


First, you need to be realistic. You’ll need to bleach pretty consistently to see results, and your skin may not lighten evenly. Your skin will only become as light as your skin can be. So if you’re black, you won’t wind up with baby pink skin.

Secondly, anal bleaching requires maintenance. Some people recommend a nightly regimen until you start to see progress. It may take between six and eight weeks to see your desired results, and you’ll need to keep it up if you want long-lasting results. The darker your skin, the longer you’ll need to continue anal bleaching to get a lighter color.

Keep that in mind if you were considering anal bleaching as a special treat for your partner on a day such as his birthday or your anniversary.

Finally, bleaching your anus is tricky to see and reach, so it might not be as possible for you to do it alone. You may need to enlist the help of someone – a friend or perhaps your man.

Reaching the back door can be difficult during masturbation, too.


You still can get the service done at some salons. Look for services that provide Brazilian waxes to start. Professional services will cost more, however, and that doesn’t mean that your experience will necessarily be better. It just means that you won’t have to do it all by yourself.

You might have another option if you live near a doctor that offers anus lightening services: laser treatment. The process uses lasers to remove a layer of cells around the anus. This leaves the lighter skin. The process is most effective for people who have lighter skin to begin with.

Another option is cryosurgery, your doctor will use liquid nitrogen to kill skin that’s darkened areas, allowing new cells to replace those spots with lighter skin. This procedure is more effective for people whose skin isn’t light.

You might see quicker results if you opt for one of these procedures rather than doing it yourself.

Cryosurgery and laser services are offered by doctors who specialize in cosmetic processes. Look for a reputed doctor who offers perianal bleaching services. This doctor might also offer labiaplasty, which is the reconstructive surgery of your vulva and vagina.


Still, not everyone can afford professional anal bleaching services, and you might not have a doctor or salon that offers them, anyway. Even if you do, it can be pretty embarrassing to strip down and spread your cheeks, even in front of someone who has seen it all before.

If you decide to try it at home, you’ll need to pick up the right product. Search for products such as

  1. Anal bleach
  2. Whitening cream
  3. Lightning/Lightening cream

Look for a container that’s easy to hold and use with one hand, nothing with a screw-on cap or the like. You’ll notice that some anal bleaching products are designed to be as easy to use as possible. For example, some come in a roll-on applicator while many come in a pump bottle. If you’re unsure about the right product for you, several companies sell small foils or sample packets.

It’s not just what’s on the outside that counts, however. The chemicals inside are just as important. There are active bleach ingredients as well as extras.

  • Vitamin Eencourages cell renewal to reduce discoloration.
  • Aloeis soothing.
  • Citrusmay be used as a scent.
  • Cocoa buttermoisturizes and improves skin tone.
  • Chamomilesoothes skin.
  • Coconut oilsoftens and moisturises skin.
  • Kojic Acidlightens skin color.
  • Mulberry leadreduces tyrosinase, which is responsible for dark pigmentation.

One ingredient you want to avoid at all costs is hydroquinone. If you’re in the European Union, you won’t find products containing hydroquinone, which has been banned due to its potential to permanently discolor skin and a potential link to cancer. It’s fairly easy to find anal bleach without this ingredient, fortunately.

Many anal bleaching products are labeled as all natural, but you’ll need to pay attention to the warnings. For example, some products advise not to use if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.


Even anal bleaching products that are listed as natural can still cause pain, discomfort or even worse. Possible side effects range from a temporary burning sensation to permanent scarring and even incontinence – and no one wants to deal with that!

Do you know what other activity is pretty risky but still tried by many? Choking during sex.

You can certainly test your anal bleach product on a less sensitive part of your body, and if it’s too harsh on your skin, skip the anal bleaching altogether. However, because your anus is more sensitive than most of your skin, this test might not indicate how it will react when it comes time to bleach. Think of a product like Nair. It might be okay on your legs, but your face or genitals often react more intensely!

A reaction on your bum is pretty serious, however. It might hurt to go to the bathroom and wipe if something goes awry. Chances are, you wanted to bleach your anus so it would look nicer during sex and anal sex. But there will be none of that happening if you wind up with a nasty chemical burn.

Permanent scarring means that anal sex may become difficult or impossible in the future, and your ability to feel pleasure might be decreased.

It’s for these reasons that we strongly caution against anal bleaching. And if you decide this is something you’d like to try anyway, then you should be well aware of the risks.

There are some people who still go ahead with bleaching their anuses because they like the results. It’s okay if you fall into that group. We’re all about everyone having the opportunity to make their own decisions at the Bad Girls Bible – anal bleaching included!

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