The Turtle sex position is a type of Doggy Style sex that requires a little bit of flexibility. It’s an easy way to spice things up with your man when you are starting to get bored with regular Doggy Style and aren’t yet ready to try other positions from our Sex Positions Guide.

To get into the Turtle position, you first need to be resting on your knees on the floor or bed. When in this position, lower yourself downwards so that your butt is sitting on top of the back of your ankles. Next lean as far forward as you can. You can grab hold of your legs in front of you to help lean further forward. Your man will be on his knees behind you penetrating you. He may find that he needs to adjust his height to make it easier for himself by either spreading his knees or bringing them together.


When you are in the Turtle position, you’ll find that you can barely move. This is great if you like your man taking control during sex while you remain fairly inactive. One great thing about the Turtle position is that it can feel incredibly submissive and you can learn more about that here. Your man can also bind your wrists to your thighs as part of your light bondage routine.

But if you like, you can gently push back against your man. One thing you do have a lot of control over is the angle of penetration. You can control it by raising and lowering your upper body until you find something that you enjoy.


Your man will be doing much the same action he does when in any Doggy position, such as the Bassett Hound position. He just needs to thrust in and out (forwards and backwards). To help himself do this, he can put his hands on your waist/hips and gently hold onto them. If he wants, he can also lean over you and hold onto your shoulders. For slightly more kinky sex (find out what that means), he can grab your hair (just make sure that he doesn’t hurt you!).


Having gotten quite a decent amount of feedback on the Turtle sex position, there are some things you should think about and consider if you want to get the most out of this position with your man:

  • Don’t forget to try varying the angle of entry until you find what’s most enjoyable.
  • If your man wants, he can stand on his feet and crouch over you instead of resting on his knees.
  • As with all Doggy Style positions, the Turtle is perfect for anal sex as well. Make your first time great with these tips.
  • If you have bad knees, then you may want to avoid this position.


  • Bassett hound – Your legs remain tucked between his, but you can support yourself with your hands.
  • Doggy style – Move your legs outside of his while you’re on all fours to try the classic doggy style.
  • Teapsooning – When both of you kneel, on the bed, he can penetrate from behind. Either of you can stimulate your clitoris in this position!

Check out more doggy style sex positions in our definitive guide!


The Turtle is relatively easy for both partners to perform, which makes for a nice change for when you find yourselves getting bored of Doggystyle or something similar. One thing I have noticed is that when you are in the Turtle position, you will be facing the floor, which I find to be less intimate than a lot of the other ‘from behind’ positions.

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