The Twister sex position is one of the most exotic that you’ll find on the Bad Girls Bible. When you perform it, it looks really ‘out there’. But like I always say, just because a lovemaking position is exotic, doesn’t mean that it’s better than more traditional ones. Also, just to be clear, the Twister sex position has nothing to do with the game called Twister. It has plenty to do with awesome sex though. Make sure to check out the Sex Positions Guide for over 100 more positions!

To perform the Twister sex position with your man, you first need to lie down on your side, say your right side. Your man will also be lying down on his right side, with his stomach facing your stomach, but you will be lying head-to-toe with your man. This means that your head should be close to his feet. Both of you need to bend your left knees and raise them towards the ceiling. This will create a gap between his legs (and yours).

You then need to lean forward and push your body through this gap so that your man’s raised left leg is now above your waist, with you under it, but above his right leg. He will also be sandwiched between your legs with your left leg above his waist and right leg below. Your man should now enter you and start thrusting.

If you think this sounds complicated, you’re right, it is! It takes some practice before you will get used to it.


When you first try the Twister with your man, you’ll find that it takes a little while to get fully comfortable with it. An important thing to do is to rest on your elbow and raise your waist off the bed. This will prevent you from putting all of your weight on his lower leg, which can potentially cut off his circulation, making for some painful pins & needles!

You can also hold onto his butt and pull yourself in every time he thrusts.

At least one of your hands will be free for touching your breasts if you like nipple play.


Your man will be in much the same position as you and before he starts vigorously thrusting, he should make sure that both of you are fully comfortable in the Twister and that he’s not going to slip accidentally out.

Because your butt will be in reach, he can give you a nice spanking in this position.

Depending upon your height, your feet might be within reach for a massage or fetish play. More on that here.


Only a few students of the Bad Girls Bible have tried out the Twister with their man. Those that have tried it out, have given a few really interesting bits of advice on it:

  • The best thing about the Twister is that it allows for an angle of penetration that’s quite different to normal positions like Missionary.
  • The Twister is an awkward position to begin with, so if neither of you is enjoying it that much, just try something else instead.
  • Quite a few people found the Twister to be more work than fun.
  • This is not a great sex position if you are pregnant.


  • Scissors – You remain facing away in a position that’s relatively easy to perform.
  • Sockets – Try lying on your back in this similar pose.
  • Screw – You rest on the bed while turning your upper back to face your man.
  • Intersection – He rests perpendicular to your body between your legs.

Don’t forget to try some of the other lying-on-you-side positions from our guide!


My advice on the Twister is to try it at least once with your man. The great thing about it is that it’s a fun way to spice things up even if neither of you gets much enjoyment out of it.

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