G-spot. A-spot. C-spot. It might seem like your body is an entire alphabet of sensitive areas. There are so many that it’s nearly impossible to know them all.

The U spot is today’s topic, and it might not be a spot that you’re familiar with, even if you’ve accidentally stimulated it in the past. Learn about this sensitive spot, how to stimulate it and ways to incorporate U spot play into your sex life with this guide.


Finding the U spot isn’t hard if you’re familiar with your anatomy (brush up here).

The U-spot is an area that many women find sensitive. It can be found in the erectile tissue around your urethra, the hole from which urine (and ejaculate) exits your body. The location of your U-spot in relation to your urethra is pretty specific: it’s above and to either side of your urethra. Basically, the U-spot is an upside-down “U” shape.

Like the G-spot, the U spot may actually be part of the underlying anatomy of your clitoris. While many people think of the clitoris as the glans and hood, which are the most visible and noticeable, there’s an entire structure that lies beneath the surface [1] [2] that you can’t see without some medical machinery. And this sensitive spot may just be one part of that area where you can more easily stimulate the structure that lies just below the surface of your body.


Unlike the G-spot, which can sometimes need intense stimulation to respond by squirting or orgasm, the U-spot is incredibly sensitive. Direct stimulation may even be uncomfortable. Instead, you’ll want to opt for stimulation simply by passing your finger, toy or part of your partner’s body softly over the U-spot.

You don’t want to poke and prod at it. Your technique should be about grazing the surface. Try making soft circles with your finger or toy. Use plenty of lube so that things remain comfortable.

Because of the U spot’s tendency to be too sensitive, you might prefer stimulation from your partner’s tongue or even the head of his penis. He’ll simply rub the U-spot from left to right along the U-shape and back. This is a more broad sensation that’s less pokey or potentially uncomfortable. Similarly, you might turn a toy to the side instead of using the pointed end if you want to try vibrations on your U spot.

When your partner is stimulating your U-spot, it’s important that you’ve vocal about what you like. You might simply direct him to be more gentle or move to the side, but you don’t need to grin and bear anything that doesn’t feel good. If your lover tends to be more aggressive or if you typically need more pressure on your other spots, it’s essential to adjust the technique.

Another way that your U spot differs from your G-spot is that sex might not be the best way to stimulate it. Thrusting during sex might not hit the U spot the way it does the G-spot, or it might not provide the right type of stimulation for this sensitive spot.


Aside from being gentle when exploring your U spot, you’ll also want to make sure your hands are clean. If you accidentally introduce bacteria into your urethra, which could happen when playing so close to it, you could get a urinary tract infection. These infections cause pain and inflammation, which make it difficult to urinate.

One way to prevent this is to have your partner wear a glove over his hand or condom over his penis to prevent UTIs. You could even use a condom with your toys for the same reason.

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While the U spot can be a source of pleasure for some women, it isn’t for every woman. It’s fine if you don’t feel anything when your partner stimulates your U spot or even if you specifically dislike the sensation. Every body is different!

In fact, there are no papers that prove the existence of the U-spot (remember that the G-spot has been studied for years, and there is still contention around its existence, however); although, sex educators recommend searching for yours and many women have discovered the sensitivity of the spot. If you’re not one of those people, there’s no need to fret, however. Instead, you can focus on parts of your body that you know to be sensitive and receptive to touch.


For many women, the clitoris is the key to pleasure and experiencing orgasm – even multiple orgasms! Unfortunately, your clitoris is also unlikely to receive direct stimulation during penetrative sex. You can take things into your own hands, literally, by rubbing your clit or using a toy during sex.

Oral sex is also ideal for clitoral stimulation, or your partner can use his penis to rub your clitoris. If you’re on top, your partner can place his fingers around the base of his penis in Spock’s “Live long and prosper” formation, and you can grind against his knuckles. Another option is the coital alignment technique, which is designed specifically to provide women with clitoral stimulation.

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Because of their close proximity, the U-spot and clitoris can easily be stimulated at the same time. If your partner is licking your clitoris, for example, he can use his thumb or finger to rub your U-spot or vice versa. We recommend combining clitoral stimulation with U spot play to increase your odds of having an orgasm!


Your G-spot, as mentioned, is simply part of your internal clitoral structure according to many scientists [3] [4]. You can access it internally. Insert your fingers or a toy into your vagina. Aim your hooked fingers or the head of your toy toward the front wall, just behind your pubic bone. If using your fingers, look for a bumpy area between two valleys.

Discover how to find your G-Spot.

Now, you might not love G-spot stimulation right away, or you might have trouble stimulating it. Some women need consistent, fast and hard thrusting. Others find that their G-spots respond to vibrations. Many note that certain sexy positions, especially doggy style, are much better for G-spot stimulation.

The G-spot might be tricky, but it’s worth exploring. For some, stimulation is uncomfortable. G-spot stimulation can feel like you need to pee, and this sensation typically increases if you’re able to squirt. You’ll need to be able to fully relax. So toss down a towel, grab your favorite toy and lube it up, put on some music, and get to work.

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The A-spot is also known as the AFE (short for Anterior Fornix Erogenous) zone. It’s a location on the front wall of your vagina, located deep inside. Keep going past your G-spot with a toy or your partner’s penis (or your fingers if they’re particularly long), and you’ll find the AFE zone.

While you’re unlikely to experience an orgasm from U-spot stimulation, at least one doctor claims that orgasm can be achieved when you stimulate your A-spot.


Your perineum is the bit of flesh between your vaginal opening and anus. Both men and women can experience pleasure from stimulating their perineum. You can press into it with the pads of your fingers or knuckles. Experiment while you have a toy or penis in your vagina or ass.


For some women, nipples are not only the source of nutrition for their children, but they are one of the more sensitive spots, eliciting and indicating arousal. And a few of those can even orgasm from nipple stimulation alone!

Vibrators, clamps, fingers and mouths can also work to stimulate your nipples – and your lover might even like nipple stimulation, too.

These are just a few of the body parts/areas that can cause pleasure or achieve orgasm, of course.

Now that you know about another pleasure spot, you can head to the bedroom and try finding the U spot on your own – or with the help of your partner. Remember to have fun and focus on pleasure, especially if you’re unable to have a U spot orgasm. Sex is all about enjoying yourself and your body’s individual characteristics.

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